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Title: Day Three Reviewer: Linde Signed
Hi! I made this account just because I wanted to tell you how much I love this story. I think this is probably one of the best lotr stories I've ever read. Which is saying a lot, btw. Seriously, I check this site every day hoping that you've posted more of it. Poor Erestor, I feel so bad for him, he's so confused. Anyway, keep up the good work, I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you for your response. I've finally added another chapter, I can only be thankful that my readers have been patient.
Date: 09/08/12 - 02:47 pm [Report This]
Title: Confinement Reviewer: Ansileran Signed

As I said on ffnet, I love your story, it's one of the first that I followed. I like Elrond's idea, that would probably do the trick. How long before Glorfindel tries to smash down the door though?

The only thing I could find to criticise (as in constructive criticism) is that they don't nearly seem hang over enough to me (is that the right way to phrase it?)... Especially Glorfindel who just woke up. Given how much alcohol they drank, they should be pretty smashed. Maybe elves hold their liquor better than humans, but I like a bit of self-pity ^^

Anyway, it's great, please keep it up!
Date: 19/07/12 - 04:17 pm [Report This]
Title: Guilt Reviewer: ManyLives Signed
Ah, this makes me feel so sad! Glorfindel shouldn't have done that awful deed, of course, but it seems like every time Erestor has an opportunity to accept Glorfindel's love, he just denies him and upsets him even more! They both need to stop being so stubborn, haha. Anyway, nicely written chapter. Your words flow together well and the conversation is smooth and realistic. I can't wait for more! :D

Author's Response: thank you for the review and the positive comments, they are greatly appreciated :) I have read some argument stories at times and they have made up far too quickly, I believe something more realistic would be better related to, who knows? I only now by the response of the readers, but the support is great and only inspires me to write more quickly :D
Date: 24/02/12 - 03:07 pm [Report This]
Title: Guilt Reviewer: ebbingnight Signed
Well, now I'd say that they were "even" for the events of so long ago. Now let's see them get a fresh start, please: they are destined to be together, after all!!!
Date: 24/02/12 - 01:06 am [Report This]
Title: Wrath Reviewer: danira Signed
omg that was rwally brutal
i hope both will see soon that they were wrong. erestor for beating glorfindel half to death and glorfindel for tring to rape him.
they must they must talk and now
wonderful written.
please post more soon
Date: 20/02/12 - 11:57 am [Report This]
Title: Resignation Reviewer: ebbingnight Signed
Sigh. I thought it might come to this. With any luck, Erestor will knock him senseless (and back to his senses) before he makes matters worse. Erestor doesn't have to be Glorfindel's helpless victim here, we know!
Date: 19/02/12 - 05:47 pm [Report This]
Title: So Near And Yet So Far Reviewer: danira Signed
wow what a wonderful story...i really hope to read soon more of this story..i hope glorindel will not hurt erestor niw i mean physikal
Date: 20/01/12 - 11:03 am [Report This]
Title: The Storm Reviewer: ebbingnight Signed
Gorgeous manips in this chapter!

But, oh, Glorfindel--- you haven't gotten any smarter about love in all these millennia, have you?! If it weren't for the fact that Erestor is still wearing that ring, I would totally give up on you!
Date: 28/12/11 - 12:15 am [Report This]
Title: Misery Loves Company Reviewer: ebbingnight Signed
I really wish that Glorfindel can come up with better ideas than he's had so far, but at least now he's aware of how much pain he's caused poor Erestor because of his selfishness, both in Gondolin and in Imladris. Here's hoping he's about to change for the better-- right now! Otherwise, he'll never "win his soul-mate!"
Date: 14/12/11 - 11:43 pm [Report This]
Title: Judgement Reviewer: Massanie Signed
Wow... and that after such a large wedding. They will indeed be on everyone's lips...

And only few months more to live. The countdown has started. I wonder if Glorfindel will come to regret his decision during that time or only after his death...

I must say that for now you're doing your best to make me hate Glorfindel. I'd so like to throttle him until he's losing consciousness. Then I'd let him wake up and throttle him again.
If he had been honest about his love for Ecthelion, none of this would have happend. And the marriage would have only been for his benefit, Erestor losing every hope to be with the one he loves, Ecthelion being forced to marry a man when he is not even bi, let alone gay. He's so damn selfish and arrogant. One should now something like that about his best friend!

I hope that will resolve soon. He is after all one of my favorite LotR characters.

Nonetheless a nice chapter. I like king Turgon. His last sentence is so portentous, as if he knows something disastrous will happen soon...
Date: 12/12/11 - 08:57 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 28 Reviewer: Massanie Signed
Glorfindel had a day already to think about it all and this is all he comes up with? More accusations?

