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Title: In a Name Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
*Blush* Thanks Trav. There’s really nothing to it. AUNT JAMIMA PANCAKES! See, easy peesy rice and cheesy. You’re doing great. It’s a lot easier now, isn’t it? If not, it’ll come soon. Really.

You sure you don’t want to post under your name? I’m having a bit of trouble with thinking of a name, but I’m sure something will come to me soon—unless you have any ideas.

All I’ve got is for the title is:

“Of Guards of Himring, Trojan Bunnies, and Killer Tooks”
“The Battle of Shampoo”
“Guards of Himring vs. Killer Tooks”

Got any better titles?

The summery will be something like:

“It all began when Traveller looked at my darling Maedhros the wrong way. Nothing would have happened if she had heeded my threats. In defense, I have assembled what forces were necessary to take on… dun dun dun… KILLER Tooks! That’s right folks—Merry and Pippin have constructed a Trojan Bunny supplied with the deadly Ammo of…Herbal Essences Shampoo Bottles. Witness the battle between Ar-feiniel and Traveller for Lindt’s Chocolate, bragging rights as Ruler of Himring, a free dinner at the Prancing Pony, and Maedhros’ signature.”


“When the Guards of Himring defend their home against Killer Tooks, you get the most outrageous battle brought to you by Ar-feiniel and Traveller.”

Well, you could probably think of a better one. *Watching a laughing Traveller scurry away sniggering* Awwww, I suck at being IT!

Oh, and I’m bringing in my chief councilor in Himring, Alcaro. (Alcara-o) and the river that I mention is just a small river in Himring. It’s pronounced “Kelon”.

HOLD UP! You watch Dancing With The Stars, too? I love that show! I only put American Idol because *grins sheepishly* that was a line from a movie. After we decide on the name,
poster, and summery, we can post it as a round robin. ‘Kay?

Fei: We’ll let you know. *Watches as Traveller disappears over one of the many lesser hills in Himring. When the enemy is gone, she drags Maedhros and Alcaro by the sleeves to the river Celon*
Marillon: *Hoping after* Wait! Wait for me!
Maedhros: *Jogs back to his Captain, slings Marillon’s arm over his shoulders and starts to half-carry him to where Fei and Alcaro are standing*
Fei: (Whispering to Alcaro as she watches such a glorious sight) Maedhros looks so hot when he does that…
Alcaro: *Licks lips* Scrumptious.
Fei: *Eyes widen as she whacks Alcaro’s chest*ALCARO! *Takes a few steps backwards and eyes Alcaro differently* You can’t be—
Alcaro: I was talking about the small patch of Mushrooms next to your feet. I’m starving.
Fei: *Reddens* Oh… I knew that…
Alcaro: I do not play for *that* team, Fei. *Shakes head as he picks a few mushrooms and chews on them*
Fei: Well, you—Nevermind.
Alcaro: I… what? What Fei?
Fei: *Coughs* Nothing.
Maedhros: *Walks up with Marillon* What’ve we missed?
Marillon: *Panting* Val…ar… that was… quite a workout.
Alcaro: (As bits of mushroom is falling out of the corners of his mouth) Dude, you walked 7 yards.
Fei: Hey, how do you know modern slang?
Maedhros: We met your brother.
Fei: Ah… did he tell you the story of his trip to the Void?
Marillon: (Whispers loudly to Maedhros) Is that the one where he met Davvy Jones, ran away from Lynx, told Ganandorf to shove off, and learned Fei’s weaknesses from Morgoth?
Fei: (Through clenched teeth) That’s the one.
Marillon: *Chuckles uncomfortably* Heh heh…
Fei: *Rolls eyes* Come, gentlemen, we’ve boring politics to talk about.

-At the river Celon-

Marillon: *Looking around the circle of people* Who wants to play duck duck goose?
Maedhros: *Rubbing his shoulder from supporting half of Marillon’s weight, sits atop a log*
Alcaro: (Grumbles) Who asks questions like that? *Springs onto a low tree branch near the huge rock that Fei perches on*
Fei: Yeah, Marillon, be serious about this. Traveller, Maiden of the Tooks, has steep terms concerning the foundation of Himring...
Marillon: (Mutters as he tosses rocks into Celon) You only say that because she wants your chocolate…
Alcaro: … I agree with Fei. Without mushrooms, our only export will be exhausted. Himring shall fade.
Fei: *Coughs suspiciously*
Maedhros: Is something that you are hiding?
Fei: Nope. Nothing. *Cough*
Maedhros: *Narrows silver eyes*
Alcaro: We can definitely give her Maedhros’ signature.
Marillon: And Fei’s chocolate!
Fei: But—but—it’s LINDT’S!
Alcaro: FEI!
Fei: Sorry!
Maedhros: I shall get you more chocolate for your birthday.
Fei: *Blush* I suppose that works.
Alcaro: What about ruler of Himring?
Maedhros: We cannot give her that! *Hand flies to circlet protectively*
Fei: There has to be another way…
Marillon: Look, why can we not fight for Himring? Honestly, all they have is a friggen Trojan Bunny and a mushroom cannon.
Fei: Mind your language!
Marillon: Right, apologies. What threat are they to us? Where are your trebuchets, Maedhros?
Maedhros: *Looks down at left hand* They were lost in the drowning of Beleriand.
Marillon: Blast this stupid peak!
Fei: *Cowers against the huge rock that she is curled on*
Marillon: What about cannons?
Alcaro: We have a few of those…
Fei: …but we’ve no ammo for them.
Marillon: What could you possibly use cannon balls for other then blowing them out of cannons?!
Fei: *Wince* Bowling night?
Marillon: Bloody Morgoth! Very well, what about number of arms? How many able people occupy Himring?
Alcaro: Two hundred.
Marillon: *Surveys group* Is that all?!
Maedhros: You are wounded and Fei is but a child. Alcaro and I can lead the fight.
Alcaro: I am but a scholar! I’ve no bloody training!
Fei: *Raises arms defensively* I can’t fight! I would if I could!
Maedhros: I do not think this will get that drastic, Marillon. This battle has been harmless thus far. Only childish pranks…
Marillon: *Growls and points to crushed leg and broken ribs*
Alcaro: How did you do that, anyway?
Maedhros: Lady Traveller catapulted a sheep at him.
Alcaro: *Grimace*
Fei: *Sits up* If this has just been childish pranks, then why do we not come up with a comeback? We can leave the blood and guts for later. When things grow dire we can worry about solders. But, now we must focus on getting Legolas back—and for that we must pull a prank. Or—
Maedhros: A diversion.
Fei: Exactly.
Alcaro: But… what would work?
Fei: *Leans closer to the scholar mysteriously* What is a Hobbit’s greatest desire?
Alcaro: Ah…food?
Maedhros: Right! And mushrooms are a delicacy to them!
Marillon: They’ve already enough mushrooms…
Alcaro: And Lady Traveller won’t fall for the mushrooms.
*All turn to Fei*
Fei: *Eyes the ellons doubtfully* What? Is this because I’m the human? Or girl?
Alcaro: Both.
Fei: *Sighs* I’ll need to get back into the fortress.
Maedhros: But it is already overrun.
Fei: Not yet it is. *Storms of*

The ellons exchange a puzzled glance.

