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Title: Nothing's in my Name... Reviewer: superweirdgirls12 Signed
I always wondered how you chose your pen name. I like how you came up with it! If you think yours is boring (which it isn't) you should read mine... although you may not want to. I thought it was cool!!

Author's Response: Oh, I did read yours! And itís most certainly not boring! It was amusing! I meant to comment on it, but (please donít hurt me!) I forgot to review it like an idiot. Iím sorry. Iíll be sure to when Iím done responding, Ďkay? Thanks for reading mine, though! :D
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Title: Nothing's in my Name... Reviewer: Dunedain ranger of the North Signed
Yah only she can p-Hey wait a minute!(glares at Fei for a short time)Ha Ha, very funny(laughs for real) Ok, now where were we, oh yes! Yes it is really the thought that counts! I am still looking forward to reading it still!(Turns to Alex and Shawn) sorry guys had to blame some one, right? Ok, well I would like to let you know, Fei, that I have updated my Second Ranger story, I think you will like it!

I salute you, my lady

Author's Response: *Does Elf salute thingy*And I you milord. Ha Ha! I got you! *Innocently glares back* Okay good, I was beginning to worry. I mean, there will we some suspense, a cliffhanger ending, a Vala, and some animal chasings. SoÖ (Turns to Alex, who is holding a mini chalk board in his hand, ďFei: I | Dune: 0Ē is written on it.) Aha! Iím in the lead. But will I be leading for longÖ? Awesome! Iíll read it as soon as I can. *Does Elf salute thingy again* Peace!
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Title: Nothing's in my Name... Reviewer: Lady of the Lake Signed
It's going OK, I'll email you.

Author's Response: Awesome! Can't wait! :D
Date: Feb 02 2009 02:07 pm [Report This]
Title: Nothing's in my Name... Reviewer: Dunedain ranger of the North Signed
Nah, don't worry, Dune is fine! And hey, I can wait till you post the story so, don't worry if you can't put it up this week. (Smiles) and don't worry, I didn't catch the cold from you, I caught it from Shawn (feels tap on shoulder and turns head) um (swallows) did I say Shawn, I meant to say Alex. (feels someone staring at him and turns head) oh high Alex didn't see you there, um (Turns to face Fei) gotta run, speak with you soon!


Author's Response: Okay, good. I didnít want to keep typing it either. I donít even like typing my own penname! Whenever I say Dune, it reminds me of that MovieÖ and those books I keep forgetting to put upstairs. HmmÖ that reminds me! Thanks, I didnít want to be rude or anything by saying that it might be a wait, I hate letting people down. Or saying No. Or keeping them waitingÖ thatís why I try to review as fast as possible; honestly, I feel terrible if I donít. This is going to be a stretch for me and I honestly donít think it will turn out to gut (hee hee, I love German). Iím really sorry if it doesnít! But, itís the thought that counts, right? (*Turns to Alex and Shawn who are still glaring at Dune* Hey, hey -- no picking on Dune today, thatís my job!)
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Title: Nothing's in my Name... Reviewer: Karlmir Stonewain Signed
Yeah, I agree; Marilla Vanilla jokes would have been inevitable and annoying. Thanks for the humorous essay and for responding to the challenge.

Author's Response: No problem; it was fun! It made me really wonder why I choose Aredhel. So, thanks! Yikes! I hope I didnít start any Marilla Vanilla jokes by this. That would be terrible if people started calling me that. Marilla is just one of those namesÖ where whenever you hear it, you have to find the most atrocious way to ruin it by finding a rhyme to it. Milli Vanlli. Ew. Wait, isnít that a band?! *Pouts* Van gets a cool Elvish name and heís not even into Elves like me. Oh well, thanks again!
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Title: Nothing's in my Name... Reviewer: callerofcrows Signed
Wow, that's great. That 'Marilla Vanilla' thing reminds me of when I was older sister would call me 'Lizardbreath' instead of 'Elizabeth' when she got mad at me. I hated it. Haha, great story!

Author's Response: *Laughs* (Me: [Whispering to Callerís sister] So, Lizardbreath? Can I start calling her that? | Callerís Sister: UmÖ sure? *Grins evilly* Lizardbreath is only the beginning! *Whispers something in Feiís ear* | Me: *Rolls around laughing* Thatís hilarious! You got anymore embarrassing childhood stories?) My siblings would never call me something like that. We donít really get mad at each other. They only annoy/anger me by tickling me to no end. I hate *that*. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!
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Title: Nothing's in my Name... Reviewer: Dunedain ranger of the North Signed
Oh that sounds like a great idea, and I figured it out(Grins suspiciously) I won't say how I figured it would be an, Hurumeaglemmff!(clears throat) sorry had to cough! My name, Joshua, means God saves and its Elvish translation is, Eruedraith! Man why do elvish names have to be so long! Can't wait to read your story, I hope it is soon!

