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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is a all-but improvised work I did, a sort of childrens poem. Pretty funny.
There was once a rat
That went by the name of David
He once went on an adventure
And had to be sav-ed

The rat that came to his rescue
Was so big and strong and smart
His name was Jimmy VonTesque
And he had an assistant named Bart

So Jimmy went off to the sewers
Where David had disappeared
The sad thing is he was clueless
And their goal was never neared

Another brave sould went a-searching
Into the depths of the ground
Upon his broad shoulder was perched
A wasp titled "Lost & Found"

This rat, named Tribbles McFinn
And his search-wasp Mr. Lost
Searched days upon days without end
Went to any blinking cost

And found them they did
A rat named Bart who was young
A poor and frightened kid
Too bad that Jimmy was gone

And Tribbles and his wasp
And Bart who was now unafraid
Went off a-searching for David
In the endless underground shade

Now David was still missing
Three days from his disappearance
And his friends in the city of Gissing
Were frightened out of their pants

But good old wasp and Tribbles
And now young Barty too
Were on the trail following dribbles
Of dropped orange goo

David's favourite meal
Was freshly peeled fruits
And now it seemed he had hold of
An orange dripping sweet juice

So quickly did the searchers catch up
To David, the rat that was missing
And they took him back to the ground on top
All the way back to the city of Gissing

But Jimmy, he stayed in the tunnels
And never again saw the light
Because he had found a lady
That he found with who he was tight

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