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Title: Archery Contest Reviewer: EmynArnenLady Signed
Oh my god! The mental image of Legolas shooting an arrow into his fathers butt was just too much to bear! I caouldn't stop laughing! Great read, it brightened my day!
Date: Jan 09 2009 05:53 pm [Report This]
Title: Archery Contest Reviewer: spanishgoddess86 Signed
I love this story. I've read this story at several places and still can't get enough. I love how you have Estel immortal in this fic (I have a soft spot for stories like that) I also think it's great how you have Estel and Legolas going from enmies to Lovers slowly. And the whole scene with Legolas father and Estel's coming after them with paddles while Legolas father still had a arrow in his that was priceless.
Date: Nov 29 2004 06:04 pm [Report This]
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