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Title: Chapter 4: Homecoming Reviewer: NKW Signed
I liked the whole story. You use the meager data in the Appendix A quite aptly - your rendition of the battle of Fornost is quite believable. I like how you depict relationship of the father and the son - no fluffiness at all, but their mutual love still shines through. And the homecoming is sweet!
How about moving on to the events of 2000-2002 and tell how Gondor lost Minas Ithil? *wink-wink*… Cheers, Gordis

Author's Response: Thanks! I tried to avoid clichées while handling the family relationships, but I fear the romance between Ereg and Riliel is still a little sugary. I may rewrite some of it later. In the homecoming scene I tried to close the circle started in Defenders, so to speak. As for Minas Ithil, why not? I actually originally thought about it, Ereg's grandson as the main hero, but I think it would be best to change that. I have free time until next Monday and already have started the story. After that, though, I may concentrate for some time on writing of something else than soldiers.
Date: Apr 28 2008 01:53 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 4: Homecoming Reviewer: Katerinna Signed
I enjoyed your story tremendously! I am an Army brat, and both my children are in the Army and have spent much of the last five years overseas, so we were very interested in what you had to say. Thank you for sharing. I will look for your future stories.

Author's Response: Thank you! Good to know that you liked it. I must admit that I partly based one scene from my grandfather's Winter War experiences. His childhood friend was shot through the head right next to him (he was not in the cavalry, though). But, thanks again. I'll try to come up with an idea for a new story.
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Title: Chapter 3: The Battle of Fornost Reviewer: Katerinna Signed
You are telling your story very well. I am enjoying reading of the exciting battles. Thank you for sharing. I anxiously await the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Good that you liked the battle scene. The accounts in the Appendix A and in Foster's Guide were so general that I thought it suitable to add some detail. The encounter between Eärnur and the Witch-King also begged a little more descriptive handling. The next chapter will be posted probably tomorrow.
Date: Apr 27 2008 10:46 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 2: The March Begins Reviewer: Karlmir Stonewain Signed
Alas! Why do so many young men think that going to war is going to be a fun adventure? They have yet to learn what Gen. Robert E. Lee once said: "It is good that war is so terrible, lest we grow fond of it." I'm looking forward to your next update.

For future references for your story, I suggest you consult the online Encyclopedia of Arda.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing. I think the eagerness to go to war is sometimes some kind of mass psychosis (World War I, for example), but there's always some people who want it. I am thankful to my grandfather, who cured me of worst militarism by his stories of REAL war. I still am interested in the military affairs but see them now perhaps in more realistic light, especially after my own training. By the way, thanks for the suggestion of the Encyclopedia. I usually use Robert Foster's The Complete Guide to Middle-Earth (an excellent book) but every new reference source is very welcome.
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Title: Chapter 1: Like Father, Like Son Reviewer: NKW Signed
Good start, Formegil. And the ending is simply brilliant! *grins*. Keep up the good work, Gordis.

Author's Response: Thanks! The advice Ereg quoted was the most heard sentence in the Finnish army. I hope you will like the rest of the story as well.
Date: Apr 26 2008 08:47 am [Report This]
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