Marillon: Does she know something that we do not?
Alcaro: She did read the Silmarillion…
Maedhros: Huh. I wonder if I die.

When Fei is out of the small forest, she falls to the ground and snakes her way to the side of the Trojan Bunny military-style. She freezes against the left leg of the rabbit when Merry, Pippin, and Frodo suddenly jump out of the rabbit’s ear, yanking a squirming sack of potatoes. Fei peers around the side of the rabbit’s foot and watches in silent horror as the Hobbits tie Legolas to a chair and begin to give him a horrid makeover. She winces sympathetically when they cut off the Prince’s hair, and quickly turns away to bolt for the gateway into Himring before she has to watch anymore. She must get what she needs. Legolas’ beauty now depends on it. She ducks into a cart carrying a bail of hay. She tries to hold down her sneezes to reframe from drawing attention and does so successfully. The cart rolls by Maedhros’ castle. She stumbles out and swats the hay that remains clinging to her hair and clothes. Fei ducks and runs the perimeter of the castle, until she finds an open window. She hops in and picks up a rather large painting, so that she can sneak through the castle undetected. She sneaks her way to her room and retrieves the small chest on the top self of her bookcase. Fei grabs the painting and bolts to the side door of the castle. Fei runs through the alleys of Himring now—avoiding as many Hobbits as she can. When Fei is free of Himring, she jets, clutching the small chest to her chest, to the small clearing only to find her council playing duck duck goose in her stead.

Alcaro: *Taps Maedhros’ head* Goose! *Runs off*
Maedhros: *Chases after him* YOU CANNOT RUN FROM MEEEE!! *Head suddenly snaps to the right*
Fei: *Out of breath, collapses on her rock, and drops the chest*
Maedhros: Fei’s back!
Marillon: And she brought something with her! Will this get Legolas back?
Fei: …bloody right it will.
Alcaro: What is it?
Fei: The heart… of Davvy Jones.
Elves: WHAT?!
Fei: Kidding. See for yourselves.
Alcaro: *Timidly knocks the lid of and jumps back when it falls to the ground*
Maedhros: *Silver eyes light up* Brilliant idea, Fei.
Fei: Thank… you.
Marillon: Now all we need is a stick, a string, and a fan.
Fei: *Pulls the string from her hair*
Alcaro: *Picks up a large, sturdy stick*
Maedhros: *Finds a large leaf to flap in the wind*
Marillon: Right!


Trav: *Wakes up* Oi! Where have Merry, Pippin, and Frodo gotten off to?
Farmer Maggot: Your Traveller-ness?
Trav: Yeah?
Maggot: They took the Elf out back; he’s been screamin’, miss. I dunno what they’ve been doin’. Mind you, I’ve been watchin’ the youngster.
Fair: We’s bween playin’ duck duck goose!
Trav: Thanks, for that. *Absently tosses a handful of mushrooms* PIPPIN? *Hops out of the bunny* MERRY? FRODO? LEGOLAS? *Walks around a bit. The Hobbits are nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, something appeals to Trav’s nose. She sniffs the air cautiously. Her mouth drops open as she follows the smell* Chocolate?!

Author's Response: Wow, these "chapters" are getting longer and longer! That's great, because I love reading them! I'm totally ok with you doing the posting. I think a broader range of people read your stuff- more people are obsessed with elves (which you like to write about) than Hobbits (which I like to write about), so morre are familiar with you. I'll say something about it in my bio. My favorite title is "Guards of Himring vs. Killer Tooks". I can't think of anything better, and that's really not necessary anyway because I like this title! I like the first summary you posted (the longer one). It explains what's going on. I'll hold off on writing the next chapter until you get it posted. You can do it one of two ways: You can do all of the existing chapters, both mine and yours, at once, or you can start with the first chapters you wrote (there were like two or three before I started adding my own), and then I'll copy-paste mine in (after doing the spacing-editing, ick). Do it whichever way you like- I'll figure it out when I see it. Let's see, what other last-minute things? Umm, I guess we'll do one "post" as each chapter, it definitely makes more sense. And since this is pretty much an exclusive Fei-Trav battle, I guess we'll make it a round robin limited to us, unless you have objections. Other than that, I guess all systems are go! I'll be looking on the "Most Recent" column for our awesome new story! -Traveller
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Title: In a Name Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
Trav: *Eyeing the sack that Legolas is in incased in* What in the name of all that is… mushrooms?
Hobbits: *Eyes light up* Mushrooms?! Where?!
Trav: N—
Bilbo: *Gets creepy Ring-lust look* RAAA! WHERE ARE THEY?!
Trav: *Looks incredulous as she points to something in the distance* They’re over there…

Merry, Pippin, and Bilbo bolt out of the Trojan Bunny.

Trav: No, wait!
Fair: *Walks up to Traveller, clutching a small green blanket, while rubbing his puppy-dog eyes and yawning* What ‘ave a missed, Travvy? I take a nap, and when I wake up Unca Bilbo has this scaree look in his eyes, then he and…and Da run off with Unca Merrwee.
Trav and Audience: Awww, little kids are soooo cuuuute!
Legolas: *Ruining the moment* Can’t—BREATH! *Wiggles about in the potato sack*
Trav: *Smiles sweetly and turns to Fair* Go back to bed, sweetie. Mommy’s gonna k—take care of Bilbo, Pippin, and Merry. *Taps Fair’s nose* Don’t you worry, little one.
Fair: Okie dokie! *Stumbles back to corner of the Trojan bunny, curls into a ball, nuzzles blanket close to himself and falls fast asleep*
Trav: *Smile fades, groans irritably, and unties the rope on Legolas’ prison* (Elves. No wonder Morgoth despised them.) *Rolls eyes when Legolas jumps out and begins to primp himself*
Legolas: Valar! That took long enough! *Fluffs hair* I thought I was going to die of old age. *Pulls out mirror and checks for any infractions on his face* Great, I’ve a smudge! That blasted Hobbit kicked my forehead and left a bloody mark! BLAST!
Trav: Since when did you have a British accent?
Legolas: Since Fei began to read Rebel Angels.
Trav: Ah…
Legolas: *Finishes applying cherry Chap Stick* So…what now?
Trav: *Sarcastic Enthusiasm* We should so totally, like, brush each other’s hair and, like, gab about American Idol!
Legolas: *Snort* As if! American Idol is SO five minutes ago.
Trav: *Narrows eyes* Or, perhaps we should play hide-and-seek. I’m It.
Legolas: Well, okay…
Trav: *Closes eyes*
Legolas: *Looks around*
Trav: *Counts to 20, opens eyes and grins* (Legolas hid in the sack. Fool.) Marko?
Legolas: Polo! *Realization* BLAST!
Trav: *Evil cackle, fastens the rope to the potato sack* I’ve got you now, Prince of Mirkwood!


