Reviews For A Forest of Stone
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Title: A Forest of Stone Reviewer: ziggy Signed
Brilliant! I love gimli's voice in this- the humour and the spark between them.

Author's Response: Thanks -- I think the Legolas - Gimli friendship is one of Tolkien's great creations.
Date: 08/21/10 01:02 pm [Report This]
Title: A Forest of Stone Reviewer: Syril Silverleaf Signed
very nice. thanks for responding to the challenge

Author's Response: As you can see, your challenge has sparked almost half of my stories (and some of my best ones) and I have one more story in the series to do. Thanks for posting the challenge!
Date: 04/13/07 03:44 pm [Report This]
Title: A Forest of Stone Reviewer: Nieriel Raina Anonymous
OH. MY. GOD! How did you know my weakness? I just ADORE nekkid elves! *grin* This was a great little tale too. I loved it. My only complaint would be, I doubt Gimli would have had matches. It's something he surely could have used up on Caradhras trying to light that fire! *grin* Great characterization. Thanks for sharing! ~NiRi

Author's Response: I included the matches because I thought they'd had some in the Hobbit, but I should go back and check. If they do have matches, they probably wouldn't survive the snow and the long hike. You're right: nekkid elves are better than merely nude ones, and I've tried to pick only the finest of the fine for my series.

Author's Response: There is a reference to matches in "Riddles in the Dark" in the Hobbit. At the beginning of the chapter, Bilbo is all alone in the goblin tunnels and is feeling his pockets for matches. "After some time, he felt for his pipe. It was not broken, and that was something. Then he felt for his pouch, and there was some tobacco in it, and that was something more. Then he felt for matches and he could not find any at all, and that shattered his hopes completely."
Date: 04/08/07 03:01 pm [Report This]
Title: A Forest of Stone Reviewer: faramiriel Signed
*laughs maniacally*

Author's Response: Thanks, faramiriel.
Date: 02/23/07 01:01 pm [Report This]
Title: A Forest of Stone Reviewer: lindahoyland Anonymous
Very amusing !

Author's Response: Thanks -- I meant this as humor, but then wasn't sure that it would be read that way.
Date: 02/07/07 08:16 am [Report This]
Title: A Forest of Stone Reviewer: ArwenUndomiel Signed
Brilliant! Very funny. Loved the way you portrayed the sort of competitive camaraderie between them. Excellent story!

Author's Response: Thanks. Legolas and Gimli is one of the relationships that makes you want to write fanfic, isn't it?
Date: 02/06/07 05:25 am [Report This]
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