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Title: I Was Peregrin Reviewer: Elanor Fay Signed
Gotta love advanced English classes eh? I always think it terms of fanfiction with my assignments too.

This was a very beautiful poem. It did have a kind of structure, but as it went on, it felt very free. I liked at the end the images you weave into the text, they seemed (as far I felt) vivid.

On the whole this poem reminded me of that scene in ROTK with Pippin and Merry, which is one of my all time favorites. Well done.


Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it! This was one of those poems that just flowed from my heart without requiring any thought- my favorite kind to write! I especially enjoyed writing the imagery- I was careful to incorporate the five senses into the second-to-last stanza because I thought it would be pretty. This poem is actually a little bit of a gapfiller, as it describes a scene not in the movie, when Pippin is made a knight of the king (now that they have a king). If you're referring to the scene on the battefield, that IS my all time favorite scene! Thanks again for reading and reviewing! Oh, I see you have a new story up- I'll have to go read that. Hobbits forever! :) -Traveller
Date: Sep 14 2009 11:37 am [Report This]
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