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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Ariel Signed
Now that I have finished it, I can give a more constructive response. :p

œEven if you and he had never gone away, it was always you I meant to have. I wanted to marry an equal, Sam. Not someone I felt inferior to. What kind of marriage would that be, with one of the partners always feeling less than the other? It would be hellish, no matter how hard he tried to bend himself around to fit me. No, Sam, it could never be. I was always meant for you. I love you, Sam.

Yes, this is more of what I was getting at. Though I tended to think that the 'distance' between Frodo and the others was as much a spiritual distance as a status one. By the time they returned, he had become sanctified by fire, so to speak. He had almost become divine, and so beyond any kind of physical love. AR was my opportunity to contrast Frodo at the pinnacle of his virility with how he was after he had been consumed by the quest.

I think you've hit on a really interesting moment here. There's something about this story that makes people want to write sequels to it for some reason. Another gal has written a whole series of pieces where Rosie and Frodo continue to have trysts, but I really don't see that occurring. She's having fun though, so I don't see the harm in it. In your case, I can see how this event can bring Sam even closer to his wife, knowing that she did choose him and not as a consolation prize. I always saw him as a very masculine, almost redneck guy; very traditional in his view of family but with a good, generous heart. He would be disturbed by the thought that his best friend had once slept with his wife. He might love Frodo very much, but there is a difference between a friend you would die for and your wife, neither love is greater than the other, but they aren't the same. I don't see many women writers expressing that, but you ask men and they will tell you they would rather be respected than loved. Women would rather be loved than respected.

I'm going to try and delete the above comment, as it might be inflammatory. I am known as being 'brutally direct' and my bluntness can offend. I realize slashers don't feel belittled at that kind of sentiment, but being as my take is such a minority view, I often overenthusiastically try and explain it.

Author's Response: Thanks Ariel! I am so glad so feel that passage with Sam and Rosie goes along with what you intended in Autumn's Requiem, I was wondering if I might have seen something that wasn't there, now I know it was the right approach, I couldn't be happier! Now I just have to figure out how to fix things in the second chapter. Unless you want a crack at it?
Date: Apr 10 2006 09:31 am [Report This]
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