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Title: Chapter 6: Reviewer: arulia34z_taeliwrenz_darkside Signed
My favourite's Skirvai, for obvious reasons, and also because he's so ... quiet, cold almost. He's calm and collected, and does not get distracted from the task at hand. Awesome stuff!

Author's Response: Skirvai? Not getting distracted?! *bursts out laughing* You make me laugh, obviously. Oh well, I'll talk to you when I've finsihed writing this - Breia
Date: Oct 02 2008 11:10 pm [Report This]
Title: Info 2 Reviewer: callerofcrows Signed
Wow. I definitely definitely DEFINITELY want to read this!!!

Author's Response: Awesome, now I just need about three other people to give me their opinions . . . where's Gemini_Elf when I need her . . . oh well, I'll talk to her later. Thanks for the review, I might start writing up the references to Wicca in the Rolitaaria today and I'll post it later. Thanks again - Breia
Date: Sep 23 2008 02:17 pm [Report This]
Title: Info 1 Reviewer: Karlmir Stonewain Signed
Hi, Breia! I think you should describe the world of your story a bit more. Is it like Middle Earth in regards to culture and geography? What sort of races live there? It seems likely that most fangirls on this sight will read your fic if Elves are involved. You should also give us a brief overview of your world's history and politics. Sorry if all of that seems a bit demanding, but older readers like myself tend to look for stuff like that in a good story. Anyway, nice to see that you're writing again.

Author's Response: Hey Karlmir. I got the review yesterday via arulia34 so yesterday I wrote up a whole heap of information about Rolitaaria which i shall post in a minute. I put info on the geography of each country, the races and a little history as well as a pronunciation guide. Nice to hear from you - Breia
Date: Sep 12 2008 08:26 am [Report This]
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