Reviews For The Face of Hope
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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Michelle Signed
Amazing. First - I never saw the connection before, but the beginning sounds a lot like Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt. That thought never occured to me while reading the Silmarillion (okay, I'm excused since I'm an atheist, but still), so your story helped me see a new aspect of Tolkien's writing. If that isn't what fanfic is for, then I don't know:)

Then, having grown up with fantasy, esoterics and fortunetelling, I liked the twisted way the palantir worked. Elendil wasn't quite accurate enough in his command to the seeing stone, so the palantir showed him what he wanted to know - but by taking a few turns and bends. Exactly how I would imagine seeing the future works - if it works at all:)

Author's Response: Thanks, Michelle. You know, I didn't think of that connection explicitly while I was writing the story, but Tolkien must have. On my most recent rereading of the Silmarillion, I was really struck by how little encouragement the Faithful must have had.
Date: Apr 20 2007 01:03 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: lindahoyland Anonymous
haunting and original

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm really hooked on the Teitho Contest right now, and much of the credit goes to them for the story topic.
Date: Apr 18 2007 12:08 am [Report This]
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