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Title: Cast it into the Fire Reviewer: Karlmir Stonewain Signed
It seems as if everybody remembers the Ring's destruction differently, or are they simply making conversation for free drinks? I can see why Elrond finally locked up the liquor cabinet.

Speaking of the One Ring, I'm presently working on a short story titled "Trahald the Laborer." You might find it interesting. It's in reply to a challenge by Narya.

Author's Response: It all stemmed from a conversation with my brother - he pointed out that movie-Elrond conveniently forgot to mention Gil-Galad and Cirdan and their wee part in the Last Alliance, and also conveniently remembered only his foresighted self advising Isildur to destroy the ring... eh, but memory goes as you age. ;) Judging from the title, your story sounds interesting. Is it yet posted? Thank you for reading! :)
Date: Jul 21 2011 01:10 am [Report This]
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