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Title: Chapter 20: Opinions do matter Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
Aww, Alphros is lovely!
This is still so much fun to read, Anwyn, and I love Imrahil. he is very much how I think of him from the books!

Author's Response: Thank you! I have been fiddling with this particular chapter forever and stayed up quite late (Early?) last night becuase I just had to finish it...and I couldn't sleep anyways, ha. I have always envisioned Alphros being a nice little boy, a touch of both his parents in him though mostly his father as he is more likely to follow the rules down to the letter where his mother his not ;) Writing Imrahil was an interesting challenge as the impression I got from him from the books is that he was a good leader though not over the top stern, he has abit of sense of humor to him as well. I am so pleased to hear he comes off as he did in the books and also that you are still enjoying this story. Thanks so much for the review hun! *Hugs*
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Title: Chapter 7: From bad, to strange to...simply alright. Reviewer: EldarinPrincess Signed
loved the bit about her wearing the dress; it's so true that in most of the mary sue stories of middle-earth whatever clothing the girls are given they are able to fit into without problems, and it seems always so natural to them.

Author's Response: Yes, exactly I have noticed that when a character, usually female, shows up and needs a new set of clothes there is always a gown or dress that just happens to be laying around and not only fits her perfectly but she looks absolutely beautiful and turns the head of the nearest male of course! While I don't imagine in Middle Earth typical fashion would have been tight and fitted but more loose and flowing that still does not mean everything there is 'One size fits all'
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Title: Chapter 2: Small Possessions Reviewer: EldarinPrincess Signed
the great mysterious it

Author's Response: To this day such a thing still remains an uncomfortable mystery to most men!
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Title: Chapter 1: This was definately NOT in my horoscope for today Reviewer: EldarinPrincess Signed
giant hamsters in clown suits
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Title: Chapter 18: The Lady's Girl Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
I lifted a hand to run it through my hair and instead of hair I found only a terrifying matted mess with a twig thrown in for good measure which I worked free. To untangle it completely I would nothing less than a good comb, lots of time and the aide of an old and young priest.

LOL. I am so with you there!

Well, if the crow was Vanimórë he was not precisely helpful, *snort*

It's so interesting seeing Anwyn from this perspective. She comes across as very confident and cool-headed, and rather intimidating at times, when we read about her in this way. Through the other stories we know that she is very courageous, but has had times of huge uncertainty, and it's really fascinating.

Author's Response: One of the things I always find interesting in stories where anyone ends up in Middle Earth is that everything is just so perfect from the get go, in little ways like her (I say that as the character is usually female) 'flowing tresses' are always just so perfect which I know in my experience that if I don't have a good cream rinse at least that things are going to get ugly north of my scalp! It is just a little detail that would not usually be considered in the course of a larger story and it would be a given that a character in dire danger is not worrying about their hair or that women of that time had their own remedies and what not to deal with such things but this is just a little detail I can explore with this store, as while it is meant to be fun I do also want to make it as realistic as possible. You know, I wanted to give a little nod to Van though I am not sure why, I suspect he is indirectly responsible but to be honest I am not even sure if that was him or not ;D It is a different perspective for Anwyn as I have not done too much writing with an older more mature Anwyn as the way I see it all she has been through it has left her more confident though still uncertain, at times, as uncertainty is something we all feel at times and she is no different from any other woman in that she has her moments of brilliance as well as moments of weakness. When I write her I do try to be mindful of everything that has happened to her in the past, all that she has seen and learned and then try to apply to how that made change her character and that also that she may act differently depending on who she is around and where she is, that in her element as she is here she has some measure of power and would feel comfortable and confident whereas if this was set in Minas Tirth she would not have that same level of comfort and would be quieter and more cautious. Or it would be different depending who she is around, that she would be more comfortable really speaking her mind around Elphir where if she was around, say Van or her father she would most certainly be a touch more reserved and likely to think for a moment before just speaking her mind. Thank you so much for your extremely thoughtful review *Hugs*
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Title: Chapter 19: Hook ups in Middle Earth and other poor ideas Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
I am so glad you are still writing this, Anwyn, although I know with your business ( you never seem to stop except to sleep) writing must be squeezed in.

I could only imagine what I looked like to him, with crazy frizzy curly hair that was not at helped at all by the humidity and lack of hair product available and I felt short and rounded as the other women I had seen so far were tall and slender.

I hear that. Oh gosh. It reminds me of a particular holiday in Wales when I was young, when I just gave up on my hair as it was so humid, and it frizz-bombed everywhere.

At least that made sense, that the actions of a man were just as much a mystery here to me as they were anywhere else.

*Snort* Yes, that is kind of reassuring I suppose. Men in the real world, men in Middle-earth - all incomprehensible. They would only be understandable in a *true* fantasy world, lol.