Fei: *Kicks Maedhros awake* Hey, Maedhros, shouldn’t our reinforcements from Mirkwood be here by now?
Maedhros: *Sleepily* What?
Fei: Legolas. Here. Yet?
Maedhros: *Not listening, still half-sleeping* No, haven’t a tock of gin for a quite a while, love.
Fei: What? *Shakes head* Nevermind. I don’t want to know. I’m just going to… go for a walk.
Maedhros: *Jumps up and tries grabs Fei’s arm with his non-existent right hand* BLAST! *Reaches out with left hand* No, wait! Fei don’t go! I’m afraid of the dark!
Fei: *Pausing and looking around* Where did Marillon go?
Maedhros: *Feeling dizzy from sudden outburst* Last I saw him… he was…in that patch of… mushrooms.

Both watch as Bilbo, Merry, and Pippin bring a gust of wind as they rush by them. The three skid to a halt.

Hobbits: Mushrooms?! Where?!
Fei: *Looks incredulous as she points to something in the distance* They’re over there…

Both watch as Hobbits speed in the other direction.

Fei: Weird.


Trav: I’ve got an idea! *Forces Legolas out of the potato sack, whacks him upside the head with lid to an “Extra Ammo” crate and ties his hands behind his back, slaps him back to life*
Legolas: *Dizzy* I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts…

The Hobbits return to the Trojan Bunny, breathless.

Merry: Our… “Search Check” was … uneventful.
Trav: Listen to me; I’ve got a plan! *Stands Legolas up and hands a torch to Bilbo*
Pippin: Awww, why does he get to be the one that plays with fire?
Merry: *Mutters* Pyromaniac.
Bilbo: *Corrects* Just plain manic.
Trav: *Rolls eyes* ‘Cause he’s the oldest. Now, I want you…


Fei: *Drawing geometric patterns in the dirt with a stick* This is so boring. I wish Traveller would show up soon. Well, or the Himring Garbage Company, you know, so we could burn that blasted Trojan Bunny. *Pauses and glares at the sadistically innocent Bunny in the distance* It’s. Smiling. At. Me.
Maedhros: What’s you beef with the Bunny? It could make a good lawn ornament.

Out of nowhere mushrooms fall from the sky.

Marillon: *Waking up from a mushroom hitting him in the noggin. Gets up and runs around like a madman* AH, THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING!
Maedhros: I thought it was, “The British were coming! The British are coming!”.
Fei: No, no. “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” is from Chicken Little. *Receives a blank look* It’s a… children’s play.
Maedhros: O—*Gets hit in the ear* What—? *Gets a mouthful of tiny mushrooms*
Fei: *Ducks out of the way* Traveller has a mushroom cannon?! *Gets hit in the arm* OW! *Angrily throws stick. The stick goes two feet.* Blast!

Suddenly a voice booms as dawn breaks through the night sky, “Does my hair look okay? Good. Now, wait, *Clear throat* PUT YOUR HANDS—”

Maedhros: *Yells, bored* HAND!


Traveller walks down the hill, tugging a blindfolded Legolas beside her.

Fei: Legolas! What? No! *Take a step foreword*
Fei: *Shuts mouth quickly*
Trav: Now. *Looks from Maedhros to Fei challengingly* You will accept my terms or ELSE!

A volley of mushrooms flies over Trav’s head.

Maedhros: *Gets bombarded with mushrooms, slumps over*
Fei: Ah, Maedhros!
Trav: *Wicked grin*
Fei: Okay, okay! What do you want?

Author's Response: Lol, I never get tired of reading your randomness, mellon nin (yay, I know what that means now!). Always something different. I can only pray I can keep up. We should post this as one of those round-robin things where you can limit which authors can post. That way I can put spaces between my characters' lines. You could put it under your name if you wanted- that would be fine with me. I'd like to see what you'd title it, and how you'd write the summary! "Trav: *Sarcastic Enthusiasm* We should so totally, like, brush each other’s hair and, like, gab about American Idol!" Lol. I'm more of a Dancing With the Stars fan myself. :) Anyway, the next installment... --- Trav: What do I want? Hmm... what do I want? Oh, yes, I remember now! I want to be the ruler of Himring! Mwahahahahaha...*choke cough cough gasp* Hmm, must practice the diabolical laugh some more. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes! ...hahahahahahahahaha.... Fei: *Bored* Yeah, yeah, we get the point... Trav: Just one more. Fei: Ok. Trav: Ha. Fei: Done yet? Trav: Yeah. Fei: That all? Trav: Yeah, pretty much. Oh, yeah, and an autograph from Maedhros. And some chocolate. Chocolate would be really good right now... Farmer Maggot: *From behind Trav* Permission to speak, your Traveller-ness. Trav: *Rolls eyes* I really need to find another title. Granted. Farmer Maggot: What about the pay you promised us? Trav: Oh, yeah, forgot about that. *Turns back to Fei* And every mushroom in the land, down to the last spore! Fei: *Turns to look at Maedhros, who is dizzily waking up from his mushroom-induced comatose state* Umm, we're gonna need some time to talk this over. Trav: *Rolls eyes* Oh, honestly. How long do you need? Legolas: Gee, guys, thanks. I mean, honestly. Fei: It's all of Himring, Legolas. And my secret stash of Lindt... Trav: LINDT?! WHERE?! Farmer Maggot: Eru, she's worse with that than us with mushrooms! Trav: EXCUSE ME?! Farmer Maggot: Um, nothing, your Traveller-ness. Fei: We'll let you know. Trav: Ok, whatever. Come on guys, back to the bunny. --- *Trav, Legolas, Farmer Maggot, and the rest of the Took army return to the Trojan bunny to find Merry, Pippin, and Bilbo happily munching on mushrooms* Trav: Oh, hi guys, glad you could make it. Because you're DEAD. Merry: What'd we do? Trav: You went AWOL on me for the sake of a few mushrooms. Bilbo: A few? *Points to huge mound of mushrooms that reaches up to the ears of the Trojan Bunny* Trav: Sweet Eru... Merry: Hey, that's my saying! Trav: Sorry. You can say it now. Merry: Sweet Eru. Trav: Happy now? Merry: Yep! Trav: Good, because I'm gonna... *Is interrupted by the fact that she falls face-first into the wood floor of the Trojan bunny after being whacked in the back by Frodo, who swings in on a rope like Tarzan* Farmer Maggot: Random. Trav: Ow. Merry and Pippin: *Run to Frodo and throw arms around him* Merry: Frodo! You finally made it! Pippin: You saved us! Frodo: Awww, hi guys. Legolas: What the crap! Now half the Fellowship's here, and they've got me prisoner! Way to be good friends, guys. Pippin: Hey! Don't you use language like that around my little boy! Legolas: Uh, Pip? The kid's asleep. He can't here me. Pippin: Yes, he can! He's a Took! We can do anything! Legolas: *Rolls eyes* Someone needs lessons in comebacks. Pippin: *Bottom lips starts to tremble at insult* Merry: Hey, you hurt my Pippin's feelings! Now you're really gonna get it! *Merry and Pippin stalk off to a remote corner of the bunny to discuss retaliation plans* Legolas: Yeah, whatever. I'm real scared. --- *Later that night* *Frodo stumbles sleeply over to the corner where Merry and Pippin are still plotting their revenge on Legolas* Frodo: Guys? Don't you think it's a little bit past your bedtimes? Merry: Yeah, and we're, like, how old? Frodo: Definitely too old to be plotting revenge in a dark corner in the middle of the night. Pippin: Sounds pretty grown-up to me. Merry: Me, too. Frodo: *Sighs* Ok... And I suppose you want me to help? Pippin: Yep. Frodo: Well, guess what? I'm not. You wanna know why? Cause this idea's STUPID. Pippin: Well, that sounded rather immature. Merry: Cruel, cruel irony. Oh, come on, Frodo, you've got to help us. We're you favorwit wittle cwusins! *Begging puppy dog sets of blue and green eyes stare pleadingly at Frodo* Frodo: Ehhh... *Totally cliche little angel and devil Frodos pop up, one on each shoulder* Frodo: Ahh! WTF?! Angel Frodo: We're your conscience. Devil Frodo: Yo, sup? Frodo: Ooo-kay... Angel Frodo: Now, Frodo, I want you to think very hard about what you're about to do. Legolas has been your friend for a very long time, and has assisted in saving your life on multiple occasions. Do you really want to engage in some petty plot to get revenge for something that really hasn't caused any harm? Frodo: Well, if you put it like that... Devil Frodo: Ok, my turn! You should totally do it! He deserves it! That little boy could be scarred for life by his atrocious language! And he highly offended your dear little cousin, insulting his intelligence! Frodo: True... Devil Frodo: And look at those adorable eyes! Merry and Pippin: *Jack up cuteness meter full-blast* Puh-lease, Frodo? Frodo: *Reluctant sigh* Oh, ok. Merry and Pippin: Yay! *Hug Frodo* Angel Frodo: You're gonna get it, Devil Frodo. Devil Frodo: What're you gonna do, throw your halo at me? Angel Frodo: As a matter of fact, I was the captain of my Ultimate Frisbee team in high school. Devil Frodo: Umm.. yeah... and I have a pitchfork with pointy things on the ends! Angel Frodo: Oh, crap. *Poofs away* Devil Frodo: More atrocious language! Oh, dear, I just had an inkling towards morality. I must go taunt evilly to make up for it. *Poofs away* Frodo: Ok, that was weird. Anyway, where do we start? Merry: Hehehe... --- Ok, and there you have it! Tag, you're it! -Traveller
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Title: In a Name Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
Marillon is just some random Elf I made up. If he’s real, that’s a funny coincidence. I couldn’t think of any Quenya names other than the masculine version of my name in Quenya -- Marillon. The only other Quenya name I could think of was Lindo. But, I couldn’t name my uber-tough Captain of Himring “Singing Bird”. Pssh, Oyster spit is totally manlier then “singing bird”. Then again, these aren’t men…

