Submission Rules
Submission rules:

As our submission guidelines have recently changed, please read both the terms of service on the left menu bar and the rules listed below before posting any new stories.

1.) Just to be clear, this site is and always has been a place to primarily post your Lord of the Rings stories, poetry and fanfiction. We have allowed a good amount of off-topic material, but this system has been abused in recent times.

What this site is: a place for fictional stories, essays and poetry, both LotR-related and off-topic
What this place is NOT: a place to post details about your personal life, messages to your friends, the dream you had last night, your bad day or anything else that would be more suited to a personal blog or an e-mail. We will remove these things as soon as we see them, as it's not what the system was intended for.

1. No Netspeak: Please use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting. None of us are perfect and the occasional error is perfectly fine. But please do your best to submit stories that are as well-written and legible as possible. Please do not abuse the system with stories and reviews that contain excessive, repetitive character use. It's extremely hard on the database when people feel the need to use 30 exclamation points in a row for example and well, it's pretty obnoxious anyway. Remember, moderation is a good thing. :)

2. Be sure to rate your story properly and add any warnings (i.e. graphic sex, excessive violence, drug use) to an author's note at the beginning of your story. Though you are welcome to post stories of any rating, please keep your summaries reasonably clean as a courtesy to other members. As these are the story descriptions that show up on the front page and everywhere else on the site, it's nice to be considerate and keep in mind those who may not be interested in accessing more adult oriented materials.

3. Flaming will not be tolerated on this site under ANY circumstances. If you don't like a story, please offer polite, helpful constructive criticism designed to help the author improve their work. And authors, please show respect for the people reviewing your stories and have the consideration not to attack them simply because they may not have liked something.

Thank you.