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Title: Evergreen Reviewer: Lorian Signed
Pine tree and Arwen. I like it, though I hope it's not a Loblolly Pine you are thinking of. Loblollys, other than having a roll-off-the-tongue name, are scraggly, really tall, move in the wind like crazy, and there's one you slam into every other step where I live. Ugh, and you can't climb them without using ropes, which in my opinion is cheating. I'm thinking one of those nice fir-like pines that are nowhere around here...;D But anyhow, I like your metaphor. Lorian (WHAM!) Owww!

Author's Response: Definitely a fir tree. I live where they grow and we have a whole forest of them righ across the road. I love seeing them clothed in fog; it just feels like something elf-like is going to walk up my driveway. Thanks for reviewing.
Date: Apr 02 2009 05:46 am [Report This]
Title: Evergreen Reviewer: meerkatalex Signed
Hmm. I'd never thought that Arwen was like a pine tree before, but then again she's not one of my favourite characters. Good similarities, though. Well written and the last line seems rather sad, but that adds to this very well.


Author's Response: Thanks. Yeah, Arwen isn't one of my favs either (after all, she took Glorfindel's spot in the movie. Arg!)
Date: Jan 03 2009 07:19 am [Report This]
Title: Evergreen Reviewer: Karlmir Stonewain Signed
Although her achievements as Gondor's queen have been passed over by history, I think it's fair to assume that she played a key role in Elessar's administration. It seems unlikely to me that the daughter of a highly intelligent politician like Elrond would be content to be a mere cypher after she wed Elessar. She may have died of a broken heart, but it's certain that she was proud of her accomplishments at the end.

Author's Response: Very true
Date: Dec 26 2008 05:32 am [Report This]
Title: Evergreen Reviewer: superweirdgirls12 Signed
Whoa! That is really powerful and thoughtful. You made good comparisons to Arwen and the Evergreen. Good work!

Author's Response: Thanks. I had no idea I was making things so thoughtful. Everybody is telling me that. *Smiles* Well, I could get used to this!
Date: Dec 10 2008 08:00 am [Report This]
Title: Evergreen Reviewer: Kitt Otter Signed
Poignant and true.
Oh yeah, I can't go a day without connecting something, however strange, to LotR. But a Christmas tree and Arwen I never would have thought of. Now I will when I look at one!
-Kitt ; )

Author's Response: I was hoping that whoever read this would think that. Yeah, do you ever do double takes when you see the word 'habit'? I do it all the time!
Date: Dec 06 2008 09:38 am [Report This]
Title: Evergreen Reviewer: Sil Greenleaf Signed
Yeah, definitely something to think about.

Author's Response: I seem to be getting everybody thinking. Hm . . .
Date: Dec 06 2008 09:11 am [Report This]
Title: Evergreen Reviewer: Midnight Signed
It's very intresting (in a good way!) how you compared Arwen to a pine tree.

Author's Response: Yeah, all I had running through my head was the quote and I found it worked perfectly.
Date: Dec 05 2008 05:20 pm [Report This]
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