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Title: Lady of Light Reviewer: Elbereth Signed
Though this is short, it is beautifully well written, and you have certainly succeeded in your aims to capture the Lady Galadriel's loneliness, and her husband's distance from her. Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review. I think this is the shortest piece I have written yet! I like to explore more deeply the emotions of characters. It pleases me to know I have achieved this with my shortest piece.
Date: Jul 16 2012 09:10 pm [Report This]
Title: Lady of Light Reviewer: KarasAunty Signed
A beautiful , elegantly-written piece, rich with character and full of depth, despite its length. Very well done, EldarinPrincess!

Author's Response: Thank you, Kara. I wanted to capture the loneliness Lady Galadriel feels, along with the power she embodies as contrasts to one another. I also wanted to convey the distance her husband feels, the disconnect he has with her.
Date: Jul 15 2012 11:54 am [Report This]
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