No, no! You did excellent for your first try at humor! Really, you’ll get used to it pretty fast. If you want a glimpse at my first try at humor, read the first chapter of “Fei’s Arena”. They don’t call me the Queen of Randomness just for my health…

Yep, Herbal Essences! I remember reading comments on this sketch of Maedhros and Fingon together (non-slash, YAY!) and someone said it looked like Maedhros was using Herbal Essences because his gorgeous hair was puffed up dramatically.

I loved your addition! (Now that your in the battle, I’ll refer to myself as Fei not Me)


Fei: *Staring at the sheep* I want to call it Larry.

Maedhros: *Trying to push “Larry” off of his Captain (unsuccessfully)* A could use a little help here, Fei.

Fei: Sorry! *Helps Maedhros push Larry off Marillon*

Both look at the horrid remains of the Captain of Himring.

Marillon: (Choking out the words) Blasted… sheep…

Maedhros: Marillon, are you alright?!
Marillon: Does it… look like I am alright?!

Fei: No…

Marillon: Are my… legs moving? *Tries to kicks legs, they don’t budge*

Fei and Maedhros: ….

Marillon: (Panicking) ARE THEY MOVING?!


Fair: *Crying*

Farmer Maggot: What is it ma boy?

Fair: My animal balloon popped…

Pippin: *Hears Marillon’s screams from Trav’s small encampment near the walls of Himring, runs to Trav’s tent, power walks to her and tugs on Trav’s tunic urgently* Traveller, Traveller! Our sheep Gűl caused a casualty by the Trojan Bunny!

Trav: Bring the rain! On with the Mushrooms!

Pippin: But Fei’s team has no morale now! Surely we can hold off the Mushroom Cannon, until the Captain heals a bit!

Trav: *Eyes narrow, a sadistic grin spreading across her face* A Captain you say?

Pippin: *Turns adorable-pleading-green-puppy-eyes on top notch*

Trav: *Gives into Pippin’s cuteness* Very well then! We will hold our Mushroom Cannon until dawn. When dawn breaks, we fire!


Fei: (Freaking out) Oh no, oh no, oh NO!

Maedhros: *Trying to tie bandages around Marillon* FEI! Stop hyperventilating and help me tie this bow! Suck it up!

Fei: Right, sorry! *Kicks into professional commander mode and helps Maedhros clean Marillon up*

Marillon: I am… feeling… much better now. Thank… you. *Grins weakly*

Maedhros: Very well. I am glad that you only suffer--

Fei: *Starts to dose off* I’m going to Disney Land…

Maedhros: (Whispers to Marillon) I would ask her what that means, but I do not think I want to know… *Looks over shoulder at other Guards*

Guard No. 3: UNO! I WIN!

Guard No. 7: You cheated!

Maedhros: *Turns back to Marillon* What in the world is “Uno”?

Marillon: (Only needs to say one word for Maedhros to get it) Fei….

Fei: (Talking in her sleep) FISH MARKETS!

Maedhros: *Raises eyebrow quizzically at Fei’s sudden outburst, decides he shouldn’t get involved. He lies down and decides to get some Z’s* Losto vae, Marillon. Do not die on me while I sleep…

Marillon: (Feeling better) Har har. I love you too.

Maedhros: *Already sleeping*

Marillon: (Bored) Okay… so…


Trav: *Throwing hands up in the air excitedly* I’ve got it! *Turns to the row of Hobbits that assembled at Trav’s sudden outburst* Bilbo, I am in need of your excellent burglars skills! I need you to steal me a hostage!


Sorry I made you evil. We needed a bad guy. Your turn!

