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A Walk Through Mirkwood Forest [A Legolas Story] Part One

Lord Elrond sighed on his perch by the window as he scanned the room. Natural light had flooded through the room by mid-day. The air was clean and crisp. Only one soul settled in the dwelling. A young half she-elf, many years his junior sat at a table scribbling away in a thick book.

"Aaralyn, dear. The horses have come to a halt in the entrance, our guests have arrived and we are settled in the meeting room. You are free to come if you wish." Aaralyn stopped for a moment, debating with herself. Because of her odd origins, she hated meeting new people. "Lord Aragorn will be attending. . ." That heavily tipped the scales towards going. Aragon was a good friend of Legolas, who was a childhood friend of hers. "And Lord Legolas as well." She stood up and Elrond smiled. He lead Aaralyn through the arch way and Aragorn looked up.

"Lord Elrond, it is good to. . ." His eyes scanned over Aaralyn and she averted her gaze, whenever she was looked upon by Aragorn, she felt naked, like his eyes could knock down every defense in the world. "Aurora. . ." Aragorn laid the book still open on his seat and swept her up.

"You've grown." Legolas stood up gracefully and walked over. He put his hand over his heart and held out his hand, the common Elvin greeting.

"It has been a long time, Aaralyn." She gripped his wrist, he returned the gesture, and they let go. Legolas was breath taking as always.

"There's something I wish for you to help me with. . ." Aragorn lead her to the book. "There's a passage here in a strange language that I just can't figure out."

"What are you supposed to be, lassie?" You look like an elf, but you're short enough to be a dwarf." The red haired dwarf and his company laughed. Aragorn laid a hand on her shoulder, he knew how touchy she was about the subject.

"Well, that's a good thing for you, because you usually have to look up to the attractive breed." Aaralyn flicked her red-hair over her shoulder and picked up the book. Legolas couldn't help but smile at her. She had a tongue as sharp as Aragorn's sword.

"Miss. Aaralyn." She just finished explaining the passage of Minoraist to Aragorn when Elrond walked into the room once more. She stood back beside him and he started his declaration.

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