Site FAQ

Registration and Account Issues

1.) I lost my password and can't retrieve a new one by email!
There should be no problem retrieving new passwords by email but if you have a problem with it, contact me and I will reset it for you.

2.) What is a skin and how do I change the skin of the site when I am logged in?
A skin is set of graphics and colors that changes the entire appearance of the site. Simply pick the one you'd like from the drop down menu.

Posting Your Story

1.) Do I have to put in a new summary every time I post a new chapter?
No, not unless you want to. Go to "Edit Personal Information" under "Your Account" and check the box that says "Carry Over Chapter Info" if you want the system to automatically insert the main story summary in each chapter.

2.) I am trying to upload my story and it doesn't look right. Help!
Its usually better to copy and paste your text into the upload box as opposed to uploading a file. A resource will be added soon explaining how to add bold, italics and images to your stories if you are not familiar with basic HTML tags.

3.) What do the warnings mean?
Some are obvious but as for the others:
Slash- A homosexual relationship between two characters
MPREG- Male pregnancy
AU- Alternate universe. These fics use the characters from LotR, Troy etc, but don't necessarily follow the rules of the original stories.
Please, always be sure to put the proper rating and warnings on your stories.

4.) My story includes a character that is not in the list. What do I do?
Contact me and I will add them for you.

Help With Writing

1.) What is a Mary Sue?
An unkind term for an unusually beautiful, magical character that is written into fan fics and typically has no flaws, little character development and serves the purpose of wish fulfillment for the author. Not all original characters are Mary Sues, and not all characters that are Mary Sues are necessarily bad or annoying. There are authors that can take a Mary Sue character and write it into the universe beautifully, and make the character an interesting and fun addition to it. Unfortunately, for every fun and entertaining Mary Sue, there are at least 20 that are simply terrible.

2.) What is a beta reader?
A beta reader is basically the same thing as an editor. They read over your stories and help you out by pointing out spelling and grammatical errors and plot inconsistencies. Also you can talk over ideas and really improve your work by getting an outside opinion.

Reviews and Conflicts With Other Users

1.) I am being flamed! What should I do?
Did the person offer you constructive criticism or outright flame you? Not liking your story and politely offering suggestions for improvement is certainly not a crime but if you feel a person is being unecessarily cruel or vicious, please report it to me and I will handle it. Flaming is a site violation and will not be accepted.

2.) There is a story on the site that I have a serious problem with. Can it be removed or corrected?
That depends. If the story violates our guidelines or terms of service, then yes the author will be contacted to correct it. However, if its simply an issue of personal preference that's bothering you then no, I can't do anything about that. This site is for everyone and you don't have to read the stories you don't like. I don't like certain stories either, but I'm not going to revoke anyone's right to post them.


1.) Why is there a donation button at the bottom? Do I have to pay to use the site?
Absolutely not! Server costs are expensive for a site this big and I currently handle that myself. The donation button is simply there for those who WANT to contribute a little something and is by no means mandatory.

2.) Who runs this site? Can I volunteer to help out?
This site is run by me, Adoralyna and I do all the web and graphics design and site maintenance/improvements.
I can always use more help, especially people who are willing to promote us on other sites or offer their services as beta readers.


Need further help, have a request or an idea? Email me at