Reviews For Shadows Creeping
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Title: Loyalty Reviewer: Kalisona Signed
Oh darn...that's the last chapter...I think I'll go mad from the suspence...please update soon?

And as for the flashbacks, I think that if you put them in italics, it will be easier to understand. =)

Author's Response: Sorry it's taken me so long to update!rnrnAs far as the italics go...unfortunately since I use italics in the story itself, it would take ages and ages to reformat the html to UNitalicize the things currently italicized in the flashback scenes so they would be emphasized when I italicize the whole section, and I just don't have time for that sort of reformatting quest. I'm afraid they'll just have to stay confusing. Hopefully the fact that the situation and locations are so different means that any confusion gets cleared up within the first few paragraphs of each section. Sorry about that!
Date: Jul 23 2006 11:54 pm [Report This]
Title: The Child Reviewer: Kalisona Signed
*sighs* There, I went and read the first chapter. ^.^ Now I'll end up reading the rest of the story until I'm done. Or I fall asleep. That may happen too. =) I love how you wrote sad. She's too young to have to live with that. (Besides the fact that she's probably a couple hundred years older than me...which is beside the point.)
Date: Jul 23 2006 04:59 pm [Report This]
Title: Loyalty Reviewer: So Yun Signed
Wow tathrin that was an awsome chapter cant wait for your next update...
Your loyal reader

Author's Response: Sorry it's taking so abysmally long! So glad you're enjoying, though, snail's pace though the chapters do appear.
Date: Jul 09 2006 04:07 am [Report This]
Title: Loyalty Reviewer: Wyn Telemnar Signed
Ohh... Your story is quite sweet(tissues gallore), but the flashbacks can be confuseing however explanitory they are. Keep Updatine please!

Author's Response: Sorry about the flashbacks. I'll try and make them more clear in the future. Thank you, and I do hope your nose held out. So glad you're enjoying!
Date: May 04 2006 10:04 pm [Report This]
Title: Adarmel Reviewer: Northerlyartemis Signed
wow, this is so well written! I love your rich imagery! This is one of my favorite stories!

Author's Response: Thanks! I promise I'll try and get more updates out sometime, er, soon...ish. Sorry it's taking so long!
Date: Jan 04 2006 12:12 pm [Report This]
Title: Pursuit Reviewer: Celebdil Galad and Tinlaure Signed
Wow! Just got a chance to review. We have been updating our most recent story and it has been taking forever. LOL Please give us some more Elf angst. We are insane and love that sort of stuff. This is a very nice story so far. Keep it up.

Author's Response: More Elf angst? Your wish is my et cetera, et cetera...Thanks!
Date: Jan 05 2005 08:52 am [Report This]
Title: Blood in the Stream Reviewer: Celebdil Galad and Tinlaure Signed
Wow! We just found this and your writing is incredible. Hope you plan to write more, after all, cliffies are a horrible place to leave a person...or two. You have really mastered Legolas' character well. As a matter of fact, you nealry tied to Cassia or Nili. That's saying a lot, incase you don't know them. Hope the orcs don't beat up on our Elf some more, then again, we hope they do. We are insane and suckers for Elf pain. Thats why our stuff is the way it is. Celeb and Tin

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you! I do, I do, the postings will just be slower for a while because I'm home from college on break and have less time to write and less time to get on the internet, and have to transfer files from my laptop to this computer before I can post them and...sigh! It also means less time for reading, so forgive me if it takes me a long time to read your writing--and Nili's, for I now must go check her out. Cassia I know and, wow, I'm still in awe and shock. You think I'm that good? I love you both! *big hug* And about the orcs...well, I can't tell you anything here but...I have a plot-outline for thirty chapters and growing so far, so it's probably a fair bet you'll get your elf-pain... Insanity is fun! And once more THANK YOU so much! Major wow...
Date: Nov 24 2004 10:08 am [Report This]
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