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Author's Chapter Notes:
Try and answer these questions!
What if Elrond, made sure that arwin was on the boat?

What if the fellowship stayed together?

What if Boromir still lived?

What if Bilbo kept the ring?

What if Gollum killed Frodo?

What if Saron got the ring?

What if Saruman killed Treebeard?

What if Gandalf the Gray diddn't become Gandalf the White?

What if Saruman never joined Saron's side?

What if Eragorn married Eowyn insted of Arwin?

What if Gimli still hated Legolas?

What if Frodo never stepped up to take the ring at the meeting of elders?

What if Galadriel never gave Frodo the star?

What if Isildur did distroy the ring?

What if the Ring was never made and Saron wasn't so hateful?

The words above are for you to think about the book and movie. If one of the questions was true, then middle earth would be VERY different. Do you agree?
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