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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Well done! Pax Gondoria has prompted me to want to read Arwen's journey. Will start that soon. I'm delighted that a gentleman has fallen in love with a female character!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review, Lisse, and for taking the time to search through the archives to find this essay. I haven't posted any new chapters for "Arwen's Journey" for some time, due to health issues and the challenge of writing short stories for a younger audience. Presently, I'm working on an adventure/crossover story entitled "Lothlorien Autumn". I intend to get back to "Arwen's Journey" as soon as it's finished.
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Title: Chapter 2 Reviewer: Luna Signed

Very interesting story of why you write fanfiction! The road does go ever onward... Always good to see others passionate about Tolkien's world and committed to writing good fiction.

I haven't had the opportunity to read your work but I'll definitely have to take a look-see :) One of my favorite stories on this site is Typically Atypical by Elaura mostly because it deals with life after the war and what that looks like. Sounds like yours would be equally interesting.

Author's Response: Thanks for your interest, Luna. I haven't written much over the past several months due to health issues. I'm presently getting my fall chores done. Late fall and winter are usually my best times for writing because I don't care for outdoor activities when it gets really cold. I hope you enjoy my stories and I look forward to hearing from you.
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Title: Chapter 2 Reviewer: elfenears Signed
great essay on why you write fanfiction, unusal as well. tolkien if he were not already dead would have to write continuously to satisfy my want for all things middle earth related so its a very good thing fanfiction is about. i like your comment about fan girls made me laugh, though i am probably the biggest one out there, though my favourite characters change daily, today its elrond. anyway i'll shut up now so thanks for writing.

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to dig up this essay and read it. I had thought it to be long forgotten and buried deep in the musty library vaults of Minas Tirith.

I've had to lay aside my writing on account of summer chores and other activities. I'll gradually get back to work on my stories as colder weather and snow force me indoors. I have plot and chapter outlines written for a sequel to "Elven Ears", as well as a couple more short stories about Tom Bombadil. Of course, most of my efforts will be concentrated on "Arwen's Journey".

The road goes ever onward!
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Title: Chapter 2 Reviewer: oelberethgilthoniel Signed
Good ending! I like your essay, very well written.


Author's Response: Thank you very much. It wasn't supposed to be two chapters, but it was getting too late to do the entire thing at one sitting and I had promised myself that I was going to post something before I went to bed. I'll soon be working on a Middle Earth/Twilight Zone crossover actor fic starring Liv Tyler. Ain't gonna tell you any more, though.
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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: oelberethgilthoniel Signed
Huh. That's an interesting comparison you draw between Elessar and Caesar Augustus.

Long live the frivolous fangirls!


Author's Response: Fangirls - You gotta love 'em!
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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Nazgrrl Signed
To respond to Ria:
I was thinking of Gondor, Gondoris, at the time from the third declension.

At that point, I was studying the third declension nouns for the midterm the next day, and my mind was a bit addled from the verb tenses that I was touching up on.

However, I do agree with you. My original latinization was in all likelihood, not correct.

Since Romanus, meaning a Roman, is a 2nd, the closest any could probably get is "gondor, gondori" from the same 2nd declension as vir, puer, and liber.

Sorry Karlmir! I'm just extremely obsessed with languages, so I am sorry for cluttering up your review site with my wanderings.


Author's Response: I'm not going to get into the middle of this one. I suggest that you two "Shield-Maidens" battle it out on the Email pages. Watch out, Ria. You're dealing with the Chief Constable of the Canon Police. I think she takes no prisoners. :-D
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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Ria Signed
Chiming in on the Latinization, Pax Gondorum doesn't make a lot of sense, unless it's the "Peace of the Gonds". I think Pax Gondoria is just fine, but maybe Pax Gondoralis? Pax Gondoriana? Gondorensis? I can't think of a Latin place name that ends in -or off the top of my head.

