Reviews For Days of Her Life
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Title: Days Of Her Life Reviewer: Seafoam Signed
Both: AHA! Loved it, it was hilarious!

-The Seafoam Twins
Date: Jun 04 2006 04:24 am [Report This]
Title: Days Of Her Life Reviewer: Ranger of the North Signed

Author's Response: Glad you liked it.
Date: Oct 22 2005 04:12 am [Report This]
Title: Days Of Her Life Reviewer: Tathrin Signed
Sorry, can't review--I'm too busy doubling over and dying of laughter! Priceless!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! I had a lot of fun writing it. Glad you enjoyed it...
Date: Dec 02 2004 11:33 am [Report This]
Title: Days Of Her Life Reviewer: Sliven Signed
Tea-party, hm? So *that's* what happened. How nice to finaly be able to put an end to all these insane rumours concerning Celebrian's whereabouts! *snerk*

Author's Response: Doesn't it make perfect sense though? The mystery's been finally laid to rest. Amen! Of course everything that occurred at the tea-party shall be kept seeekrit ;)
Date: Nov 03 2004 08:42 am [Report This]
Title: Days Of Her Life Reviewer: Isa Signed
You already know I worship this! But I have to keep telling you, so your arrogance stays in shape. This is SO funny! Bloody hilarious!

Author's Response: My arrogance will stay in shape as long as my Portuguese h0r keeps harassing me. I love you back. Can't wait to read the HP fics! Mwaaa
Date: Oct 10 2004 08:53 am [Report This]
Title: Days Of Her Life Reviewer: Noldo Signed
*snort* That was hilarious.

I loved the bit about Glorfindel having something else to talk about - I take it you support that theory of reincarnation as well?

Perhaps an Arwen like this wouldn't be so hated by fangirls.

Author's Response: The Queen of Parody likes my l'il story? ;) I'm flattered.
Yes, I do support the idea of reincarnation. It's actually a lot easier to understand than I initially thought.
You see, this Arwen is how I imagine her though. Maybe because I'm an Arwen/Lúthien freak but that's not the point ;) I really see (or want to) see her like than and in my opinion, fangirls flip out about Arwen because of Liv (whom I love!).
Date: Oct 08 2004 09:58 pm [Report This]
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