Reviews For Celebrian
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Title: Complete Reviewer: Sil Greenleaf Signed
This is such a sad and well-written piece. I'm quite interested in this area as the story of Celebrian is one which has very little information available and so few writers choose to really see her as a character.

It doesn't matter that this story doesn't actually include her, she's still one of my favourite characters and it is still very moving and incredibly well done.

The final sentence in particular is definitely one of the best.

“I do not want to tell you, and you do not want to know.”

This story definitely fits in with my views of these characters. Keep writing!
Date: 05/12/08 - 03:35 pm [Report This]
Title: Complete Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
A thought provoking and very sad subject, which I have not read much about. I also don't think Glorfindel was with the group that accompanied Celebrian, and imagine it must have weighed heavily on him.

I cannot agree with the previous reviewers comment that telepathy is AU as Tolkien actually wrote it in ROTK, Many Partings.

Telepathy supposed communication between two persons without recourse to the senses.

J.R.R.T wrote: ' For they did not move or speak with mouth, looking from mind to mind; and only their shining eyes stirred and kindled as their thoughts went to and fro. '

I always refer to this as mind-speech and in my AU use it mainly between Aman-born Elves or Ainur, although one of them could speak to, for instance a man, in that way, and *hear* their response. I imagine it as not as clear cut as speech and involving both emotion and images. Since Tolkien wrote of Elrond, Celeborn, Galadriel and Gandalf ( and possibly others of the company ) communicating in this way it is not AU.

I am one of those who believe Celebrian was violated. Those who captured her would not have balked at it, rather the reverse. In which case it is a testimony to Elrond's healing skills and her love that she did not die.

Thank-you for sharing that.
Date: 04/12/08 - 08:28 am [Report This]
Title: Complete Reviewer: Charli800 Signed
Telepathy? Whoa! That is pretty AU. The story you tell here is touching, but I think your sentence structure could sometimes be improved. Sometimes your sentences seem too long and sometimes they are just unweildly. Usually this is because you haven't indicated the temporaral relationshio of two actons (ie. did they happen at the same time or one after the other or with a gap between them?)

Happy writing,
Date: 04/12/08 - 03:10 am [Report This]
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