Author's Response: Well, I suppose the "bad guy" would be the opponenet of whoever is writing the scene... Sorry this was such a long time coming. Busy, busy, busy! *** Merry: *Pacing back and forth in frustration* This is taking forever! Why do we need to steal a hostage anyway? Why can't we just fire the mushroom cannons?! Trav: Because I like this idea better, and I'm the boss. Don't worry, we'll still get to fire the mushroom cannons. Merry: Why did we bring Bilbo along, anyway? He's old, and annoying... Trav: ...and your cousin... Pippin: And most definitely not a Took! I thought we were the army of angry Tooks! Merry: Hey! I'm not a Took, either! Pippin: *Throws ares around Merry* But you're my beeeeest friend! Merry and everyone else and audience: Awwwww... Farmer Maggot: Hey, guys, Mr. Baggins has returned! Trav: *Rolls eyes* Who calls him "Mr. Baggins" anymore? *Peeks head out of window of Trojan Bunny* Oi, Bilbo, it's about time! Come on, bring him in, while we're still young! Bilbo: *Pants/gasps* Speak for yourself. *Bilbo draggs elf hostage (who is obviously much taller than him and therefore rather difficult for him to manuever, especially considering the gunnysack that has been placed unceremioniously over his head* Elf Hostage: Get this thing off me! Oh, my hair, my perfect hair, it's ruined! Ruined, I tell you, RUINED! Bilbo: Aw, shut up! How do you think I'm feeling after dragging you along for five miles? Trav: Uh, Bilbo, it's only about five hundred yards from here to the gates. Bilbo: Do you know how old I am? Because I'll tell you how old I am... Trav: Uh, never mind. Elf Hostage: Get it off get it off get it off... Merry: Hey, I know that voice... Pippin: Yeah, so do I! It's... *Merry and Pippin pale and stare at each other with eyes approximately the size of dinner plates* Merry and Pippin: ...LEGOLAS!
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Title: In a Name Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
Same here! I love that part too! Van (My brother, short for Rhovanion {we pronounce it like, “Von”}) and I made a spoof of that in my Arena! After he cuts off my limbs, he punts my head across the Pelenor Fields! I also like when those guys start catapulting cows and the Killer Rabbit!


Me: *Arguing with the Guards of Himring* I am not going to touch it; you touch it! You are the ones with centuries of combat training; I am the weak little GIRL! I am NOT going to touch it, man up!

Marillon: *Pout* You do know I am holding a spear.

Me: So?!

Maedhros: *Rolls eyes and huffs annoyed* Valar, if none of you are MAN enough to do it, I WILL! *Mumbles, “The things I do for people, honestly, I have one flipping hand…” and knocks on the stomach of the Trojan Bunny*

The Trojan Bunny pukes out animal-shaped balloons.

Me: What by the name of M—

Marillon: Ahem.

Me: *Coughs annoyed* …Mushrooms.

The balloons float away only to reveal a static-haired Maedhros.

Marillon: *Suppresses a laugh* Uh, sir? You, er—

Me: *Rolls eyes* Your hair is sticking up.

Maedhros: *Eyes widen as he bats his lovely crimson hair down*

Marillon and I: *Snigger quietly*

Maedhros: *Glares us down*

Marillon: *Coughs* Right, what else is in there?

Maedhros: *Knocks on the belly again*

The Trojan Bunny pukes up mounds of gummy worms.

Me: *Stares at the Bunny quizzically* I do not think we want to know.

Maedhros: *Shrugs and hits the Bunny’s tummy again*

The Trojan Bunny pukes out Herbal Essences Shampoo Bottles.

Maedhros: *Stares at the Shampoo like they’re an atomic bomb*

Me: *Shakes head and raise hand*

A sheep falls randomly out of the sky…

Sheep: Baaaaahhhh!

…. and lands on Marillon.

Traveller: *Laughs hysterically* Oh, that never gets old. *Wipes tear from eye*


What’s gonna happen next?

Author's Response: I have to admit- I've never actually given writing humor a shot. I'm not nearly so completely random as you (Herbal Essences Shampoo bottles? Ingenious!), so this might be a little difficult for me, but I'll give it a shot. (By the way, who's Marillon?) --- Traveller: *Looks through binoculars* They're falling for our ploy. Pippin: What ploy? Trav: Um, duh, the balloons, gummy worms, and the shampoo. And the sheep! I love the sheep! Who thought of that idea, anyway? Farmer Maggot: That would be me. Trav: Oh, right, good job! Here, have a gummy worm! *Grabs bag labelled "extra ammo" from Faramir Took and tosses it at Farmer Maggot* Fair: Hey! That's not nice! Trav: *Laughs evily* Sorry, twerp. Fair: *Starts to cry* Pippin: Hey, you made my son cry! You're mean! Trav: *Hugs Fair* I'm sorry, little one. Would an animal balloon make you feel better? Fair: *Nods and wipes away tears* Trav: *Presents Fair with green pony-shaped balloon from a box labelled "More extra ammo"* Fair: Yay, my favorite color! Thanks, Traveller! Pippin: *Smiles that sweet, endearing smile he has* Like father, like son. So, what's our next plan? Trav: Well, we've succeeded in freaking them out a little bit, but that's not nearly enough. Pippin: It's not? Trav: Of course not! We much launch a full-scale invasion! Bring on... *pauses and inhales deeply for dramatic effect* ... The Mushroom Cannons! --- Well, I tried! I laughed while writing it though, so it must not be too bad (unless I have a really strange sense of humor, which is most definitely possible). Oh, by the way, I'm not sure if I can get the spacing to work right when responding to reviews, so this might be slightly confusing to read. Your turn! -Traveller
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Title: In a Name Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
Oh Traveller, there are many Elves you’ve never heard of. There are many Elves I’VE never heard of.

I made a highly educated guess that it was Oropher because he’s mostly likely a blonde (being in Legolas’ family), he was in the Last Alliance of Men and Elves, and he died in the Last Alliance. Makes a lot of sense, right?

Oh the Silmarillion is full of stuff like that. Honestly, the Feanorions (Maedhros and his brothers) had a very interesting and tragic life. *Sniffle*

Maedhros did beg for death from Fingon. Exact words from book: “Maedhros therefore, being in anguish without hope, begged Fingon to shoot him down with his bow; and Fingon strung an arrow, and bent his bow…” -- I’m not going to tell you how Fingon saved Maedhros, but when he got up to where Maedhros was hanging, Maedhros still didn’t want to live. Yeah, Fingon was a bit selfish – he really did want Maedhros to stay with him. *Sniffle* (Why are you making me remember this?! I don’t want Maedhros to die!) I mean; Maedhros and Fingon were the best of friends. You have no idea how good of friends these guys were. And it’s so sad because after Maedhros lost his hand he was left with guilt for the rest of his life. Words from book: “The shadow of his pain was in his heart”.

Uh, the Valar are the Elven Gods and the Maia are, like, Angel-Wizards. Here, try this link… it might help you on the Valar thing.

The Valar and kinda like the Gods in Greek Mythology. Demeter is the Goddess of the Harvest as Yavanna is the Queen of Earth, the Giver of Fruits. Mandos = Hades.
Ulmo = Poseidon. And so on…

Me: *Narrows eye as she scans the line of impressive looking Guards of Himring, sees Maedhros standing nearby looking adorably tough* Ready to show Traveller’s Took’s who is boss of these parts, gentlemen? *Beats blunt end of sword-staff against her palm*

Guards: *Fierce nod*

Me: *Smirks* Oh the storm has come, my dear Travller.

Maedhros: *Silver eyes nearly pop out of their sockets as he looks far over Fei’s head and behind her back, begins to blather something incoherently in Quenya*

Guards: *Mouths drop open as they actually understand what Maedhros is saying*

Me: Valar, Maedhros! Are you ill? *Pouts when he continues to act weird*

Maedhros: Auta, auta! Eca cenyallo! Eca!

Me: You know I do not enough Quenya to understand what you are babbling about.

