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Title: Chapter 1: Take me out Reviewer: Peregrin Took Signed
Good one and very interesting dream!
Date: Aug 14 2011 04:35 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1: Take me out Reviewer: Amaranth Signed
Oh, how could I simply overlook this??? You must have written this at a time where I only rarely dropped in here. I still did not find the time to read you longer ones, too much to catch up with, but I am certain I will manage one day!

*lol* This is funny, I would like to have some dreams like this as well. You certainly enjoyed this dream, I would have done so in your place!

~ Amaranth ~

Author's Response: Hello Amaranth! Thank you! I am sorry it has taken me a little while to reply to your review as I do not often check for reviews on my stories but thank you! It is apprechiated :) This is just one of those things that demanded to be written and was abseloutely not going to give me any peace until I did, I do not dream every night, and if I do I do not remember but when I do, and I do remember my dreams are usually pretty fun if not also strange! Its alright, I do understand my longer stories do tend to be quite...long, ha ha, but I am also writing some shorter ones just as creative excercises so that if I am not working on one of the longer stories I am still working at something. I am so glad you enjoyed this, take care! :)
Date: Dec 03 2008 11:58 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1: Take me out Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
You did mention dreaming this Anwyn, but seeing it written up like this is amazing, and I can just imagine, it's really funny. Lol, bodysurfing is never a good idea although after a few drinks anything seems possible!
What a shame your brother woke you up, I would have liked to know the ending.
I know Van can do a lot, but heading a band - that's a new one, I suppose living that long you have to have many, many hobbies.
Stil it is sad :(. I know I won't be leaving here with you. ' is exactly right really, in a way, with what happened to Elgalad although I am glad you dreamed him as being alive.
Great dream, I would have loved to have that one! Thanks for putting it up. d;-)

Author's Response: This dream abseloutely came out of nowhere but it was too much fun and I knew I would have to write it out sooner or later ;)rnNo, Bodysurfing under any circumstances is never a good idea unless you *want* several fractures in several different placesrnbut after a few drinks alot of things do seem like a really good idea ;) Anwyn does not have the gift to the Elves to drinkrnwithout well, getting drunk or at least as my friend Tara puts it 'Feeling good' I wish Sam hadn't woken me up either, I thinkrnit was for something silly too but he couldn't have known I was having such a good dream...for once. It seemed rather fittingrnin its way that Van longs to be part of the Noldor and in this he leads a band with a couple of them, lol, yes, considerrnit one of his abseloutely vast talents ;) The "I know I won't be leaving here with you" part of it really struck me the hardestrnbecuase listening to the rest of the song that part really comes out of nowhere really and it fits and yes it is sad rnYes, In my dream Elgalad is alive and well dressed, lol, I might have figured him for a Tommy Hiflinger kind of guy ;), It was very strange and amusing bringing these charactersrninto a very modern setting, In stories it always feels incredibly wrong but in my dream it just worked becuase the entirernconcept is so abseloutely off the wall that it didn't really make a huge difference!rnThank you very much for reviewing! I am so glad you enjoyed it! :)
Date: May 11 2008 11:25 pm [Report This]
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