Author's Response: I was very excited to finally getting anything finished, LOL, Truthfully and this is sad, but I haven't done any writing in any several months and it was not becuase I didn't want to bother but everytime I tried, I don't know, I just could not and this is kind a fun easy story for me to write which will help get my confidence back to move to the bigger ones again. 'Frizz bombed' lol, I love that. My hair does tend to frizz up the second it is introduced to any humidity though my mom has it worse as her hair is shorter than mine and while in Cuba she was constantly fussing with it but I decided I was on vacation and to just let it go, hilarity ensued. Ha ha, exactly! Tolkien always said that Middle Earth is our own world but in a different time and so I don't think men would have changed so much that they are any different than today in that they are enraging and confusing at times!
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Title: Chapter 14: Anwyn Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
Anwyn was a great deal more regal than I had ever imagined her to be, though it was not all in her appearance though the air of silent confidence that I felt without her needing to speak a single word.

One thing that comes across as incredibly authentic to me, is the way you describe *your* feelings at seeing the character you created and how they come across as different to when Anwyn is written into the stories, because this is an *outside* view of her. She does not look *exactly* as you, the writer envisaged her, and is more intimidating, which comes across as being exactly as it should be. *You* know it's Anwyn, but Anwyn is no longer a creation of the writers mind but a living person and very vivid and it leaves the mind staggering a little. I am sure it would me! I really think that is a brilliant way of showing how it is when an author is put face to face by characters (OC or canon) that they write about.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such an incredibly thoughtful review! I am incredibly glad and relieved that this comes off as authentic as originally when I got the idea for this it was going to be more silly as really, I still find it a funny concept but as I got into it more I realized that it was more serious than I initially thought as you don't land face first in Middle Earth and think to yourself "Alright, time to party!" The stories I read about modern day people ending in ME always involves instant reconization of a character as helpfully they happen to look EXACTLY the way they do in the films. When we use pictures to show our characters it is more a point of reference than anything else as it is nice to put a face to name but that does not mean however they look EXACTLY like that especially with Anwyn who is mortal and her appearance would be ever changing as she grows older in the stories and so she would age and I don't have any images of an older Anwyn but that doesn't mean she did not age, ditto for Elphir though I expect his appearance might stay slightly more constant as he has Elven blood in his line and so in my canon he is actually twice Anwyn's age but physically he would like the same age as her becuase physically he would be slower to age. I want to treat the characters with respect always, as they deserve to be and in this story they are living breathing people and they did live and fill their own time which I have somehow burst into and so keeping in mind that when I am not around they still go on doing things in what now becomes kind of behind the scenes to me and it is staggering to think characters in a story are now living breathing people who are completely uncontrollable, they think and act for themselves and I cannot convince them any different as I am just another person to them, nothing special about me! It's been a concept that has been tricky but entertaining to write and consider. Thanks again for the great review, I hope to have a new chapter of this finished before not too long and I will continue to play 'catch up' putting older chapters on here as well.
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Title: Chapter 6: The Kindness of Strangers Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
“Are you completely mad?”

So much for introductions.

I lowered my eyes.

“Look at me”

So much for the beaten puppy look.

Lol. Yep. Those things never work for me, either XD

“How strange” Elphir murmured softly.

“I know you have come across far stranger”

Oh good, I had found voice my voice again.

Oh good, I had also immediately said something very foolish.

Ah, yes. :D

I know things are very busy for you, but thank you for updating. Anwyn is so *real* in this; her reactions and feelings are completely authentic (I would think, never having been into one of my stories, lol)

Author's Response: You know, that look still works on one person, my dad. Mind you it requires more careful execution than it used to but I like to think I have perfected the technique as I have grown. It doesn't work on anyone else except my dad, lol, no pulling it with the Surgeons! You are welcome but updating is pretty simple at the moment as I have the story already written to a certain point and when things settle a little (Ha!) I am looking forward to working on this story as well as a couple of others I have been neglecting due to not having the time to really focus on them like I would like. It is funny that this story has become so real when honestly it was just meant to be something silly in the beginning, a little niggling idea that I thought would be amusing to actually write out as the idea itself is just so wild but the story is becoming so real. Thank so much for the review, I am going to be putting up another chapter shortly.
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Title: Chapter 6: The Kindness of Strangers Reviewer: Araloth the Random Signed
Just as she was trying not to smile I ended up doing the same thing because there were other people in the room and they would think I was completely crazy. :P I like Elphir already!

Author's Response: LOL, I find it hard to read around other people as sometimes I may come across something amusing and suddenly burst out laughing which either gets me strange looks or worse yelled at for startling them. Yes, Elphir is an excellent character and you can be certain he will be present a great deal more in the future story in some manner or another and I love writing him as he is his own way, and not at all fussy to write I find. Thanks you for the review and I hope to have another chapter up tonight.
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Title: Chapter 1: This was definately NOT in my horoscope for today Reviewer: Bunny Plots Signed
I have to agree with everyone else, it is quite nice to see a story that at least tries to create what it would actually be like to be transported to another world. :) Certainly...all my girl-falls in to ME stories I would not actually write and publish because they're too Mary Sue like. :P lol. Purely for my own -ahem- enjoyment.

And the "fantasy" line was indeed spot on. :D

Keep it up!