Maedhros: Áva quetë ! *Points to something behind Fei*

Me: *Whirls around only to see a huge wooden rabbit* Oh sweet M—

Guard: Ai, Fei! You said you were not going swear on the Valar on the day of Battle!

Me: I have never sworn on the Valar, Marillon. I was going to say… uh, “Oh sweet Lembas! The Trojan Bunny from Monty Python and the Holy Grail?!”

Marillon: Right… *Gulps and grips spear tighter when the Trojan Bunny Advances*

But, little did they know… the Tooks were already inside Himring…

Author's Response: Omg, the Trojan bunny! I remember the Trojan bunny! I love Monty Python and the Holy Grail. My favorite part is the Black Knight scene: "It's just a flesh wound!" "But you haven't got any arms!" I laugh so hard every time I watch that part. It's awesome, and the fake blood is absolutely hilarious. Ahh, I feel really bad for Maedhros. Hehe... here come the Tooks! I can't wait for the next installment of the battle... we should post this as a story when (and if) it ever culminates. -Traveller
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Title: In a Name Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
Oh, I know who you’re talking about! I think it’s, uh, Oropher. (Legolas’ grandfather, Thranduil’s Ada. Is the other scene that you’re thinking of when Frodo sees him in the Dead Marshes?)

Yeah, Fingon cuts off Maedhros’ hand after Maedhros begs Fingon to kill him when Maedhros is hanging off Thangorodrim. Long story. Really confusing, if you have no idea what I’m talking about. I almost cried during that part of the book, I thought Fingon was going to shoot Maedhros and *sniffle* and kill him -- but instead cut of his hand and saved him. Did you know that Maedhros was a better lefty than the righty when he learned to wield a sword left-handed?

Morgoth (In REALLY watered-down terms) = The Devil.

Well, I didn’t know if you were innocent or not. I just *assumed* that you were because if I made Fingon, being H—(Uh, never mind)---was going to politely remove you, he’ll mostly likely have a sword at his side because he’s of high nobility. And with that remark, I’ll be sure to have Maedhros better arm the guards of Himring!

We’ll be watching you, Traveller. Just you watch your back. :P


Author's Response: Oropher? Hoom. Never heard of Oropher before... :) Any way I can know for sure? I'll go back and watch the Dead Marshes scene again when I get the chance. Because he's like really, really cute. How do you know it's Oropher? Any way we can be sure? Wow! You're making me really want to go and read The Silmarillion now. If only I had the time... Yeah, I really don't have any idea what you're talking about. Why did you say that Fingon's cutting off of Maedhros's hand was semi-evil. It sounded like a very nice thing to me. Unless Maedhros wanted to die and Fignon was being selfish by cutting off his hand because he wanted to keep him... I guess I really do need to read that book. So, Morgoth is to Devil as Eru is to God? Does that make "The Valar" the angels? Lol, I was kidding. I guess I"m pretty innocent (not spotless, mind you, but I don't think I've ever done anything inherently terrible.) My killer Tooks are armed and at the ready. -Traveller
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Title: In a Name Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
*Raises Left hand and wiggles fingers* I’ma lefty. Sorry.

Actually, neither do I. I just know that Maedhros was the Lord of Himring for a time. Well, I think he was… *Ponders* Oh well! He is now!

Oh, sorry, forgot. Fingon is Maedhros’ half-cousin and rescuer/lifesaver. Maedhros and Fingon were like Frodo and Sam. I still don’t get why people write Slashs with them though. They’re totally half-cousins. >_>

Figwit is the Elf who sits next to Aragorn at the Council of Elrond. He generated a Fanbase ‘cause he’s cute. Go on: if you want to know more about him and what he looks like.

No, no. I wasn’t being funny. Fingon would never hurt poor innocent girls. The only semi-evil thing we did was cut off Maedhros’ right hand. Oh crap. I just gave away a HUGE spoiler.

*Sees angered army of killer Tooks running at Fei with pitchforks and sacks o’ potatoes*

Oh bloody Morgoth.

Author's Response: Omigosh, now I really do have to read The Silmarillion. He cuts off his hand? I thought they were supposed to be friends or something. *Sighs hopelessly* Now I'm really confused! Who says I'm a poor innocent girl? Lol. :) I'll have to check out that site. I'm trying to figure out who this one elf is who shows up, like, once or twice in the entire movie trilogy. He has (I think) strawberry-blonde hair and looks young (well, I guess that rules out, like, Elrond). The only place in the movies I can think of where he is is in the very beginning of the Fellowship of the Ring during the flashback-thingy of the battle where Isildur gets the Ring. When Sauron is defeated, that weird wave of radiation or something sweeps the land, and they show this particular elf kind of wincing as the invisible wave hits him. Do you know who this elf is? Am I even making sense? Oh, yeah. Oh bloddy Morgoth is about right. Who is Morgoth? -Traveller
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Title: In a Name Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
Oh… well, sorry about that then. I personally like the, “Back off, freak!” line. I think I would something like that. Oh, wait; someone would probably say that to me -- I’m crazy. ;)

Maedhros and I aren’t really like that. I just wanted to write some random fight. You see, Maedhros and I are, well, -- he’s my brotherly best friend that I just-so-happen to have a crush on. But, I’d never admit that to him. :P

*Raises left hand in air* I hereby permit you to admire Maedhros from afar, but, if I see you in Himring, I might have to call Fingon to politely remove you, savvy?


Author's Response: Hang on, I thought you raised your *right* hand when swearing. Maybe I'm wrong... are you left--handed? Anyway, you don't have to worry because I don't even know where Himring is! :) And I don't know who Fingon is either. Or that Figwit guy I keep hearing about. Who are these people?! "Politely remove"- sure. Lol. You do that and I'll sick my army of killer Tooks on you. :) -Traveller
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Title: In a Name Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
Me: *Protectively grabs Maedhros’ right arm and clutches against her chest* NO! He’s MINE!

Traveller: *Pouts indignantly* Not anymore, Fei! I call dibs on the Fëanorion! *Takes Maedhros’ left hand and grins at Fei’s seething reaction*

Me: *Pulls Maedhros’ arm* You can’t call him! I called ‘dibs’ months ago!

Traveller: *Tugs Maedhros’ hand* Back off, freak!

Maedhros: *Looks worriedly from Fei to Traveller* Ladies, ladies… you know, you could… share me?

Fei and Traveller: *Exchange heated glares*

Me: The war has begun, Traveller. Mark my words. *Storms off*

Traveller: Oh, you better watch yourself Fei. The storm is coming. *Huffs in the other direction*

Maedhros: *Shakes head* Girls.

