100 Themes by wind rider
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Collections of responses to 100 Themes challenge issued by Chaotic Demon here in LotR FF. Each title consists of responses for a particular theme in the list. The timeline ranges from Silmarillion to Lord of the Rings.


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A series of responses to the first prompt (Introduction) of 100 Themes challenge issued by Chaotic Demon here in LotR FF. Some of the pieces Belong to the Silmarillion, while some others to the Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit.


Piece 1: Young Erestor (yes, the Erestor we know) in Doriath.

Piece 2: Who introduced Aragorn to pipe-weed? How did he live with the habit at first?

Piece 3: The birth of Galadriel and her older brothers' reactions on it.

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