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Title: A Trinket Exchanged Reviewer: tinara Signed
A great little story - I liked especially the beginning. The musings which faults would be scolded, the mistrust of the appointed task, all this is quite funny to read. Also the bargaining and how proud the two brothers are about the "great deal".
It's a nice background story about the possible history of the mail shirt.

Author's Response: I’ve been partial to this one; it’s fun to see a dwarf pull one over on my favorite elves. And I do more stand with the dwarves in the whole feud thing anyway… :) Thank you, Tinara!
Date: 26/06/10 - 02:51 am [Report This]
Title: A Trinket Exchanged Reviewer: Lisse Signed
I very much enjoyed this story too! I'll be reading more of your work! Thank you for sharing your gift.

Author's Response: I'm a sucker for reviews on this one. It was the most fun to write – Dwarves pulling one over on my favorite Elf and all. Thanks so much for reading! :)
Date: 21/02/10 - 11:49 pm [Report This]
Title: A Trinket Exchanged Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
*Laughs then sneezes, grabs Tissue of the High Elves from Kitt’s hand* Danke, Kitt. Yeah, “Emperor Chicken” was named by Van. He’s very creative when it comes to names. Lap-pecking good time; like knee slapping good time? No, no, Chicken Bob is now a Six-piece combo at KFC. (Bad joke from the movie, Surf’s Up) *Laughs* Sunbutt, poor thing! I would just call it Sunny or something along those lines. Oh, so your chickens can sing? So, you *can* stroke chickens? I’ve always wanted to do that! Pet the “cool” rascal chicken for me (when it’s out of the snow)! Chickens at the Petting Zoo bit my fingers regardless if I was trying to feed them or just trying to wave and say, “Hi!” to them. >.< I’m not so good with animals. Yeah, I love how their necks bob back and forth then they walk, I get a real hoot out of that! Yay! George is fun to make! I tried to re-make him, but it didn’t work because I didn’t have the same pen. Actually, the day the girl and I introduced George, I had a fun time hiding my arms from my one teacher (they hate it when students write on themselves, they’ll make you go to the bathroom to wash it off immediately) So, I had to keep both arms cautiously under my desk whenever they looked in my direction. Raising my hand to answer questions was very interesting! *Laughs very hard until a fit of raspy couching at Cirdan* Oh, Cirdan. *Eyes the oar in Cirdan’s hand suspiciously then the pulp-remains of the toilet* I think you bested the beast. *Shakes head sadly before sneezing again* Danke, I’m getting better already with these Tissues if the High Elves! Now I just need to see if I can get some Medical-Healing Kelp from Ulmo when I go to plunge him from out of murky waters of the marble prison. *Puts Hockey Mask on and raises Plunger menacingly* If I don’t come back alive, well…

Author's Response: Hi Fei! *pants* Almost get killed on the ice today; I was running through the parking lot and if the girl in front hadn’t fallen on her bottom, I just might have been dumb enough to fly right over the same spot. Then the bus hit a car parked extendedly in the street because of snowpiles. Heh, I thought that was kind of funny. Though after waiting for another bus to pick us up, I would just barely make it to my Greek quiz thing. BUT the teacher was late. Seems he too slipped on ice. *shakes head* Talk about Ulmo’s revenge. Must have been from that vacuum incident. (Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!) I’m forming an idea for the Arena, involving a, uh, rather unusual fangirl. *evil grin* Manwathiel, huh? Hmm. Wathie… Mannie… not the cutest nicknames. I should start signing deposit slips with it. Hey, Marilla does sound Italian. Right. Now I’ll erase that name from my memory, if ya like. *holds tv remote to head* Mae isn’t sulky because he found out he can’t play an X-box, is he? I have the perfect pen for George! I was going to throw it out because it NEVER dries (made the mistake of addressing all my Christmas presents with it). *Looks worriedly down mutilated toilet* Hope you make it out OK…
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Title: A Trinket Exchanged Reviewer: Karlmir Stonewain Signed
A sword made by a master craftsman from the finest steel, folded dozens of times is worth a fortune. If Nar was as good a sword-maker as his reputation bespeaks, the Elves got more than their money's worth. Nar's blades would prove to be priceless on the battlefield.

Author's Response: That's very true. Thranduil could not have been upset long once he used the blades, but short-term the horror that his sons nearly disgraced the family was overpowering. : ) I thinkI set the number of blades too high. I have no idea how much one would be worth. And just how much the Shire is worth is another question I was quite clueless to. (After intense calculation, I settled on A LOT.) Well, thanks so much for comments! -Kitt
Date: 27/01/09 - 06:08 pm [Report This]
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