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Title: Chapter 1: Hey.... Reviewer: Nazgrrl Signed
Heehee. This was funny. It's actually the second time I've read this. . . I forgot to R&R Whoops!

This reminds me of the Lumberjack Song from I believe it was "Monty Python." Either that, or Brave Sir Robin's song. . .

Anyways, I really enjoyed this!

Author's Response: Thank you! Sorry, I totally missed your review until just now, unless something pretty much bonks me on the head I usuallyrnmiss any new reviews! Its funny you should mention the "Lumberjack" song from yes, I think its Monty Python becuase whenrnI was little my grandfather always use to sing it to me, and I thought it was a funny little song he had just made up and rnhad abseloutely NO idea where he had gotten it from, It wasn't till may years later I realized he hadn't creatred it, lol.rnAgain, thanks very much and I am very glad you enjoyed this :)
Date: 07/03/08 - 04:52 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1: Hey.... Reviewer: Karlmir Stonewain Signed
I never saw the Molson commercial, but your essay certainly revealed the gist of it. I'm American, but in a way I was a Canadian until I was eight years old. I lived in Willimansett, Massachusetts which, at the time, was largely populated by French Canadians from Toronto and Quebec. All my maternal relatives were from Canada. I attended Mt. Carmel School were the nuns insisted that the pupils learn everything in Quebec-dialect French. It was all rather embarrassing when my family moved to Holyoke just before I entered 4th grade. I spoke a mishmash of French and English and had quite a hard time of it for the first month of school. Words ending in -our instead of -or still creep into my writing from time to time. Oh, yes - and I usually pronounce it "zed," not "zee." Thanks for the interesting rant.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. That must have been difficult coming from a school where you were used to speaking French and getting into that kind of dialect and then coming to another school at that kind of older age where it’s so different. In Canada, French is a mandatory class from Grade 4 to Grade 9 and then you can choose to continue it from then on in, Personally, I dropped it as soon as I had my mandatory Grade 9 credit. My mom was actually born in the UK and then immigrated to Canada, Montreal in Quebec to be specific and went to a French speaking school and to this day she cannot speak a word of French while I have picked up certain words and phrases and I have lived within Ontario my entire life, and when I say I can speak French….I usually butcher most of the pronunciations I am afraid. I always pronounce it Zed, Zee always just feels way too wrong with me and I am not one to correct someone on such a simple and really little thing, but I do admit I get irritated when I get corrected because really, does it matter? :D Thanks for the review! :)
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Title: Chapter 2: "The Rant" Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Lol, I have never seen that advert - not surprising, being in the UK. But I like it, and your take on it.
And yes, it is ZED not ZEE! d;-)
That was Land of Hope and Glory in the background. Makes me think of Last Night of the Proms.

Author's Response: Thank you! :) Yes, as far as I know it was only in Canada though it inspired lots of other commericials and parodies, There wasrnanother take on it that I saw on youtube that was "I am NOT a Canadian" and it was abit of a risky one done by some guyrnpretending to be a Quebec Sepertatist. The guy in the video "Joe" became an abseloutely huge celebratiy after that rncommercial and ironically then moved to LA, lol. Though he did abseloutely nothing there and quietly moved backrnto Toronto and now does a couple of series for the history channel. I called a 1-800 number the other day and I had to give thernoperator a code and I said "Zed" ad she corrected me "Its Zee" and I just thought "Oh no, we are NOT starting this!" lolrnI remeber they played "The land of Hope and Glory" at my Elemantary school graduation but not at my highschool grad rnceremony becuase there was a couple of *hundred* of us graduating, lol.
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