Author's Response: Actually, I pretty much went through the same Latinizations that you did before deciding that Pax Gondoria rolled off the tongue best. It also looks better. Thanks for the input, though.
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Title: Chapter 2 Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Fanficiton in general, does have a younger reader base. My favorite authors however, are mature [ Some are older than me, whoa! ] and one younger writer who I feel may become an authoress. And some younger readers just won't follow long and complex stories - heck, some have not even read LOTR , I've had people telling me '' it's too big '', yet they want to write Tolkien fanficition. O.o

It probably does not occur to a lot of avid readers that there is a goldmine on the Internet. I didn't know myself until two years ago. Now, I don't buy books, I read stories on here, it's Tolkien, which is what I want to read. The poor man would have had to have the life span of an Elf to satisfy my thirst, so it is as well that some authors have carried on!
I have a real weakness for long stories, and am interested in '' martial matters '' since I am not familiar with them. Femme slash, I admit, does not interest me, just as MM slash does not interest many people. And fair enough, I say, I respect that completely.
I do not mind any amount of intimacy in a story, as long as it is not simply gratuitous, but is an essential part of the plot. I will skip femme slash however and read the rest. It does not offend me, I'm too old for that, but some things don't grab me, and so I'll go on to things which do. They can be in the same story, I do that with books too, skip the parts where - for instance - some-one is deactivating a bomb, all I need to know is the person has done it. And I like there to be a point, or a genuine reason, not PWP. And not fluff, I feel fluffiness should be reserved for the end where two people '' walk into the sunset '' . A steady diet of it does not grip me as I don't care if two people are in love and happy, I'm only interested if they're in love and it's all angst and jealousy and being ripped apart d;-) , although hopefully not literally!
[ I'm jaded, lol ]
I've had two characters who were '' in love '' not consummate it as it was necessary both for the plot and because of the main OC's character and his feelings. He had a reason to refrain, so he did. If I had just wanted pointless intimacy, I would have not bothered with the UST [ Unresolved Sexual Tension ] I actually prefer that kind of story to one where there is a lot of '' togetherness ''. However, I couldn't maintain it indefinitely as the resolution was also part of the plot and determines the fate of one of the OC's.

But, yes, there is a lot less femme slash than M/M slash on most sites. I think because most authors are female, and I personally couldn't write femme-slash as I like men. I think it's that simple. I like males and like to read about them. For me, reading's a gift from others imagination and a great joy, so I choose what I like to read about. I suppose I have been curdled by too many Mary Sue's - a lot in the last few months, so now I tend to avoid stories with females as a main character . No doubt that will change as the feeling of having been mugged en masse by Mary-Sue's wears off. [ Just read a great one shot about Galadriel by Ria, actually ]

As for reviews - some people seem to use reviews almost like a chat-box, whereas I think they should be used just if some-one has something to say about the story. And don't forget the truism that people are more inclined to login and review something they don't like than something they do. I have no idea why that is, but apparently it is true. Perhaps people feel a need to get something off their chest if they hate something, or disagree with it. If they like it, they may just treat it as a book and pick it up, put it down and appreciate it, but not post any comment. I did not myself for two years. I thought one had to post stories to be a member and so was reading and would have liked to express my appreciation but was not a member as I was too much of a coward to post anything.
I do review now, but still not as much as I should, as there are many works I love, but sometimes I can't think of what to say, save: '' wow I love it '' which seems rather shallow. I'd rather speak of why I like it and the writing, and some I do really go overboard for and get so excited I can't stop typing . They're all stories of Elves though, since I love it when people write Elves as I see them, not as just humans with long hair and pointed ears. [ Just thinking of some role-plays I have seen there really, although some stories on too. ] Plus, you know, as I have said, that I love it when the language and dialogue used is as Tolkien wrote it, not interlarded with modernisms, although if people do feel more comfortable writing in that way - well, that's not for me to judge, it is just a personal thing with me. I think if one reads the books enough Tolkien's way of writing sort of sinks in to the brain. But I know when OK was invented and it was not around in Middle-earth d;-). That is such a pet peeve of mine >.<

Author's Response: Thanks for another wonderful essay, but you're wasting stuff like this on the review pages. You should putting your enjoyable commentaries in the 'Most Recent' file for everyone to read and review. Thanks for the tip on Ria's short fic about Galadriel. I'll have to check that one out.
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Title: Chapter 2 Reviewer: Ria Signed
I enjoyed reading your essay. To me it sounds rather like Harry Turtledove's account (in the book After the King, I think) of how LotR fanfiction and curiosity about the Fourth Age helped create his Videssos series.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, Ria. I'm not familiar with Harry Turtledove's book, but it sounds like something worth reading. I'll look into it later.
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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Ria Signed
I'm a big fan of Rome, but Arwen = Livia? Robert Graves has really spoiled that as an image, and I can't imagine Aragorn favoring proscriptions. What about the mother of the Gracchi?

