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Title: A hard night Reviewer: django Signed
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Title: A hard night Reviewer: arulia34 Signed

This is a fantastic piece of work, el amigo. I love the characters you've used in this. Well done! 5/5!

Author's Response: Thanks hun :)
Date: 17/05/09 - 03:03 am [Report This]
Title: A hard night Reviewer: BookLuva7 Signed
Daeran is such an ass!...but still...I hope he doesn't hurt Legolas....Great job, though! :)

Author's Response: Daeran IS an ass XD But unfortunately...I see heartbreak in the prince's future!
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Title: A hard night Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
I'm pretty tired tonight so I was hoping that the imagery wouldn't be *too* cringey!

Not at all, I liked your imagery a lot.

It's hard to concentrate on female characters if you're really writing of the dynamics between two males, or the story is very male-centric.
I have a hard time with canon women, Tolkien was pretty lean in his writing of them. I've always found it much easier with OFC females. And from Daeran's POV he's not going to like Tathar, even though he instigated the encounter. He would have to be a stone-hearted bastard to *not* feel anything on seeing Legolas with her. And if the sex scene is again primarily written with Daeran's reactions/feelings in mind, his personality would have to curve at that point to become harder and colder for a 'sweet' sex scene to be drawn out between Legolas and Tathar. As it is, it would not have fitted with Daeran's self-condemnation at the end.

As for Legolas walking out, considering his confused feelings, this made sense.

Glad to know you got back into the groove, despite exams! Good luck with those.
Take care.

Author's Response: :D Thanks so much for your support Fanari!
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Title: A hard night Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Good to see you back writing. :)

Daeren is an intriguing character, I wonder about his history, as it's not usual for Elves to wander (unless they're Maglor or perhaps Daeron)

I like good OC's. Morchaint and Tathar's conversation was amusing d;-)

In contrast, Tathar and Legolas’ kisses were like flowers opening in the morning sun. *Nice* imagery. Hot and sexy. I am sure Shadow ranger will like this very much!

As if his beautiful Legolas would ever, ever sleep with that arrogant 'hero' whom Daeran believed had only performed his most famed act because he was too stupid to run away.
*snort* Lol, how mean!

The ellyth moved into a discussion about various pairings of Ellyn they knew or had heard of. Daeran was incredibly thankful neither of them mentioned him and Glorfindel. Because that would have been sick.

Hahaha! Ooh you know you want him really, Daeran.

Author's Response: :D Thank you! I'm glad to be back writing...I *really* focused tonight and *finally* got this fic finished, I had actually started it last september to post for SR's birthday, but I failed :P Daeran is a very intriguing character and I don't know if I'll ever go deeply into his history as I think part of his mystery is simply the "not knowing" of his past. Ah, I'm glad someone liked my OFC's :D Personally I'm starting to hate female characters (Unless they're bad guys) so although Legolas and Tathar were originally going to have a far longer, sweeter sex scene but then in light of the sequel and the fact that I decided I didn't like Tathar (though it's hard *to* like her from Daeran's POV!) I cut it short with Legolas simply leaving. It took me awhile to come up with the compaharsions that Legolas would make between Tathar and Daeran, I'm pretty tired tonight so I was hoping that the imagery wouldn't be *too* cringey! Daeran HATES Glorfindel with every fibre of his being, for reasons never adequetly explained...I think it's just a "hate-at-first-sight/fight." thing. Your parting comment made me laugh for a full minute, imagining Daeran's reaction to it! Although, Daeran's reaction to something *else* involving a naked Glorfindel is going to be *very* amusing in a sequel to this fic :) (Which hopefully will be up *before* next year...Sweet Valar I hate exams!) (And go me, I just managed to put this in "review" rather than "reply" >.<)
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