I so hope that Turgon trounces them ... not once did Glorfindel or Glorfael think about what they almost did to Ecthelion; although arranged marriages might be customary its not something that you do to your best friend just because you are too cowardly to ask them.

But the fault probably lies with Glorfael as much as Glorfindel, maybe more. Our golden elf is after all still awfully young and has been raised to be like this. But still, I am somewhat disappointed in his behaviour.

The only consolation is that obviously Glorfindel will have realised it all once he joines Elrond's household.
Date: 30/10/11 - 08:57 am [Report This]
Title: Support Reviewer: Melda Signed
I loved this chapter, actually. It shows that Glorfindel isn't invincible, that he, like everyone else, sometimes need comfort and support. :)
Date: 06/10/11 - 11:29 pm [Report This]
Title: Support Reviewer: Massanie Signed
It is not so disappointing a chapter. Beautifully written - as we are accostumed by now with this wondorful story ;-) - and in fact I'm somewhat relieved:
Finally one of them lets Elrond in on this mess. Although I suspect that the Half-Elf won't really take action, he might just light up that totally dreary and hopeless situation at least by an ounce or two.

Insofar I'd say this is a key scene and I'll patiently wait for more, if I must.
Date: 06/10/11 - 09:23 am [Report This]
Title: Confrontation II Reviewer: Lady Leia Signed
someone (I won't tell names) kicked my bottom to go and read this story.
So, that's what I did and I won't leave without leaving something behind (I mean a review):
I have read many stories about Glorfindel and Erestor and this one is certainly one of the best. I can't wait to read more about the to and fro =)
Date: 21/09/11 - 09:00 pm [Report This]
Title: Confrontation II Reviewer: Melda Signed
I am so in love with this story! It is one of greatest Glorfindel/Erestor romances that I have ever read.
Date: 15/09/11 - 10:33 pm [Report This]
Title: Confrontation II Reviewer: Massanie Signed
Huh, that went ... better than I thought it would: I was afraid Erestor would start to mock Glorfindel. He really has grown bitter, not that I would fault him... personally I think that there are crimes that cannot be forgiven, and Glorfindel’s actions in Gondolin were really close to that.

But it was an excellent chapter, the characters are more realistic than in most stories I’ve read so far; although Glorfindel’s change of heart was rather drastic in my opinion. I would so like to read his version of the last months of his former life and maybe some thoughts of his time in Mandos, just to understand *why* he has changed so much...

Author's Response: And I certainly plan to do so. Those chapters are in the process of being written and the details will soon come out. Keep reading.... and reviewing :D
Date: 13/09/11 - 06:38 pm [Report This]
Title: Confrontation II Reviewer: You Me and Obsession Signed
I almost squealed to see this updated.
I would love to comment on every chapter, but you see, the heartbreak often renders me speechless. I love the way it progresses soooooooo very slowly; it allows much space to imagine the moment Erestor will forgive Glorfindel, and I love the change you made to Glorfindel, how he grew wiser with his old (as dust) age, but above all I love the pain.
And, just a suggestion on Sindarin. It's "Le melin" for "I love you", not just a word by word translation of the sentence.

Author's Response: Hi, thanks for your response, I always love it when I receive a review, particularly a good one as this. I have always disliked stories where couples overcome a tragedy really quickly, no matter its importance. Dragging it out a little is more realistic to me and it allows a better insight into the characters. P.s. There are loads of different versions of phrases on the internet, from council of elrond, to undomiel pages. I simply chose one that appeared the most. I guess only tolkien will know the real answer i suppose. Thank you anyway
Date: 13/09/11 - 06:00 am [Report This]
Title: Hidden Torment Reviewer: Melda Signed
Well, Glorfindel certainly has the tables turned on him, now it's his turn to be heartbroken...ah well, wouldn't wish that on anybody. But great job with this chapter! :D
Date: 09/09/11 - 02:53 am [Report This]
Title: Hidden Torment Reviewer: Massanie Signed
A very evil cliffhanger ...
Anyway, still love the story!
But I'm afraid that the situation could not have been worse for Glorfindel to declare his love ... Erestor in his rage might just use this against him. Deadlocked situation. Curious if you'll bring it to a happy end...

Author's Response: I guess you'll just have to wait and see :) (supposed to be an evil smile, but it didn't work :D)
Date: 06/09/11 - 07:20 am [Report This]
Title: Ice Reviewer: Gwaelinn Signed
Turn about might be fair play, but I am really starting to feel for Fin! So well written, I can feel the chill in the air! More please...this has to get resolved!
Date: 29/08/11 - 12:30 pm [Report This]
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