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Title: A scattering of thought Reviewer: Relian Signed
WoW!~........U have no idea how much this is like me!!! I may seem like i am a popular basketball player who has everything.....but sometimes i wonder. Tht is when i write and i dream cauz in times when i feel sad or depressed when i am at my wrost.....its rlly all i want to do!
It just comes to me...ok...tht all was pretty random...ahahhahaha well,

Author's Response: XD Fantasy is the best ecape my friend!
Date: Oct 17 2008 09:35 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 2 Reviewer: Lira_of_Imladris Signed
Hey hey, started reading this this morning but i got bored, i was tired and didn't know what i wanted to read so instead i read the thing you sent me and my Dad thought it was interesting even though he didn't read it. LOL. Talk to ya soon - Li

Author's Response: Yeah, I think our RP's coming together nicely. *Blushes* SO sorry I didn;t get up!
Date: Jan 26 2008 01:50 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 2 Reviewer: arulia34 Signed
Demon/Angel/Vampire/Werewolf slash fanfic?? Awesome, but I think Lira will stab you HARD if ye mention Ed. Sparkly.

Author's Response: It's nothing to do with Ed or his series ^_^ It's gonna be SO cool. *Nods seriously* Shiny
Date: Jan 25 2008 05:10 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 2 Reviewer: Karlmir Stonewain Signed
Three years ago I thought I was crazy for getting so obsessed with the LotR books and films. Fun stories like yours have turned that idea completely around for me. I'm looking forward to reading and reviewing a couple of those werewolf/vampire stories you're planning to write.

Author's Response: xD Thanks very much! Yeah, we've all been through that "...Am I WAY too obsessed with this?" stage, but I personallyrnthink I'm too far gone to care XD!
Date: Jan 25 2008 04:21 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 2 Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Books were my refuge when I was young too, although not for any sad/bad reasons until I was ten and older. I suppose my stories started off as role play too, although gradually became [ mainly ] written by me, it was a case of '' any-one wants to join in, go ahead '' really. 8-) Glad you have a lot more planned. I'm amazed at the way you plan ahead with your stories, I just get a glimpse of a scene in a dream and '' flesh it out '' although I always have a solid outline, just nothing to '' pulp '' it out at the time.
I never actually read Tolkien until I was 16 and finished school, the day after I left I started the Hobbit. It was just as well, as my studying would have bombed off the edge of the planet and even my Maths exam would have somehow ended up as an essay on how fabulous Tolkien is. >.< No joke!

Author's Response: lol, yeah, LOTR seriously crashes studying time. LOL, I used to write LOTR FF in the back of my math bookrn(Now I have a seperate notbook XD) rnBook are a wonderful refuge :) And I suppose all children do some form of role-play...I remember me and somernof the oher kids used to re-inact the Lion being the evil lioness from Lion King 2 _
Date: Jan 25 2008 03:40 pm [Report This]
Title: A scattering of thought Reviewer: arulia34 Signed
OMG this is SO true!! I'm sorry, Glorfy, please forgive me . . .

Author's Response: Le gasp! I didn't reply to this review! Yep, it is true...and what is it I'm meant to forgive you for this time?
Date: Jan 21 2008 10:53 pm [Report This]
Title: A scattering of thought Reviewer: Lira_of_Imladris Signed
This was intriguing mellon nin, have you seen Karlmir Stonewain's challenge "Why I Write LOTR Fanfiction' or something of a muchness, my things like this are on there, you should put this up there too and stop saying that this sucks coz it doesn't, none of your stuff despite what you think or have been told, Ed agrees. Talk to ya soon - Li

Author's Response: Yeah, I saw responses to it, so I posted this...meh, I think some of my stuff isn't THAT great...How come you rnget ED?! That's not fair! Meh...dibs on Jacob!
Date: Jan 07 2008 04:08 pm [Report This]
Title: A scattering of thought Reviewer: Karlmir Stonewain Signed
I can well understand your problems with depression and using fan fiction as a safety valve. That hadn't been my original intention when I joined this site, but I've already adapted several personal experiences into my stories. Thanks for expressing yourself the way you did and thanks for answering the challenge.

Author's Response: I find I can't control the way that FF and reality sometimes mix together. Recently I wrote a one-shot piece onrnhow I was feeling at the time, but from Elladan's viewpoint and a scenario that was already in my mind. :) Thanksrnfor reviewing
Date: Jan 07 2008 01:05 pm [Report This]
Title: A scattering of thought Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
There's nothing wrong in escaping - wlthough in a way it's also facing these feelings. I saw counsellers and doctors who told me to '' let out your pain in writing, it works. '' I said . '' Umm, I already do. '' '' Oh well done. '' They said. Lol. True though, looking after my beloved Nan, the last year of her life and the weeks after when I could not believe she was really gone, I wrote like a storm, I couldn't stop. I touched on things like grief and despair truthfully for the first time, as I was feeling it really for the first time. When I got the call from my Mum at 3 in the morning telling me my step-dad had passed on, the first thing I did when I got back from the hospital [ after putting Mum to bed ] was get on the pc and write as if possessed. It does help to let out things which otherwise we might use drugs or drink to blunt, except without the side effects. I think it's a healthy way, it's also an honest way, because with drugs or drink you seek to '' forget '', with writing, you tend to unleash all these feelings [ whatever they are ] before they poison you. So while it is escapism, it is also a roundabout way of confronting your inner demons. Sometimes things which have affected you a long time before can come out that way - and if it helps you, or any-one to come out with a good story, well, that is a bonus for me when I read it. So it's helped the author and it makes for great reading too . HUGS.

Author's Response: :) Best way! (Gah, now I feel guilty about the short review* *Hugs* It's an addicting "cure" though!
Date: Jan 07 2008 12:39 pm [Report This]
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