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Title: Chapter 9 - Epilogue Reviewer: heartofoshun Anonymous
Aww! A happy ending! They deserved it. (I write joyful Silm fics myself--a small minority in a sea of tragedy and woe!) Love the idea of putting the two together like that. Almost makes me forgive Tolkien for naming Daeron before Maglor as the greatest singer of the elves. (Oops sorry, personal prejudice drifting in here.) It was a lovely story.

I am writing a story about Maedhros and Fingon in Manhattan at the moment. Although, I am not usually a big fan of elves in the modern day, it can be skillfully used, Something you proved in this story. Hope I can do half as well.

Date: 16/03/08 - 02:34 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 9 - Epilogue Reviewer: Aurwende Signed
Nice story !

I had never encountered these two together before, and am now very suprise, because they are just so fine ! Both talented singer, the greatest of their people for that matter, they both disapeared and wandered... and you just make the reunion so beautiful, and yet without the clichés !

Thank you for the great time i had reading you !
Date: 26/01/08 - 12:58 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 9 - Epilogue Reviewer: fremmet Signed
well since this was about Maglor i was prepared for a tragedy. when daeron walked away and maglor let him Ai! i wished i could reach in and shake those fools! but then you gave this unexpected and interesting epilogue! so nice to have them still around and their love true, even though both were so stubborn about it! a beautiful story all around and it was very gratifying to see that maglor had taken daeron's words to heart all those years ago - to hold the memory of their love intact and allow it to sustain him through the times to come.

Author's Response: Ai! You have found my stash of slash stories! Thank you so much for this review. This was the story that brought me out of a writer's block. It was weird enough to let me become absorbed in it fully.
Date: 16/04/06 - 08:34 pm [Report This]
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