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Title: Narn I Hin Curufin Reviewer: ann_arien Signed
Gods, Jenni! I began reading this story a few months ago and, for some reason, I've only caught up with the last two chapters now. And I'm amazed at what you've written. The plot takes your characters in directions I certainly did not expect. And the amount of drama is heart-breaking.

I didn't think that you would kill Poldanis, or Aredhel's son, for that matter. And that last scene... I think the pain of it must have driven Curufin mad, the loss of his father, one of his sons and the only woman he had ever opened up to... and then Maedhros being captured... he couldn't possibly have survived that and remained sane.

You know how angst makes me bite my nails, but, if you plan to continue this story, I'm your No.1 reader.

Author's Response: Gods, Alina! I actually have the last chapter, not posted yet because I have to make it fit. I wrote it first, as a b'day present vignette for FangedGeranium last year! It's only on my LJ and I can't remember when her b'day is. Just a minute.
Date: Apr 08 2006 01:53 pm [Report This]
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