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Title: O diamond darling Reviewer: Dyubbuk Signed
Thank you.

Author's Response: Author's Response: I am so out there!I had no idea what you meant by "allegorical", so I had to look it up.rnThis is the second time you've gotten me stumped on some word.I don't really study poetry at all,I just write what rnI think sounds good.Like in the novel I'm rnwriting!I despise doing the workbook I forced myself to buyrn to help me with writing.rnIt's really simple stuff like rnhow I should use certain things and why.rnI have the most trouble with typing my manuscript!First of all,I type with one finger!rnSecond,I hate using computers for hours on end because I get a headache...;(I don't know how my career will go!rnWell,thank you for the comment.The 31st is my girlfriend's birthday,but I just had to give her my presentNOW!!rnShe has me on a leash,I swear it!But that's perfectly fine for me.Heh-heh.
Date: May 19 2008 05:33 am [Report This]
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