Author's Response: Holy crap, I said he sounded hot, not that I was willing to sacrifice my very existance for him! You can have him- I call Pippin! He's my Hobbit Hubby! "The storm is coming."- that sounds like something I'd say, though! *Throws up hands* Please don't hurt me! I'll admire the hot elf from afar! :)
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Title: In a Name Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
You spelled Maedhros right, and you asked just the right person about him. *Grins* If you want to know how to pronounce it -- before you pronounce it wrong for months, like I did, you say it like (My-thros). I guess it won’t come off as a big shock that I have a certain obsession with him. But I might ruin the Silmarillion if I tell you about him. So answer me this, do you want me to tell you Maedhros’ entire biography or just some details? Because, if I start telling you about Maedhros, you’ll be either more confused or I’ll give away spoilers in the Silmarillion. Are you planning on reading it? If not, here are a few details: He is an Elf from the First Age of Middle-earth. He was born in Valinor – but no one knows when. So we can’t tell his age. He was the oldest son of Fëanor (really long story. Basically, if I explain Fëanor, I’ll explain the entire book of the Silmarillion) and Nerdanel and was known as “Maedhros, the Tall” because he was supposedly rather tall – taller than most Elves. He was the eldest of his six brothers. His appearance is strange and very rare for an Elf and I love him for it. Other than being tall, he had (dark)red hair and silver eyes (Cool, huh?). His Quenya names are: Maitimo, Russandol, and Nelyafinwë. Um, I think that’s all I can tell you. Honestly, his life is VERY interesting.

Now, Erestor… he is and Elf of Rivendell and is in FotR (book and movie). He is presant at the Council of Elrond. He is the chief counciller of Elrond. He, in the book, in the one that suggests that, uh, the Ring should go to Tom Bombadil. And that it should be destoryed or unmade. Most authors protray him having dark hair, but I don’t know what he looks like. Google Image Search him if you want. After the War of the Ring, he went to Gondor and witnessed Aragorn and Arwen’s wedding. In the ealer drafts of LotR he was a Half-elven and was part of the Fellowship. Guess that was rejected.

Author's Response: Wow- I think someone might be *slightly* obsessed (lol!). Thanks a lot for the information. I don't really plan on reading The Silmarillion any time soon, because I'm really busy with school and writing and life. Wow, Erestor was supposed to be part of the Fellowship! Maedhros (yeah, definitely was pronouncing that one wrong...) sounds hot! No wonder you're obsessed... :) Thanks for telling me! -Traveller
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Title: In a Name Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
Alrighty, I’m not really sure if I’ll do him any justice but, Círdan is a shipwright from the Grey Havens (He’s that Elf the stands behind Celeborn and Galadriel at the end of RotK). He is also one the Three Elven Ring-Barers, and in FotR you’ll see him behind Galadriel with the Red Ring. The Red Ring is the Ring of Fire (Perfect for a Shipwright, huh?) and Gil-galad gives it to him -- Círdan doesn’t keep it, but gives it to Mithrandir. In the movies he’s the one with the white hair. He is (I’m pretty sure) the only Elf to have a beard and I poke playful fun at him for it because it’s so wacky. It is *extremely* rare from an Elf to have a beard, but he has one because of his old age. Honestly, he’s like 15,000 years old (I know I’m a bit off, but you get my point). He was in the Last Alliance of Men and Elves and he was present when Elrond told Isildur to cast the Ring into the fire cracks of Doom whence it came (I know I’m off on that line, I don’t feel like looking up Elrond’s exact words). He is mostly in the Silmarillion, but I don’t really remember the parts that he’s in. All I can remember is something about him making a boat at the Third Kin-slaying and him talking to Ulmo, but that’s it. Well, that’s all I remember of Círdan. If you want a more detailed biography, ask Kitt Otter. She has a certain obsession with him. ;)

Yeah, I feel really bad for Faramir Took. But, without all the silliness, you have to admit -- Pippin would be a great father.


Author's Response: Thanks for the explanation- that cleared up a lot! I was under the impression that Cirdan was a dwarf, because of the whole beard thing! I haven't read the Silmarillion, so that's probably why I don't know any of this stuff. Since you seem to be very knowledgable on the topic of elves, answer me this: who are Erestor and Maedhros (I think I spelled that one right)? I am a die-hard Hobbit fan (obviously), so I don't really know much about the other races of Middle Earth. I always imagine Pippin being a good father, and try to portray that in my stories. He really loves his son and sees a lot of himself in him, and so he tries to address problems that arise in the way he would have wanted his parents to do for him. I see Pippin and Fair as having a relationship almost like a friendship, full of fun but also love and understanding. Very Tookish! Thanks! -Traveller
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Title: In a Name Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
Nice picture!

Yeah, I IMDb-ed Billy and here are *some* of his movies:

Urban Ghost Story
Coming Soon
Sniper 470
Seed of Chucky
Stories of Lost Souls
Save Angel Hope
Stone of Destiny

And he’s on the process of making a few more movies to come out later in the year.

I’m not really sure where it started. As far as I know, I *think* I started the “MY EYES” trend on *this site*, but I definitely I didn’t start it nationally or anything. I definitely started the “CIRDAN’s BEARD!!” thing and that’s from my Arena. I know Dae- I mean, Shadow Maiden used it in one or her stories (I can’t remember which one at the moment) and she used my “MY EYES” in the beginning of The Snowball Fight to Remember. Do you know of any other author that say, “MY EYES”? Yeah, I guess it’s kind of an inside joke.


Author's Response: Thanks, I'll have to check some of these out! The MY EYES think is hilarious; that's why I asked. It's got to be the most appropriate response for Billy in a pink thong! Ok, next question. Who is Cirdan? I know you used MY EYES in your LotR Jeopardy, because Faramir Took said it and that made me laugh because goodness knows what he's been exposed to at home, his father being who his father is, lol. I feel really bad for that poor little Hobbit-child- Pippin being a parent is really a stretch to imagine! -Traveller
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Title: In a Name Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
Lol, nice Note to Self. That could come in a lot of handy. No, I haven’t seen “On a Clear Day”, but after that comment, I don’t think I want to; Billy in a pink thong? *Shakes head sadly, before trying to imagine it. Eyes widen before hands cover them* MY EYES! I’m scared for life now! *Shivers* Thanks for the warning.

Author's Response: Oh, no! I didn't want to deter you from watching the movie- I think it's really good. But if you don't think your eyes can handle it, then you probably shouldn't watch it. It's actually kind of funny. :) Are there any more Billy Boyd movies? Because I really enjoy watching him act. I've seen "Master and Commander; the Far Side of the World", but Billy has, like, four lines at the most. Rather disappointing. I gathered nothing from that movie. Where did the whole MY EYES thing orginate? I've seen that on a lot of stories on the site. Some sort of inside joke? -Traveller
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Title: In a Name Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
Oh no. If I saw one of the LotR Actors I don’t know if I would die or do something close to that. Hm. I think I would stand there (probably in the middle of a street or something), staring with wide eyes and a gaping mouth, trembling and blushing furiously, muttering (well nearly screaming) something incomprehensible until they passed. Then when the initial shock wore off, I would kick myself and then run after them screaming like a madman… er… girl. Madgirl? Well, that’s assuming that I hadn’t fainted.

If I saw Billy, I would do what I wrote above, then take my sister (who is *the* Pippin and Billy fanatic [Although I absolutely adore Pippin, I like me some Legolas]) and drag her to where Billy had tried to escape from me from, stalk him for a bit, find him again; stop and stare once more, blink a few times, slap her in the face a couple of times to make sure I am not dreaming and to make sure she is seeing him too, and try to make actual words come out of my still gaping mouth (unsuccessfully).

