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Story Notes:
Sylfaen has the gift of foresight and sees a terrible event is going to happen on the borders of Lothlorien.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Sylfaen is angry at Elrond and the twins and Glorfindel are trying to help. Sylfaen foresees a terrible event involving Elrohir and an upcoming patrol on which she doesn't think she will be attending.
Sylfaen ran down to the shade of a willow tree, sat down with a thump and brought her knees up to her chest and rested her head upon them. She sighed in anger at what Lord Elrond had said to her. Someone tapped her on the shoulder but she ignored them. They sat down next to her before they began muttering a conversation. Sylfaen sat up straight and looked to either side of her to see Elladan and Elrohir, the twin sons of Elrond who she had befriended since her arrival in Imladris.

“You’re angry at him aren’t you?” Elrohir asked.

“Obviously! I don’t understand why he won’t let me go!” Sylfaen replied angrily. Earlier, the twins had been notified of a patrol they were to go on the next day and Sylfaen had asked if she could go as well but Elrond had refused.

“It’s just because he hasn’t seen you fight before. Trust us, we’ll find a way to get you to Lorien.” Elladan replied reassuringly.

“Thank you but I don’t see how you could manage to do that.” Sylfaen said.

“You know Glorfindel right?” Elrohir asked. Sylfaen nodded in reply before glancing at Elladan before turning back to Elrohir. “Well, he’s coming as well and he’s seen you fight. If Glorfindel says you’d manage, our father will let you go.” Elrohir reassured her.

“Who will I say will manage?” Glorfindel asked as he sat down next to Elladan.

“Hello Glorfindel. We were just wondering if you could ask Ada to let Sylfaen come with us when we leave for Lorien tomorrow.” Elrohir explained.

“Of course I can ask him. Why won’t he let you go Sylfaen?” Glorfindel asked turning towards the dark haired elf wedged between the twins.

“I don’t know. We asked him before but he said no for some reason he wouldn’t say.” Sylfaen explained. Glorfindel stood and brushed the grass off his clothes.

“I’ll go and ask him now because if he says yes to me, you’ll need to start preparing to leave in the morning.” Glorfindel said before waving a hand in farewell and leaving the trio to sit under the tree in peace.

As the trio sat in the shade Sylfaen began to see something she knew was not there.

* * *

Elladan lay on the ground and Elrohir fought a pair of orcs. Sylfaen was frozen in time, she couldn’t move, all she could do was watch as the orcs fought against Elrohir. Eventually, the elf was forced to his knees as he fought off a blow from one of the orcs. An immense power then came over Sylfaen and she moved forward her sword in hand.

She approached Elrohir and raised her sword as he looked up at her. In one motion, Sylfaen swung down making a wide incision than ran from the top of Elrohir’s right shoulder to his right wrist. Elrohir cried out in pain before falling to the ground.

An orc came up behind Sylfaen and pushed her to the ground. The orc approached her, its bow raised. Sylfaen blinked in hope that the orc would disappear and she would wake up from a horrible dream but her hopes were vanquished quickly.

The orc pulled back the bowstring before releasing the arrow. It plunged deep into Sylfaen’s shoulder and she cried out in agony. Glorfindel rushed over, killing the orc in the progress but he was too late, Sylfaen had already fallen into darkness.

* * *

Elladan shook Sylfaen by the shoulder as he called her name. “Sylfaen!” he called.

Sylfaen shook her head, clearing her mind of what she’d seen before looking into Elladan’s grey eyes.

“What did you see? What is going to happen?” Elladan asked frantically yet calmly.

“Something I sincerely hope will never come to pass.” Sylfaen replied.
Chapter End Notes:
I'm not sure where this story is going but please tell me if you have any suggestions. Please review
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