Author's Response: I didn't mean to imply that Elessar would have proscribed his political enemies (if he had any) like Octavian did. And Arwen certainly wouldn't have behaved like Livia. I was speaking in more general terms about the similar problems the two rulers would have faced and how their spouses would have participated in the socio-political reconstruction work, not in the methods they would have used to carry them out. Arwen would have had a limited knowledge of intriguing, but would have been no match for Livia. Actually, there's a scene in Arwen's Journey where someone tries to enlist her aid in poisoning a rival. Arwen comes close to getting sick with anxiety that anyone even suggest that Undomiel lend a hand in such a scheme.
Date: Jan 23 2008 11:58 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Nazgrrl Signed
Well, I like your reasons for writing ff.

I most say, I feel quite a lot of jealousy for those writers who actually get reviews on a regular basis, so I try to allay that by reviewing others. Hmm. I might try using that reason to respond to a certain challenge I know of ;-)

A response to the response you gave to my original reasponse.

You seemed, a bit testy when I suggested another latinization. (My ____, my rules, remember?)
Anyways, that was my first reaction to reading your response. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused.


Author's Response: I was merely stating the facts. I'm too old and laid back to be testy. Email me some time and we'll chat.
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Title: Chapter 2 Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Don't you think the story has generated much interest? It has been read a great deal. I think that stories which get read the most are generally ones where Elves feature heavily. It's definitely the most popular subject for FF writers, and probably readers too - you only have to look on to see the new stories going up which are almost always centered around Elves. Four of the one's I am looking at now on the right hand side of the screen as '' latest stories '' feature Elves.
I think one can read your story without being a huge LOTR nerd , wlthough it's always nice to know the history behind the main characters. But some fanficition works can stand alone in certain ways, especially those written after Tolkien finished.
If it's especially about the re-United Kingdom there's a certain amount of freedom, after all. There are another two stories on this site '' The Triumph of the Shadow '' and '' Shadows over Rhudaur '' which both feature Men more than Elves and in my opinion are excellent, but don't get many reviews as people may skip them since Elves don't play a very big role in them. Authors who concentrate a lot on the Mannish cultures are much rarer, and start off with the disadvantage that Elf fanciers simply don't get their fix. On the other hand, the writing is often a lot better than the thousands of Elf fanciers who churn out girl-falls-into-Middle-earth or a Legomance, so I wouldn't be discouraged. There are less of you but the overall quality is better - every good story I have found featuring Elves has been an accident, save two authors who were kindly pointed out to me by some-one on here. And I must admit I read them over and over, since once I've found something good I am like a man clinging to a spar of wood after his ship's gone down. I think I have seen sites mentioned where the writing is primarily about Men, but I'm dashed if I can remember now - because there you are, it was not a site I could have posted in and I never made a note! >.< It's a '' corner '' of fanficition which is often lost among the rest, but produces some good stuff, it's just finding the audience who leans more toward the Mortal's in Middle-earth than the Elves. What you normally get is Aragorn as the token Man and his stories are set when he is younger, and guess what - around Elves.
I have not read another story set when you set yours, save for '' The Triumph of the Shadow ''. There must be some, but yours and Angmar and Elfhild's are the only two I have come across so far.

