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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Peregrin Took Signed
Good one, I want to know if you ever get your book published. I would love to read it!

Author's Response: Not long ago, I submitted this very poem to a contest and now it will be featured in a book of poetry called 'Stars of Our Hearts'. That book was sponsered by The World Poetry Movement, which supports young amatuer writers and poets. The book itself will appear in bookstores sometime this coming fall or winter. :) I'm happy that you liked the poem. Thank you for the review. <3Love and peanutbutter, Melda
Date: Aug 09 2011 12:43 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Irial Signed
Stunning imagery! Wish I had your brain! Nice work Melda! - Iri

Author's Response: Thank you very much! However, I am sure that your own grey matter is amazing. Love and peanutbutter, Melda
Date: Apr 23 2011 12:15 am [Report This]
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