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Author's Chapter Notes:
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Chapter 1: The last promise

Auroa was sat beside the window of her mother’s hospital room looking out at the busy world below. She could not understand how everyone in the world could carry on as usual when in the very room that she was sat somebody was dying. To her life seemed to have come to a standstill and the pain she felt would last forever.

She glanced to her left at her mother’s lifeless form, watching her once familiar face for any signs of life, but the beautiful face of Catharine Melion was deathly pale and hidden with ugly cuts and dark bruises that covered the beauty. Her pale gold hair was spread out across the pillow and seemed to glow in the pale morning light.

Many times Auroa had found herself wishing she looked more like her mother because although her hair was blonde it was much darker than her mothers and turning brown. Her plain face was extremely difficult to read with hard grey eyes and a few freckles dotted across her nose. Thankfully she took after Catharine in other aspects both lively and outgoing, though prone to moodiness sometimes. But the thing that was most similar about the two was there great love of fairy tales.

When Auroa was younger she could listen for hours to her mother telling her great tales of elves, draws and men fighting battles, winning princesses and most of all she loved to hear tales of the three elven homes, Rivendell, Mirkwood and Lothlorien. These were the trouble free times that Auroa longed to return to instead of facing the worrying prospect before her. Catharine had not woken up in the two weeks since the accident, and with each passing day another piece of hope slipped away from Auroa. A sudden beep woke Auroa from her thoughts and she snapped her eyes over to the monitor next to the bed. Her mother’s heart was beating far to fast, so with her own hammering her chest she ran and wrenched open the door yelling for help.

“Auroa” The weakened voice behind her made her shudder as she realized it was that of her mother’s once strong and melodic voice. She ran to her bedside and gazed at her thankful that she could at last see her mum’s bright green eyes again. “ Mum” “ I need you to promise me something Auroa, something you need to do for me” Catharine’s eyes wide and alarmed were boring into her daughters begging her to listen and promise, this was what scared Auroa the most more even than all the machines beeping. “Of course, Mother anything” “Find the path in Sundermann forest, it leads to your father so you can follow your destiny” Now Auroa was confused, she’d never known her father or what destiny her mother was talking about. “But….” “No Auroa promise me.” The pleading tone in her mums voice was making her uneasy but she promised all the same. “Of course mum, I promise.”

Auroa could almost see the light fading from her eyes and as the doctors continued to rush around Catharine Auroa already knew it was to late, her mother was deathly cold and with a content sigh she fell onto the pillows never again to awaken.

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