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Author's Chapter Notes:
Yeah... this I wrote a few years ago...and found it quite scary... =P
Dedicated to Reviewers.
In public, you are always muttering words in Sindarin/Quenya, in case there is a slight possibility of an elf being nearby.

You draw with Elvish characters on the back of your school papers and notebooks.

You read the whole trilogy including The Hobbit at least once a month.

You read weird lists quite similar to this.

You have all the video games, PC games, movies, CD’s, instrumental music sheets, and fan fiction.

Everyone looks at you like you are crazy all the time.

You feel like all the teachers are protecting you from some unknown evil because you are Aragorn's heir.

You have mastered the Elvish and Dwarven languages in a month.

You play Lord of the Rings with all your siblings when you were younger, and still act
out the characters as an adult.

You start crying when the fellowship leaves and goes to their own separate ways, that is, you start crying even at the thousandth time you’ve watched that one…

You say Elvin curses and see if anyone notices or looks at you kinda weird.

Whenever you watch The Lord of the Rings, you can't resist telling everyone in a twenty foot perimeter what the Elvish words mean, and cheer when Frodo gets Gollum into the crack of doom.

You do a science fair project based on Lord of the Rings. (Me? Guilty of that? Nah…)

When your teacher tells you to write a report on something that has impacted you in history on that ever-physiological first day of school, you earnestly reply Frodo did because the elves are no longer around, (Which obviously means you really shouldn’t be here, of course,) and all the rings are destroyed. You also inform her that her wedding ring is in all reality a piece of junk compared to what you used to posses.

You put paperclips on your ears at night to make them pointy.

You are reading this, and so far have done everything that it says at least twice.

You are outside when it is below zero degrees Fahrenheit, without a coat, have done all of the above, and when your mom or whomever tells you to come in or put a coat on, you tell her you can't feel the cold.

The rest of these are from my best fanficiton friend Jiyeon, aka Alatariel Narmolanya.

You can imitate Gollum perfectly.

You have a pair of pointed ears which you wear in public.

You mom has caught you gluing fake fur onto your feet.

You go crazy when someone says "What?" when you mention LOTR.

You know why "Aloof, unavailable elf princess" and "Sam will kill him if he tries anything" is funny.

You know who Figwit, Odorf, and Nippip is.

You have dreamed yourself of being on the LOTR set.

You have a wide collection of hobbit/elf/wizard/ranger dolls that you made yourself.

You protest that a cloak and a leaf brooch should be included in the school uniform.

You are constantly searching for the shards of Narsil at friends' houses.

You grow mad when someone refers to elves as short people who work with Santa.

You have a tiara which looks exactly like Elrond's.

You have replica of the One Ring (hey, what do you mean a REPLICA? This is the real thing, Precious!)

You think the woods behind your house could be Rivendell, and you try to find the elf-glade during your free time.

You know how to make lembas.

You try to run for three days straight to prove that you could be a replacement for the Three Hunters.

You write LOTR fanfiction. (Like most people)

You can name Aragorn's 52 ancestors in a minute.

You hold a grudge against Harry Potter because they *copied* Lord of the Rings (Dark Lord-Dark Lord, Gandalf-Dumbledore, Sirius-Aragorn, Gimli-Hagrid, Dementor-Nazgul Legolas looks too much like Lucius Malfoy (vise versa), Aragog-Shelob ).

You refuse to read the Inheritance Trilogy (Eldest, Eragon) because you think Christopher Paolini has copied LotR. (Gandalf-Brom, Evil dark king-Dark lord, Elves-elves, Eragon/Arya romance-Aragorn/Arwen romance, Royal Arya/Royal Arwen, dwarf/dwarf, ancient language/Sindarin and Quenya, Nazgul/Shades, Eragon sounds too much like Aragorn, Du Weldenvarden/ Rivendell and Lorien, etc.)

You eat mushrooms constantly.

And... the rest are from me. =P

You hate being in dark places, like caves.(Or at least pretend to)

You will not talk at school or at your job, but when you are forced to, you say it in Elvish.

You consistently tell everyone(in Elvish, of course) that you are 467,362 years old.

You are now completely used to people staring at you as if you are insane.

When you find a deep hole at your friends house, you insist upon going into it, and start babbling about hobbits, at which point your friend runs inside screaming, “Dad, she’s doing it again!”

People have learned not to whisper around you, for fear of the screaming lunatic.

You believe you have a hidden destiny, and people are trying to protect you from harm.

You insist on having a race with everyone, but since you are so fast, you are somewhat... raceless.

You are still reading this...

You know where ’Anno nin--’ is from.

When someone says,"I hate fan fiction," you glare at them until they look away until they leave the building.

If someone does beat you in a race, you insist that it was merely because you have not had anyone faster than you to race for a long time, and are out of practice.

You have arrows at your house, and added some sticking out of your door for an added effect.

Whenever you see a short person that has dark curly hair, you look at them, then start talking in elvish.

Accidentally, you start talking in Elvish during that major sanity test you are being forced to take, and cannot stop despite the looks of the counselor.

You call pouring kerosene on an object then burning it "The Denethor Act."

Since you are so short, you look up to tall people with long blond hair.

You wear a chain around your neck with a gold ring on it.

You die your hair dark brown, then curl it.

You wear blue contacts(Sorry to say that, Frodo, but they just don't look real...)

You are constantly looking for holes in the ground, and when you find one, you shout "Frodo!" as loud as you can. (Hey, if Sam named his kid Frodo, and it kept going down into family history, there has to be a Frodo here someplace…

Your teacher is constantly asking you what relationship you have with England, since you write "Shire" all over everything you own.

You refer to "The Hobbit" as "There and Back Again"

You can quote every single line in the movie.

Your language mentor from CoE is your best friend.

You have yet to shut off the computer and stop reading this.

You were a level 50 the first day Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar was released.

LotRO:SOA? A LOTR game I don’t have? *Runs to store*

You actually know what half of these things are referring to.

Other than your CoE language mentor, your best friend is Legolas or Aragorn.

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