Author's Response: Arwen’s Journey has been read a great deal, but according to the statistics page, most of the readers are giving up after Chapter 15. The read count drops off sharply after the first few chapters. I can’t honestly fault younger readers for this because the plot is somewhat convoluted. Arwen’s Journey is, after all, supposed to be an adult story. It may have been somewhat naïve of me, but I had thought there would be more adults visiting and/or belonging to this website. In addition, the story contains female slash, which probably puts most young women off from reading it.rnrnAs you have pointed out, a lot of the popular stories now being posted are oriented toward Elf fanciers. Arwen’s Journey features a few Elves, but the only two that get top billing are Arwen, her handmaid Elweena, and her girlhood friend Luthillia. Most of the action scenes are dominated by Men and Orcs, although a couple of rival Shield-Maidens have recently made their debut. Surely, this is also a factor in the number of readers the story attracts.rnrnNow, am I disappointed with all of this? I must admit to getting a wee bit jealous when I see someone get 20+ reviews on the first couple of chapters of their book. But then, enough people are still reading mine to meet my satisfaction. The fact that even a few persons are enjoying it is enough of a complement in itself.rnrnMy short stories and poetry, on the other hand, have seemed to caught a few more readers’ fancies. My thanks again to those who have reviewed them. Needless to say, I have a two or three more short fics in the works.rnrnThanks, xFanarix, for your reviews and insightful observations.rn
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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
That reminds me a little of Terry Pratchett saying he would read books on '' anything '', say the 19th century London sewage system and suddenly would be thinking of a story. Inspiration strikes through unlikely things! Ancient Rome is an interest of mine too, and can be seen a little in Van's Empire, his army, road building schemes etc. I think we all incorporate other interests with a story, especially if we're older and do have other things which we've been studying for some years. But no, no-one in the films inspired me whatsoever, all the characters I loved were gone by the Last Alliance, save for Maglor's unknown fate, so there was nothing for it but start at the First Age and work up.
I admittedly have always had a downer on Men since Isildur refused to destroy the Ring, not listening even to Elrond or Cirdan. Aragorn and Faramir in the book settled some scores, [ Faramir was my favorite book character and PJ really destroyed him ] but I knew I could only write Fourth Age if I was writing '' outside '' the Re-United Kingdom.
I've always been intrigued by the Ottoman Empire also , so I looked further, into the Harad. - which is Africa. I was interested in the hints that Tolkien was going to work on a sequel to LOTR where the people of the re-United Kingdom turned to '' dark practices '', perhaps in Eldarion's reign, so I am going to hint at that, with a bit of a twist.
It always seemed to me there was something of hubris in the Numenoreans, and if they could screw something up they would.
I think the Fourth Age was a great Renaissance for Men, but like the splendor of Rome, all was not well under the glitter and glamor; as it never is in RL and Tolkien meant his '' histories '' to be realistic, after all.
I don't think any society is Eutopian [ save Valinor, for some ] .
I also find myself getting interested in more practicalities, like you. About 4 years ago when I was writing a proto-story, I had proto Van building great sewage systems and teaching hospitals and orphanages in his cities. Nothing new under the Sun, as Solomon said! I rarely write '' within '' the re-united Kingdom, as I'm Elf-centric, but I do write that things were not like the Waltons for Aragorn and his family, as I simply don't believe they were. Plus, look at the problems which surfaced in almost all the Royal families in Europe, due to inbreeding and such. Not saying Aragron's line is inbred, but there were not so many Dunadain and I bet a lot were related, and thinking of the scandals and troubles in all Royal Courts, I think his would have been no different.
I've never really seen any-one concentrate on a social-political side of Gondor, and it's interesting. I do consider it a little, but not for long, and what I mention is usually culled from '' true '' history to fit in with what I want to be in the story. Take care!

Author's Response: Thanks for the great commentary. I appeciate your attention. I'll have to respond to your discussion by Email, though, because I don't want to turn my review page into a forum.
Date: Jan 22 2008 12:57 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Nazgrrl Signed
Heehee. Nice social commentary on the many star-struck movie obsessed fgirls!

I might suggest that when Latinizing (okay, I know it's not a word) the word "Gondor" you have it come from the root word Gondor, Gondoris. This way, you have a less clunky sounding "Pax Gondorum."

Sorry, that's the linguaphile coming out in me.

I like the reason you write FF. I never would have thought to write a FF to inform others about political/economic reconstructionism.

Keep it up!

P.S. I like your comparison between Augustus Caesare and Elessar Telcontar!

Author's Response: I know that Gondoria wasn't the correct Latinization (Yes, Latinize is a legitimate word), but Gondoria rolls off the tongue better. My artistic license - my rules. I'll have more to say on how it turned into an adventure story and branched off into other writings in the next installment. Thanks for reviewing.
Date: Jan 21 2008 05:24 pm [Report This]
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