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Title: For All Time Reviewer: iggybaby Signed
ok now that explains it :D Wow talk about losing it completely! The origin of vampires in middle earth! I thoroughly enjoyed it! ~iggybaby

Author's Response: Thanks once more for commenting Iggy! This story is far different from my others...but that made it all the more fun to write! Glad you enjoyed it. hugs Armariel ~~~~~{~@
Date: Feb 22 2011 01:42 am [Report This]
Title: Escape Reviewer: iggybaby Signed
Whoa I just got really confused. Why are there two of them now?? Hopefully the next chappie will help me understand :D ~iggybaby
Date: Feb 22 2011 01:30 am [Report This]
Title: Creation Reviewer: iggybaby Signed
I love the way you write, it is so beautiful and entracing. The chapters are a nice length and the story itself is very interesting. Can't wait to read more! ~iggybaby

Author's Response: Thanks Iggybaby! *blush* I wrote this one for a halloween challenge last year. Final chapter will be up tomorrow, I think.... Thanks again!
Date: Feb 16 2011 05:22 am [Report This]
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