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Summary: While on his way to visit his old home in Imladris, Aragorn is captured. Elrohir, Elladan and Legolas have to rescue him before its to late.
Rated: PG-13
Categories: Book-verse Characters: Aragorn, Elladan, Elrohir, Elrond, Erestor, Glorfindel, Legolas, Orcs/Uruk-Hai
Genres: Action/Adventure
Warnings: Torture
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Series: None
Chapters: 10 Completed: Yes
Word count: 17297 Read: 28713
Published: Sep 29 2007 Updated: Nov 01 2007
Story Notes:
charecters: Aragorn (Estel), Legolas, Elrohir, Elladan, Elrond, Orcs

Warnings: Torture, some violence

Ok, so this is my first fanfic where I actually torture the charecters, so go easy on me! For now its rated PG-13, but I might change it to R depending on how things go.

And in case you've noticed, the reason that I usually put the charecters/warnings as anote instead of how everyone else does it, is because Im like the most un-internet saavy person on the planet, and I haven't exactly figured out how to highlight more than one person/warning without getting everything else in between too. *sigh* Some help with that would be appriciated.

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This chapter is very short, but I hope you like it anyway.