Namearie(I probably spelled that wrong)

Author's Response: Donít worry, I spell ďNamŠriŽ (Thatís how you spell it)Ē right but say it wrong. I say it like (Na-mar-eh) when itís (Na-mar-ee-eh). Stupid Elvish iís. Always get me. Actually, I pronounce nearly everything in Elvish wrong. Mostly names (so donít ask me to start calling you Eruedraith). Honestly, who pronounces FŽanor wrong? *Shakes head sadly* Thanks, I thought it was a good idea too! *Repress laugh, bites lip, and tries to look serious (unsuccessfully)* Coming down with a bit of a cold, Dune? I hope I didnít give mine to you. Okie, Iíll try to type it out within the week. Iím really gonna try to have it done by next weekend Ė that is if School decides to be nice to me. I doubt it. I donít want to get your hopes up to high, it might ubersuck. But the idea is definitely creative, I can tell you that. I just canít write it out right. I hate that. Oh well. Iíll try my best!
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Title: Nothing's in my Name... Reviewer: Lady of the Lake Signed
Interesting story. I still don't know how people like you and Aragorn keep track of all their different nicknames.

Author's Response: Oh, I canít keep track of *all* of my nicknames. I have more than Aragorn Ė hands down. ďMagĒ and ďMagsĒ are the most frequent and the easiest to remember. I mean; honestly, Magsaroni and Cheese? Thanks for reading and reviewing! How is TSR coming along? Iím working on the RTM chapter. Lenoreís POV on Legolasí healing -- that should get interesting. Thanks again!
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Title: Nothing's in my Name... Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
I was wondering! I had thought it sounded like Aradhel, but I then I thought with the Ar- it was Numenoric.
Maeglin *is* such an ungrateful little jerk, isn't he? I really like Aradhel too. Some say Tolkien never made strong female characters, and I'm like, nuh-uh!!! Every one of his female characters was strong: Galadriel, Lobelia, Shelob, on and on... But Aradhel's still one of the best.
You didn't tell Maedhros about Marilla Vanilla, did you? And DON'T tell Ulmo; he'll never get over it. (I won't tell.)
My name, Catherine is supposed to be Greek too. I never looked up what "pure" is supposed to be in Elvish. (Anyone except a teacher who calls me that must die. *Realizes sink is on. Turns around to see Lord of Wates dripping over shoulder. Slam of fishy-breath: "Catherine? Catherine! HOHOHOHO!" Ugh.* )
Really, I always thought "Fei" was a very cool nickname because it's so fun to say "Hi Fei!"
Uh, hi Fei!!!
-Kitt : )

Author's Response: I know, right! Iíd slap Maeglin if I could. He has too much of his Daddy in him. *Shakes head sadly* Such a pity for Aredhel. No, I didnít tell Maedhros about Marilla Vanilla. We havenít been talking to each other lately. Weíve been fighting a lot. *Shrugs* Drama, drama, drama. Catherine = Manwathiel in Elvish. That sounds a lot better than Marilla. Actually, now that I think of it, Marilla kinda sounds Italian. Well, if you try to say it with an Italian accent. Which, I am terrible at. Iíll get Van to say it with the accent. That should be amusing. (Oh, you know what Ulmo? *Scowls at the laughing Vala, and then exchanges a mischievous look with Kitt. Kitt tries unsuccessfully to repress a smile. Feiís scowl turns into a smirk when she runs to closet down the hall. Ulmo shrugs in her absence then throws his head back and chuckles so hard that Kitt falls out of her chair. Fei now returns with a The Ghost Busters Vacuum-cleaner thingy. ďSuck on this Lord of the Waters!Ē Fei exclaims, flipping the ďOnĒ switch. The Vala that once swallowed Cirdan is now swallowed by Feiís Vacuum-cleaner thingy, but before he is gone completely he growls, ďIíll get my comeuppance on you, Marilla Vanilla and Catherine!Ē Fei and Kittís eyes widen as they exchange a worried look*) Kittís fun to say, ďHey Kitt!Ē toÖ Hey Kitt! Danke!!
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Title: Nothing's in my Name... Reviewer: Dunedain ranger of the North Signed
Hey, Saving Private Ryan is one of my favorite movies, I just forgot to write it down! Yah that picture is the picture of the Rangers from the computer game Battle For Middle Earth II. It is my favorite computer game. I want to ask, um, what animal are you going to do? I just want to know, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to!

Author's Response: Oh yeah, I remember Battle for Middle-earth II. You just reminded me that I have yet to finish it. I got just past the Defending Dale part. Ugh, that level was hard. Iím not used to playing with Dwarves Ė I only play with Elves when it comes to those types of games. Right, I should play that again. Itís one of my favorites too. HmmÖ getting a bit curious are we? Iíll give you a hint. ThorondorÖ *Grins evilly* Iíll let that pester you.
Date: Jan 31 2009 09:29 pm [Report This]
Title: Nothing's in my Name... Reviewer: Dunedain ranger of the North Signed
So that is how you got your nickname! I was wondering about that! nice:)


Author's Response: Tee hee, thanks. I hoped *someone* would wonder why. I know Van (my brother) did. As a response to your author's response to my recent review, I need to do reach for the animal my character is turning into and what scene I want to poof them into. I want to make sure I get everything semi-right. Staying Book-verse is hard. And I know that Max was there all along, Sil just gets to be called Max again. So, YAY. Hey, I saw your Bio picture. Awesome! (I also remember this Fact from reading your bio) Fun Fact: Did you know that the answer ďSaving Private RyanĒ saved me in a Double Jeopardy in a Jeopardy game at school? None of the boys thought I knew the answer. Which, I totally proved them wrong. *Smirks*
Date: Jan 31 2009 09:09 pm [Report This]
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