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1.) This site is for personal, nonprofit use only. You will not attempt to reproduce, exploit, sell or otherwise infringe on the written words and identities of other members.

2.) Along these lines, plagiarizing other authors on this website is strictly prohibited.

3.) You agree that you do not claim ownership over any characters, brand names, story lines or anything else relating to the originating canon your works are based on. All original writings, characters and plot devices are considered to be yours and we ask that you report any incident that might involve other members infringing upon them without your permission.

4.) You will not abuse, harass, flame or otherwise interfere with other members of this website in a negative manner. You agree to treat others with courtesy and respect and, in the event of harassment or other questionable behavior, you agree to report it to the webmaster immediately.

Please be aware that this extends to racism, sexism, homophobia, religious bias and any other form of discriminatory behavior. We will not permit these things in member interactions, on profiles or anywhere else on the site. The question of slash (stories involving homosexual relationships) has always been a controversial one but just to be clear, it is fully permitted and supported on this site. It's one thing to dislike and choose not to read it, but anything that constitutes gay bashing does not belong here and will not be tolerated.

5.) While it's very difficult to keep up with age verification, you agree to not access materials of an R or NC-17 rating if you are below the age of consent in the region in which you live. We use a basic outline of the American movie rating system to classify our stories here. For more details and further information on this, please consult the following link:

6.) Flaming through the review system will not be tolerated on this site under ANY circumstances. If you don't like a story, please offer polite, helpful constructive criticism designed to help the author improve their work. Authors should be appreciative of the time you took to read and review their story and take your advice under consideration. Please contact the webmaster if you receive a review that would be considered a flame and by that same measure, please let me know if an author responds to your review in a way that's inappropriate.

Just to be clear here, a distinction:

"Honestly, I didn't enjoy the story very much. I thought your plot was severely underdeveloped and your main character, Bob, is very uninteresting. I think you've made him too perfect and I'd enjoy this story a lot more if you gave him some real flaws and reasons for his actions. Beyond that, your bad grammar is very distracting. Have you thought about using a beta reader to help you with that?"
-- constructive criticism. While the reviewer did not like the story and expressed that honestly, they were polite and offered suggestions on how to improve.

"You are the most horrible writer I've ever read in my life and should be ashamed to even post your stories here. Do the world a favor and take this horrible garbage down."
-- inappropriate flame. There's nothing positive to be had here, it's just an attack on the author and is inappropriate on this website.

7.) In addition to the previous rule, this site does not permit MSTs, parodies, satire or any other writing that involves situations where another author's identity is exploited. This includes, but not necessarily limited to, using screen names, story titles, character names and other revealing details in order to mock or harass another fanfiction author. If you wish to post parodies involving aspects of the fandom you find amusing, please do so in more of a general sense and not in a way that would be perceived as cruel or spiteful by specific authors.

8.) Finally, you agree to read all submission rules and comply with them before posting stories, essays or any other writing on this site.

If a user is in violation of any of these rules, we reserve the right to delete materials or terminate accounts without warning or notice. In most cases, we will contact the user personally and do what we can to resolve the situation before taking more drastic action, but we reserve the right to remove repeat offenders or more extreme cases of violations without notification.

Please comply with our rules and hopefully, this will never be an issue.

You may contact the webmaster at if you have any questions. Thank you!
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