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A Blankie and A Fauntling
By: Neilia

This is in answer to the LJ November challenge: Hobbits in Blankets. None of these characters belong to me. *sigh*. Not beta-read, so please excuse any mistakes. Rated: G Warning: nothing but fluff and more fluff. Enjoy!

A Blankie and A Fauntling

The wee little faunt woke from his nap and rubbed the sleepy from his sparkling blue eyes. He tilted his head, and listened, “Mummy?”

Not hearing any answer, he crawled to the edge of the large bed and carefully turned and dangled his little furry feet over the edge as far as they would go. ‘Plop’ went his well-padded bottom onto the floor.

Frodo got up, pulled his favourite blankie from the bed and toddled to the open door, “Mummy?” All he could hear was the big clock that stood in the hall.

He was hungry so he made his way towards the kitchen. He saw a large dust bunny at the edge of the wall. He giggled, got down on all fours and played with it for a few minutes. Then his tummy growled. He got up and proceeded into the cosy and sunny room. But Mummy wasn’t there.

“Mummy?” he said quietly, not too concerned as of yet, and turned towards the parlour. He noticed that the door was wide open...an unusual thing. He slowly entered the door and toddled around the couch…there she was! She was sound asleep. Her raven hair spread out on a pillow with her hand tucked under her chin. Frodo took in a large breath, and watched her sleep with his large blue eyes wide open in awe. He thought his Mummy was the most beautiful creature in the whole world!

Frodo noticed that she didn’t have a blanket on her feet and lower legs where her dress didn't reach. He stood for a little while, sucking his thumb, then he decided. He tucked his blankie up on the end of the couch. Now, how to get it over Mummy?

He carefully climbed using the end rails as a ladder (as was his practice). With a bit of effort, he managed to cover her feet and lower legs without waking her. Satisfied that she would be all right, since she had fallen asleep with her shawl on, Frodo quietly climbed down and padded to the corner of the room. He sat near the cheerful fire, pulled the small box of toys towards him and proceeded to play ‘horsies’.

This is how Drogo found his small family when he came in from his mid-afternoon chores. He placed a finger on his lips in a shushing motion so Frodo would not wake Primula. His lad mimicked his Dah with a little giggle. Drogo chuckled when he saw whose blanket covered his beloved’s feet and legs.

Drogo picked up his fauntling and took him into the kitchen. He closed the door, and said, “Did you get your blanket up on Mummy all by yourself, my little lad?”

Frodo stuck his tiny finger into his mouth and nodded his little dark curly head vigorously, “Mm, hmm.”

“Well, that was a fine and wonderful thing to do. Mummy seems so tired, let’s put up a bit of tea, shall we? Then we can surprise her. How does that sound, Frodo?”

Frodo was ecstatic! He bounced in his Dah’s arms and chortled gleefully. "Fwo a good boy!"

Drogo smiled, "Yes, little one, you certainly are. Now, for that tea." He set Frodo in his special high chair and put 'feet' on their planned surprise.

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