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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Enjoyably steamy, but it's hard to picture Tyelkormo being so sweet. I've come to picture him as one who will give you pleasure only to please himself. But that's just me. Bad elf! Beautiful bad elf! Go ahead, get back in that pool and continue taming your Tyelkormo.

Author's Response: Wow, somebody is still reading my fics years after I've posted them! I am very pleased and very honored by your reply. Thank you very much. I'm not exactly sure why it is that people have a hard time picturing any of the Feanorians as sweet, enjoyable people. Perhaps they make such good, convenient villains that it is easy to forget they are Elves. They were young once, they lived in what equates as paradise to us and surely they must have not always been dark, brooding and extremely dangerous. Of all the brothers, I fancy Tyelkormo the most and I imagine him as the most open with his emotions, whether he is happy, playful, wrathful or even murderous. Also, possibly the most attention and affection seeking of all Feanaro's sons. Ah, look at me rant... Thank you for reading and for enjoining a few (steamy) moments is the company of an undoubtedly steamy Elf.
Date: Mar 03 2010 04:15 am [Report This]
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