Author's Response: Thank you so much! This started off as a plot bunny that would just not go away until I started working on it and it was just a fun side project, a little crack!fic where I was determined not to get too carried away with the why and just let it carry me wherever I would though on that same note I did try to handle it with some realism instead of the usual "Woah, so cool! Where do I meet the guys?" This is for my enjoyment as well, It is meant as some fun and so I am doing my best to keep it that way and just letting the story go wherever it wants. Thanks again for your kind words, such reviews are definitely encouraging.
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Title: Chapter 2: Small Possessions Reviewer: Araloth the Random Signed
"Thou shalt not go nosing through my shit." Haha! And the their fascination with her tampon. . .I can definitely imagine this one happening. Also, I can imagine that anyone who randomly fell into another world would not know where they were and would be inclined to be rather rude! I have to confess, this story has got me hooked. I'd love to see more! :)

Author's Response: LOL, I absolutely cannot stand anyone going through my stuff even though I really have nothing to hide it is just so incredibly rude. No I did not think that having a weird and unsettling experience would lend itself to having alot of patience and perfect manners, it is like being stuck in traffic for hours, it doesn't bring out the best in you ;) I am so pleased to hear you are enjoying it, I will have more up as I can as it is written a few chapters ahead and stored on another site as a rough copy which then when I get a moment I go back and re-read and edit and change anything that comes off as awkward and then I will post it up as another chapter and I hope to have the next chapter up shortly.
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Title: Chapter 2: Small Possessions Reviewer: Karlmir Stonewain Signed
Well, I've heard of fangirls falling into Middle Earth via recitation of spells, magic charms, stepping through a space/time rift, strange dreams, or by simply wishing for it. This is the first time I've heard of one traveling there by banging her knee on the steps of her house. What will happen next?

Author's Response: LOL, You make it so lame when you put it that way Kalmir ;D I freely admit that I didn't think too much on the method of travel or how this happened but I saw a movie the other day that involved someone from another era slipping into our world by a hernia in time if you will, a weakness in the fabric of time that since we cannot see time but feel it's passing it does exist around us and so it might be possible to fall into a weak spot and be swept away to another time in history and the rest is sheer conscidence. I admit I was more looking forward to exploring Middle Earth rather than spend too much time getting there. As to what happens next, you will just have to keep reading! The story is written pretty far ahead already but now I am going back and putting it into chapters and editing. Thanks for the review!
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Title: Chapter 2: Small Possessions Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
Yes, lol, I believe this mixture of semi-controlled panic and complete confusion is completely true to life. So many girls are found by Legolas, or Elladan and Elrohir in these stories - very few are found bewildered, shocked and muddy where you have set this :) It is so refreshing.

As I said on the rp site, I know you began it as a crack!fic, but it needed to be written as a story, your character's reactions are just spot on.

Author's Response: Oh thank you! Yes, It did start out as just some fun, and it is still fun of course when I get the time to sit down and think about it. I would like to think that I do not panic TOO often but when I do it is quite bad and in a situation like this semi-controlled panic and confusion pretty much sums it up! Yes, in this story all those characters are off doing other things than looking for lost girls in the forest...and they would not be around this area, funny how with how their Kingdoms being a fair size they always manage to be just *right* there isn't? Yup, not in this story, lol.
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Title: Chapter 1: This was definately NOT in my horoscope for today Reviewer: Araloth the Random Signed
I think that's the sort of reaction that would be expected from anyone who had just found themselves in another world (and with hot guys standing around!). This is more realistic than a lot of girl-falls-into-Middle-Earth stories and it's also quite funny. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I will try to get up another chapter up tonight, I have quite a few chapters written somewhere else already but it is a matter of reading over them and catching any mistakes as the first time I wrote them I just wrote, I didn't proofread at all so before I post another chapter that is as good as time as any to do so! Your review is very kind, this started off just as a funny story idea but the feedback that I have been getting that the reactions and what not are realistic mean a great deal to me. Oh, and funny, yes ;) I am a believer of always finding some humor in the situation, no matter how bad the situation seems at the time! Thank you again and I hope you keep reading :)
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Title: Chapter 1: This was definately NOT in my horoscope for today Reviewer: Spiced Wine Signed
I'm glad you have posted it here!
This is a great beginning, as it covers all the emotions which some-one would surely feel if they found themselves *not* where they expected to be. Most 'Falls-into-Middle-earth stories' (with a couple of exceptions) ignore this explosion of disbelief and denial.
Also there are some wonderful comedic moments that I am sure every-one can relate to.

Part of me wanted to laugh as it was terrifyingly close to a secret fantasy of mine, except in mine there was significantly more bare flesh and less armor.

Heeeh! Mine too! :DDD

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review hun! Yes, I began to ask myself why I didn't just go ahead and post it here, I suppose I figured if someone hasn't read my stories than it probably would not make a lot of sense rather than falling into a place better known with likewise better known characters but then that would totally defeat the point of this story so I just decided to go for it. Even though this is still abit of a Crack!fic I decided to make at it somewhat realistic instead of all madness, all the time kind of thing, lol. I would definitely loose my mind if something like this were happen and I wonder how someone could wake up in a wood and immediately think "Wow I am in Middle Earth!" because Middle Earth is OUR Earth just in another time and so the plants and trees would not be so different. LOL, I am glad you like that as I can totally relate to that being just awesome ;D Thanks so much for the review!
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