Office Moving in the Digital Age by chandan124
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Summary: rnrnrnrnAs our society has advanced, so have offices and business, and we continue to move towards a paperless environment. Information is now stored on a series of networks and servers instead of file cabinets and desks. Paper is quickly becoming a thing of the past, as the go-green movement has ushered in the digital age. The clutter caused by loose paper is no longer an issue for movers, but office moving now involves disconnecting and transporting electronic equipment. This is a specialized service, which requires specialized skills. So how do you move a server?rnrnOffice Moving - Preparing to Move a ServerrnrnThe first thing you'll need to do is notify customers and employees about the move, and how it will affect your networks. When you move your servers, your networks will be down, unless you have temporary servers in place. For those businesses that cannot afford any downtime, have your new servers staged, tested, and ready for when you move in. Otherwise, work with your IT department to create a list of possible occurrences, and have everyone backup their data and hardware as a precautionary measure. You also need to arrange for the necessary utilities to be ready for your arrival at the new location. Make sure that the internet service is turned on, that it has the right cables and connections, and that it can support all of your needs. If you can, test the connections to ensure that your network will start right up once you've installed the servers.rnrnAbout My Keywords Visit Here:-rn
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