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Author's Chapter Notes:
I wrote this at 3am, feeling completely frustrated and angry,so please forgive if this is mindless and idiotic.
Maybe this is not the best place to give vent to my rantings but please bear with me.I had to do this.
Please review and leave me with some advise on how i can write better stuff than this.
Disclaimer: THis angsty angst angst thing belongs to me but I borrowed Sindarin from the great Professor Tolkien.
*Namarie, mellyn-nin- Farewell, my friends
Is that me?
That is how some people describe yours truly
But is that what I am really??

Is loving Il Divo and foreign movies
An unforgivable crime, that is all I ask
Why do they all think I hide beneath a mask?
Does it really matter that I do not talk much
Or a lot of soap operas I hate as such.

My friends ask of me
Why do I live in a dreamland
But how can I tell them that they hurt my feelings whenever I’m at hand
Or that they speak of me as if I do not exist
Or have no feelings that I need to express?

But it does’nt matter any more
I have decided to close that door
You labeled me something I’m not because of my tastes
So I’ve decided that being friends with you all is really a waste.

In the end, this is all I can say
Namarie, mellyn-nin.
I will not become someone I’m not because you do not accept me
Life is long and I have a lot of time to find friends
Namarie, namarie...
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