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Title: Cold Reviewer: maidenoferebor Signed
Your writing style is so interesting! I have never been able to grasp stream of consciousness but you capture it effortlessly. I also like the bit of humor you bring to this post. It is the perfect balance between a modern human of our age and the lore of the Silmarillion. Well done!
Date: Aug 13 2013 12:15 pm [Report This]
Title: Cold Reviewer: Lisse Signed
It feels like a wake with beautiful colors covering the death of a generation of leaves.

very beautiful

Author's Response: Thank you. I haven't gotten any rreviews for these since I wrote them. You've made my day:)
Date: Jul 12 2010 05:10 am [Report This]
Title: Cold Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
I actually was sweating until I read this.
Ha! Blaim it all on Manwe. Very funny! :)
It is strange how air can *smell* cold.

Author's Response: :) Well, you know, go to the source. Thanks again! (you made my day)
Date: Sep 27 2009 04:00 pm [Report This]
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