Then I would giggle hysterically and shout something along the lines of, “IT’S – IT’S – MAN, MAN – OH MY GOSH – IT’S… B-B-BILLEH!” Right about there is where I would run over, screaming “Billy! Billy! Billy! I am your BIGGEST fan!”, and tackle the Hollywood Actor in an attempt to get a hug and autograph. Well, I forgot about the part of you running in, tackling Billy just when he stood up, and then fighting me for a chance to talk to Billy. After I’d bring the smack down-eth upon you, I would, if I were lucky, have a camera to take a picture. Wait. Where did I get the pen and paper to get an autograph? Well, if push comes to shove, I would have him sigh my arm. I would never wash again.

And if I saw OB… well, that would be a whole ‘nother story. I’m swooning just thinking about it. Mmm… *Slides out of chair and faints*

Author's Response: Note to self: Never ever ever get in the way of Fei trying to get at a hot actor. Could be dangerous to personal health. Lol- quite a story! I'd like to meet your sister- we might tie for the most devoted members of the Pippin/Billy Boyd fan club or something. Have either you or your sister seen "On a Clear Day?" I watched it just because it had Billy in it, but it actually turned out to have a really good plot line/theme. The scene of Billy wearing nothing but a pink thong kind of scarred me for life, though, so be forewarned!
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Title: In a Name Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
Hm. I was going to say something else. Oh! When I saw Hilary Duff, she was with two security guards and was walking to the Paris Hotel. She turned her head, looked at me for a second, and then looked away and kept walking. I’m such a stalker, I remember what she was wearing – and this was three years ago. *Hangs head and sighs* Call me crazy…

Author's Response: I'm sure she's used to being stalked... Well, at least you're sure that you saw Hiliary Duff- the bodyguards pretty much prove it. I'm only somewhat positive that I saw Chad Michael Murray. You're not crazy! :) Omg, can you imagine if we ever saw any of the LotR actors? I would SO love to meet Billy Boyd or Orlando Bloom! Wow... I would also like to meet Rascal Flatts. For my birthday, I'm going to ask my parents to take me and my sister to a concert. That would be cool.
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Title: In a Name Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
*Laughs* I'm not fluent in Elvish either, I just know basics. Goheno nin = Forgive me.

Author's Response: Lol, you're forgiven, because it actually did turn out to be a pretty long review because we talked about famous people sightings! Well, you learn something new every day! I guess "mellon nin" means "my friend". I know what "mellon" means- I name Pippin's cat Mellon. Mellon the Slighty Neurotic Feline (inspired by my own cat!) Thanks for telling me! -Traveller
Date: Jan 26 2009 04:05 pm [Report This]
Title: In a Name Reviewer: Ar-feiniel Signed
I have one word to describe this story with: Adorable! With a capital A! Geheno nin, I cannot make this a long review like you prefer. The word "Adorable" is the only think that my brain can process right now. You have, indeed, left me speechless once more. And again I say to you: CONGRADULATIONS! Well, to make this longer I guess I can randomly start rambling about nothing. So, nothing is a word… and I think it means… nothing. No, I’m kidding. Yes, I have seen A Cinderella Story… I think I saw one episode of One Tree Hill. VALAR! Really? That would be so weird. I mean, I could have sworn that I saw Hilary Duff when I was in Las Vegas. CIRDAN’S BEARD!! That is just to creepy… you saw Chad Michael Murray, and I saw Hilary Duff *shivers*. Well, if you see him again, tell him ‘ “This random girl named Fei says, “Hi!” ’


Author's Response: Thanks for your compliments! Pippin is adorable as an adult, so I figured he must have been even more adorable as a little baby Hobbit! I like leaving people speechless- it makes me feel good! Yeah, I really think that guy was Chad, but when I told people at school a bunch of them said that they actually knew where he lived. They were trying to take away my excitement- grr. I've never actually seen a famous person in a random manner like that before, so it was so cool. And he was with a girl- maybe a girlfriend? Cool! Wow, that's awesome that you saw Hilary Duff, and weird because they're in the same movie. I don't think I'll have the luck to see him again, but if I do, I'll be sure to tell him that a random girl named Fei says hi! Lol! -Traveller PS. I'm not particulary fluent in elvish, as I generally write about Hobbits, so what does Geheno nin mean?
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Title: In a Name Reviewer: CEShaughnessy Anonymous
Sure - why don't you email me:

All the mods are great about helping too, we'll have you going in no time and then you can post some stories!

Author's Response: Great, thanks! I'll have to do it tonight because I have exams tomorrow and need to get some sleep! :) AP US history and Honors Precalculus- fun, fun, yay.... I'll have to think of specific questions to ask you, but I really need help with everything. Thanks again! -Traveller
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Title: In a Name Reviewer: CEShaughnessy Anonymous
Very cute story!

Author's Response: Thank you! Since my last story about Pippin was so angsty, I figured I needed to write a more lighthearted story. I meant to ask you, I need just sort of general help with the yahoo group. I've never been in one before, so I don't really know how to do, well, anything. If you could give me advice that would be great. Thanks and keep R&Ring, -Traveller
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Title: In a Name Reviewer: petlover12 Signed
Awww! This was just too cute! Who doesn't love little Pippin? I sure do, since I have like, the BIGGEST crush on him! Very well-written; keep it up!

Author's Response: I'll bet I have an even BIGGER crush on him! LOL. This proves it: Today, January 20, 2009, it snowed for like the first time in eight years in southeastern North Carolina, where I live. My sister (MIdnight) and I went outside and do you know what we did? (That is, after having a recreation of Shadow Maiden, Fei, and Kitt Otter's The Snowball Fight to Remember- Pip was on my team!) We built Pippin the SnowHobbit. Yep. He had pine straw hair (auburn!- sort of...), holly berry eyes (couldn't find anything green), a leaf for a brooch, stick arms, and my green scarf. If Sarah (Midnight) can get her picture to upload she's going to post it on her bio so everyone can see our creation of the cutest Hobbit ever!!!!!!!!! Keep reading! -Traveller
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Title: In a Name Reviewer: meerkatalex Signed
Aw, very cute! Pippin is also called Pip, after the pips in apples, and I love it that he managed to get the apple off of the floor without moving, according to Paladin. The relationship between father and son is lovely and portrayed very well, and I enjoyed reading this. I do think that Pippin does not like his full name, and for a good reason - Pippin suits him so much better; Peregrin sounds like a grumpy old grandpa's name! The last sentence is espeially sweet and I love it that Pip is tiny and cute. Yay for fluffy Pippin stories!


Author's Response: Yay!!! I'm glad you liked it (even though it's not angsty)! I never really thought that Pippin was particularly fond of his full name, either. The only time that Peregrin suits him better is when he is Sir Peregrin, Knight of Gondor. Otherwise, he is dear, sweet little Pippin. (I feel like I can call him that, because I feel like I know him so well after making up so many stories about him!) I'm going to try and write more soon. Hopefully it will be on the sequel to Of Magic and Friendship, which I know you are breathlessly awaiting (lol), but I have to get my thoughts together on it first, so more short fics might come first. I don't know, but it will be something. Keep tuning in! -Traveller
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