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Title: The Final Battle Reviewer: Peridot Eyes Signed
Two thumbs WAY up! Haven't read much with the Elvenking, but I will now. (hehe) Can't wait to see him in "The Hobbit"!

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you liked it.
Date: Oct 31 2012 11:45 pm [Report This]
Title: The Final Battle Reviewer: EldarinPrincess Signed
Oh boy....I think I discovered a renewable heat supply for the winter! It was beautifully written, and the musical inspiration was perfect!

Author's Response: I like your sense of humor. I owe the music to ladyjane. She gave me the inspiration to write this piece. There are so many songs that spark the imagination, very elvish in nature. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this. It's nice to know there's another Thranduil enthusiast out there.
Date: Nov 29 2010 06:24 pm [Report This]
Title: The Chase Reviewer: EldarinPrincess Signed
There is a reason Thranduil is not mentioned in Tolkien's work; you have hit upon it directly.

Author's Response: I cannot help but picture him like this. It must be good to be the king.
Date: Nov 26 2010 08:07 pm [Report This]
Title: The Final Battle Reviewer: regaliaria Anonymous
Already ended? This was just too much. I loved every minute and I felt like I was the lady and he my man (elf,dummy,elf!) So beautifully written. So much love and romance, with a bit of wild teasings and playing. (Me likey)
So now on with more of your very well written stories, and the ones to be finished when you get your puter back. Hehehe. Great wriiten work.

Author's Response: Me happy you likey! My muses are stirring. Hopefully, a new story will begin flowing out through my fingers soon. Again, I thank you mellon, for following along.
Date: Oct 10 2010 12:26 pm [Report This]
Title: The Final Battle Reviewer: LadyConfidential Signed
Nice ending :) You know how to use just the right amount of both lust and love.
I also liked how you showed moments of vulnerability - I actually felt the character's concern. Once again, well done!

Author's Response: I'm so glad the emotions came across. I really wanted to show that even the mightiest King or most stubborn elf could subject themselves to complete exposure and trust that they would not take advantage of that weakness. Thanks for reading. You are always so nice.
Date: Oct 09 2010 09:08 am [Report This]
Title: The Confession Reviewer: LadyConfidential Signed
Mmm, very nice ;) You write so well, it is always a pleasure to read. As for your Thranduil, I really do love him (one very sexy elf - perhaps it's genetic?), and am pleasantly curious about Raina. Hope to see more of this soon!

Author's Response: It's nice to hear from you once again LC. Thank you so much for reading yet another one of my stories. There is just one chapter left and everything will be wrapped up as usual. Thranduil has really grown on me. He makes a wonderful sexy subject.
Date: Oct 08 2010 10:33 pm [Report This]
Title: The Confession Reviewer: regaliaria Anonymous
So our Thranduil has more to his thoughts then just lust. *Damn!* LOL! He must have a growing love within him, and she is afraid of it. Because of what she did to his son. Let us hope that King Thranduil is what he truly is. A very strong ruler who loves his kingdom and do what he can to protect it, but also has a soft heart to love someone and forgive their past transgressions. To me that is a true ruler.

Author's Response: Ah, you know my Thranduil so well. He is true of heart and the mightiest king of them all as far as I'm concerned.(with underlying tones of lust, of course) You know, the more I write for him, the more I like this guy. Legolas better watch out.
Date: Oct 08 2010 10:46 am [Report This]
Title: The Elleth's Reward Reviewer: regaliaria Anonymous
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! And have many more. That is about less than half of mine.

Back to the erotic's! Okay now, you will have to throw me a a life donut and a boat to pick me up and then a couple of really hot looking elves to give me mouth to mouth Tonsillectomy resusitations. They need to map out the interior of my mouth. Either end does not matter! Woohoo! Hehehe. This is one exquisite passionate story you have here. I await just about almost patiently for the next chp. And also for the magic man too!

Author's Response: Thank you regaliaria. It's been a nice day so far. So... the donut is in the boat and the boat is on its way. I figure you're not picky about your elves. Rumil and Haldir said they've been feeling left out lately and volunteered to do a thorough exam of any orifice of your choice. They're not picky either. *hehe* As for Magic Man... my laptop monitor died and it's in the shop. My stories are on that one. Right now I'm using my husbands computer. As soon as I get it back, I'll start posting M.M. and the other Thranduil fic I started again. It's killing me not to have my laptop, but at least I still have something to use in the meantime.
Date: Oct 07 2010 01:06 pm [Report This]
Title: The Captured King Reviewer: regaliaria Anonymous
Little Fling?! Little Fling!? HA! Forget the undergarments! Better to wear none. And there is not enough of large body of water w/ ice to cool this body down. Whew. On with the sweatty smut..I mean show.

Author's Response: Ha ha. You crack me up. It's good to know someone besides me and ladyjane is all hot and bothered. It gets tough writing like this sometimes, especially about Thranduil. No wonder Legolas is so sexy with a father like this.
Date: Oct 06 2010 11:16 am [Report This]
Title: The Chase Reviewer: regaliaria Anonymous
Thanks alot! Now I will have to change my under garments. Is it hot in there? Need both the air conditioner and fan...and ....maybe a tub with ice in it, that I can jump into. Great *HOT* little piece here.

Author's Response: You might want to crank up that AC, get a couple fans and fill up a pool with ice. Things might get a bit volcanic before the end. If you think Mount Doom is hot... *hehe*
Date: Oct 05 2010 10:50 am [Report This]
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