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Summary: **ON HOLD** It is two years since the War of the Ring ended, and Aragorn is starting to miss his old life. He invites Faramir to go on a short hunting trip with him, just to get away from the city. Sounds like fun, so Faramir agrees. But this innocent little trip will ge very wrong when they are betrayed by someone they both trusted with thier lives.
Rated: NC-17
Categories: Book-verse Characters: Aragorn, Arwen, Elladan, Elrohir, Elrond, Eowyn, Faramir, Legolas, Original Character
Genres: Angst, Drama, Other
Warnings: AU (alternate universe), Character Death, Torture, Violence
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Chapters: 21 Completed: No
Word count: 57589 Read: 31113
Published: Nov 08 2007 Updated: Jun 22 2009
Story Notes:
Disclaimer: These charecters all belong to Professor Tolkien, (except for a random few which are indeed mine).

Warnings: Total torture fic, it will not be cute and cuddly, so if you don't liek torture I would suggest you stop here.

1. Longing for Things Past by Henoluin_Elsilim [Reviews - 7] (1804 words)
The first chapter or two might be a little slow, but bear with me, it will get better. I promise! :)

2. Making Plans by Henoluin_Elsilim [Reviews - 1] (1385 words)

3. Starting Out by Henoluin_Elsilim [Reviews - 1] (2027 words)

4. Arrival by Henoluin_Elsilim [Reviews - 1] (1581 words)

5. The Grey Woods by Henoluin_Elsilim [Reviews - 1] (1690 words)

6. The Vision and The Man by Henoluin_Elsilim [Reviews - 1] (1554 words)
Note: Shadow-men are kind of my own creation. But everything else still belongs to Tolkien.

7. Captured by Henoluin_Elsilim [Reviews - 1] (1839 words)

8. He will not kill me by Henoluin_Elsilim [Reviews - 1] (3581 words)

9. Revealed by Henoluin_Elsilim [Reviews - 1] (1928 words)
The shadow-men are my creation.
Their language is also mine, and is not taken or copied from and known language... (at least, not one that I know.)
Terian is also my own created charecter, and I'm rather attached to him, so please don't steal him. :)

10. Burazr-gimbul by Henoluin_Elsilim [Reviews - 1] (4900 words)

11. A Blade and a Traitor by Henoluin_Elsilim [Reviews - 0] (2700 words)

12. A way to escape? by Henoluin_Elsilim [Reviews - 0] (2071 words)

13. Two Out of Three by Henoluin_Elsilim [Reviews - 2] (2103 words)
Finally an update! Sorry its taken me so long my internet is busted and I have to be careful when I use it at my dads office cuz if my parent catch me it would be way bad!

14. Rescued! Or at least.. found. by Henoluin_Elsilim [Reviews - 4] (3314 words)
All hail Spring Break! Thanks to having no school this week, I have found more time to write. Hooray!

15. One Can Only Hope by Henoluin_Elsilim [Reviews - 1] (2269 words)
OMG. I am SO sorry that it took me so long to get this posted! hope you all like it. Thanks to my new BETA Lorien Dwells Within for helping me with it!

16. Revenge is a dish best served... as painfully as possible by Henoluin_Elsilim [Reviews - 1] (4886 words)
Heylo everyone! Once again I must apologize for my long gaps between posting. I'll probably find myself lucky if anyone actually still reads this ff...

Well anyway, here it is, chapter 16. I hope to have the next chapter up in a more timely manner next time, but then again I always say that...

Thanks to Lorien dwells within for editing it for me!

17. Trouble + Trouble = More Trouble by Henoluin_Elsilim [Reviews - 0] (4291 words)
Sooooo sorry for the extreme gaps in posting. I will be amazed if anyone even still reads this story! Well, in the event that anyone still does, here is chapter 17!

18. Traitor Trapping by Henoluin_Elsilim [Reviews - 0] (3246 words)
I'm not even going to bother appologizing for the gap between postings this time... But I only have 6-7 more chapters planned (gosh that sounds like a lot still!) so the story should be done semi-soon, for those of you who want to know! :)

19. Minas Tirith by Henoluin_Elsilim [Reviews - 1] (4351 words)
Just a quick reminder:
Lokar = Terian's Lieutenant - Just in case any of you forgot who he was... =P

20. Terian's Choice by Henoluin_Elsilim [Reviews - 1] (4228 words)
woohoo! A new chapter up, and its been less than a month since my last post! yay me! =D

21. Terian's Request by Henoluin_Elsilim [Reviews - 1] (1841 words)
Just to let you know, I'm planning two more chapters for this fic, making it 23 chapters total. I'm working on 22 now so hopefully it will be up soon!