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Author's Chapter Notes:
Blue eyed Heretic: Yo. Hope ya like my story... If u reveiw & it's good, I'll continue with it. If u don't like it, well... Then tell me why and I'll work on it.
Larissa plopped down on the sofa as her brother joined her, pressing a remote button in the process.
“So, are you finally happy now?” The fifteen year old boy asked and grimaced. His elder sister nodded.
“Thanks for watching this with me, Tyler…” Larissa said, looking down. Her brother raised an eye brow as she continued, “It means a lot to me… Having my little brother spend time with me before I have to go back to college…”
“You want me to go get the popcorn, don’t you?”
“That would mean so much to me, sweet brother of mine.” Larissa smirked and snuggled deeper into the soft sofa.
He sighed and exited the room to the kitchen. Larissa smiled to herself and picked up the remote Tyler had dropped. After clicking another button and waiting through ‘new’ movies that always seemed to come out in July’s previews, the DVD’s beginning screen came on.
“Tyler! Move your ass, I’m starting the movie in three…two……”
He rushed through the door just before she uttered one, holding a bowl full of popcorn under his arm. Their dog, Simon, followed him into the living room; hoping to get some popcorn.
“Hold your horses, I’m here!” Tyler gasped and sat next to her on the long sofa, exasperated. Simon curled up on Larissa’s lap, never taking his black eyes of the bowl of popcorn. “I never should have agreed to you watching me… You’re so bossy.”
Larissa smirked and grabbed a handful of the piping hot popcorn. “It’s my job. And it is kinda your own fault. I coulda taken you to the movies, like I wanted, but I agreed to stay home with you.”
Tyler frowned. “Just shut up and play the damn movie!”
“Thought you’d never ask…”
Larissa clicked a button on the remote, the speakers now playing the Lord of the Rings beginning song.

It was eight hours later. Larissa’s eyes were red and Tyler was asleep on her shoulder. Simon was still in Larissa’s lap, asleep and most likely dreaming of the popcorn he didn’t get. Tyler was never good at staying up watching T.V. He usually fell asleep at about one in the morning whenever they stayed up, but today he managed about to the middle of Return of the King, which was about three.
Both of the siblings loved the Lord of the Rings. And movies in general. But Lord of the Rings had a special place in their hearts… Mainly because it was a trilogy they both could agree on.
Larissa loved the movie and the book, and Tyler loved the video game and the movie, so naturally, the movie was always something the siblings looked forward to, no matter what the reasons.
But now, a little information on the young adults themselves.
Tyler was your average teenager. Reckless and under aged. He loved video games and was very lazy when it came to physical labor. The only time when he was active was in his many sports, which included baseball, football, and soccer. He and his sister were black belts in Tae Kwon Do, and very competitive with each other. Tyler was three years younger than his sister, who was twenty, and his seventeenth birthday was coming up fast. The siblings usually teased each other, sometimes ending in fistfights when it went a little too far. Tyler usually kept a level head and knew how to act around people. He knew how to dress, how to talk, and how to behave. But despite his social awareness, he was very shy.
Alas, this is what differed him from his sister. He worked to achieve bodily and social perfection, whilst she worked for mind and spirit. Larissa didn’t know how to act around new people, but around her friends she was always fun loving. She never dressed to kill, unless it was for professional reasons, like a job interview. She wasn’t very buff, but if she really wanted to hurt someone she could. She spent a lot of her childhood in a piano class or the band room and learned to play Alto Saxophone and Piano. Larissa read every book that she ever touched and if it was fiction, the better it was. She loved books adventure books, including the Odyssey and, of course, Lord of the Rings. And whatever she read she remembered. She often thought about philosophy and the creation of the world around her, but she hadn’t ventured much farther than that in her twenty years, and was majoring to become a writer at her school.
Larissa absentmindedly stroked her slumbering brother’s light brown hair. He stirred, and opened his eyes.
“Was I asleep?”
“I dunno, do you remember watching the end of the movie?”
Tyler thought about it. “No… But you can’t expect me to stay awake for three three-hour movies… Why’d you have to get the extended addition, anyway? That just makes them longer…”
“Exactly.” Larissa smirked slyly. “That, and I wanted to see if Tom Bombadil was in the un-cut version.”
“The singing fat guy?”
“Hey, he’s cool!”
“Right…” Tyler rolled his eyes and blinked. “Has mom and dad come back yet?”
“Nope… Grandma must have them talkin’ away…” Larissa stood up and yawned. She looked over at the T.V.; the beginning screen was now on it for Return of the King. A vacant look turned over her sapphire eyes.
Tyler starred at her for a second before snapping his fingers.
“Earth to Larissa! Yo!”
Larissa grinned. “Sorry, spaced out there…”
“Penny for your thoughts?” Tyler cocked his head.
She shook her head. “No, it’s stupid. Just stupid. Forget it…”
“Now I know it’s good. Tell me; maybe I was thinking that same thing.” Tyler stood up, and Simon the fox terrier sensed movement and jumped off the couch. The dog wandered over to the popcorn bowl, eating its contents.
“Should we let him?” Tyler pointed to the dog and asked.
Larissa raised an eye brow. “He’ll be fine.”
“Anyways, whatcha thinkin’?” Tyler asked again.
Larissa sighed. “Just thinking… How fun it would be to go to Middle-Earth. Sounds dumb, I know, but you know how I love fantasy.”
Tyler smirked. “That is dumb. It’s just a story, Rissa. And if you did go there, you’d get killed in about five seconds flat!”
Larissa grimaced. “I know it’s stupid, Tyler, but I was just thinking! God, you’re an ass!”
She stormed up the stars to her room, slamming the door. Tyler stood calmly down stars, waiting for his sister to get over it. Truth was, he had been thinking the same thing. Going to Middle-Earth, where forests grew to their full extent without mankind destroying them. Tyler had always loved fighting, and the War of the Ring era just made him excited.
Shortly after, he followed his sister up the steps and jumped onto his bed. Both siblings were so tired that they didn’t even change out of their clothes; too lazy.
Everyone in that house dreamt of Lord of the Rings, even the dog, who passed out on the couch after eating the rest of the popcorn. And who knows what happens when people dream the same dream, and someone feels generous...

~ To be continued!! ~
Is it good enough that I should keep going, or what?
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