Reviews For Blowing Valaroma
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Title: The Horn Is Sounded Reviewer: ann_arien Signed
O_O! *facepalm*

Jenni, this was so bloody hot I'm beside myself with rapture. Damn, how you could make Celegorm, cute, silly, gorgeous, hot and delicious, all in one fic, is beyond me.


You have a way of describing their lovemaking and their magnificent bodies that makes me go up the walls. I need a cold shower, seriously. ;)

PS: I was waiting for you to update this story at ficwad, and here you had two more chapters up and ready. Darn! But it's better late than never and believe me, it is goood!

Author's Response: LOL! Thanks! I don't know where I put my stuff anymore! I'm not sure I finished this yet. I'll have to check.
Date: 04/08/06 04:02 pm [Report This]
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