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Author's Chapter Notes:
Some of it doesn’t rhyme but who cares? Enjoy
You said you would never hurt me
But you never kept that promise
When will you repay me?
When will you be honest?

I want to know why
But you just won’t tell
I’m wondering if I should spread my wings and fly
Away from you but for what reason I will never tell

You always criticize my work
When will you change your way of thinking?
I just want an answer
Do you have a clue of what I’m thinking?

When will you give it a rest?
I’m only trying to make people happy
You know you’re not the best
Mainly because there isn’t one

You don’t know what pain is
Why do you try to understand?
If I know you, you don’t know what this . . .
This poem is about

You always try to take control
When will you change your way of thinking?
I would like an answer
Do you have a clue about what I’m thinking?

What do I have to do
To make you understand?
There are people better than you
In some far off land

When will you stop?
Change your way of thinking
Give us all an answer
Try to understand what I’m thinking

End chapter
Chapter End Notes:
I hope everyone understands what I’m trying to say. Thanks for reading - Li
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