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Title: Epilogue: Reviewer: arulia34 Signed
She tried to commit suicide by rolling down a hill? Gee Li, you're really beginning to bugger me. You have such a good life . . . anyway if you did that I'd be like, "Why the f*ck did you do that you little sh*t of a Gwathel, you fr*ckin worried me you hor!!" I read a funny fanfiction, a guy named his kitten Skank. XD Great job though. NOW HURRY UP AND UPDATE TDHOA!!

Author's Response: She didn't try to commit suicide, if i'd wanted to do that i'd grab a dagger and running down the hill would've been pointless. I've wanted to write that and post it for ages so i took advantage of EN and posted it that way although i never planned for her to fall asleep in Legolas' arms, that's just me fantasizing about Leggy. I hope Gem reads this, she'll be happy then, i'm no longer 'elven vampire chick', just elf girl now. i'll probably post more of TDHOA tomorrow morning, i'll get up early and jump on dad's computer and post it in the morning ebfore he gets up but that also depends on whether his internets working, it hasn't been very good lately apparently.rnrnIf i did that and you yelled at my muinthel, i'd something along the lines of "i'm your little sister, it's what i do'. Whether i'd do that after or before we got back to imladris i'm not sure. Talk to ya soon - Li
Date: Jan 17 2008 09:14 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 24 - Wounded Reviewer: arulia34 Signed
ELROND, GET YOUR *RSE OVER HERE!!! Was that good??

Author's Response: Good enough, it turned out my head and split so he had to sow me back together!!! I didn't even notice you'd reviewed, i'm horrible sometimes. Been playing this cool as game and now my head hurts or maybe that was what Elrond did to me . . . Oh well. Hurry up and update NABNFY, i'm bored and i have nothing to do. Dont have anything to eat either because 'Sauron' ate it all the other night *starts muttering profanities to older sister* Hurry up and update, i wanna see what happens, maybe i should read the last chapter, i don't remember what happened. Damn Elrond having to fix me, now i don't remember. Talk to ya soon, i have an elf lord to deal with - Li
Date: Jan 16 2008 08:50 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 23 - Back From The Dead Reviewer: arulia34 Signed
Coolie. See, I told you that Lira would be stolen again. You said she wouldn't. BUT SHE WAS. Who am I goin' to copy now??

Author's Response: I kept changing my mind about whether legolas would just take her abck or whether he'd have to go and find her so yes, i suppose she was taken. I'm debating who's not gonna come back, obviously Demetri coz he's already dead. Copy . . . . Rusc or Ardoron, that'd be funny. Talk to ya soon - Li
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Title: Chapter 22 - A Door In A Wall Reviewer: arulia34 Signed
Lira is stolen again? Seems unrealistic, now she's an Elf. What about Andune? Everybody's running around screaming, "OMG we're going to die!" and Andune's asleep. LOL

Author's Response: They're not gonna die, some of the vampires are, maybe. Besides, she's not stolen, Leggy's there, he'll do something, then she'll be angry most likely. Probably won't update for a while, Damo wants the computer for a while. Talk to ya soon - Li
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Title: Chapter 21 - Opportunity Reviewer: arulia34 Signed
What about Andune? Is she dead or something?

Author's Response: No, she's not dead she's just somewhere else. I'll probably post more of this soon and we might see the return of Legolas and Yavanna but i'm not exactly sure when that will happen. I'm thinking Edward and legolas will fight over Lira too, that'd be funny. Talk to ya soon - Li
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Title: Chapter 20 - Eyes Shut Reviewer: arulia34 Signed
This is awesome. Lira has a mum? Amazing. I'm going to post some more of NA,bNFY in a minute. Darscre, yay!!

Author's Response: Yes but you don't know who she is coz i won't tell you.
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Title: Chapter 18 - Snakes, Spiders and Vampires! Oh My! Reviewer: arulia34 Signed
This is REALLY, REALLY good. The only thing I didn't like about this chapter was that:
1. Lira was a mess, meaning she would have been tortured thoroughly.
2. She had also gained a fever.
3. She ALSO was bitten by a snake. I almost wrote snail, LOL.
I do not mean to be rude, but it does seem a little unlogical. Other than that, I loved it. I adore how they threw Rusc, hehe!!

Author's Response: Of course she was tortured thoroughly, Lira would've remembered all the pain she'd gone through when she was changed into a vampire because of what jane did to her when she firstarrived. She gained a fever for the same reason and she was bitten by a spider, not a snake. Andune was bitten by a spider and Emmett was too busy oggling at Rosalie to notice she'd been bitten ^L^ Talk to ya soon - Li
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Title: Chapter 17 - The Volturi Strike Back Reviewer: arulia34 Signed
This story is fantastic!! When are you going to update next? Hurry or else I'll catch the nagging disease.

Author's Response: Spiders it is. I'll update as soon as i've finished reading a chapter of a storyon another site and after i've finished typing up the next one. I'm glad you like it mellon nin, your talents must be rubbing off me, or maybe it's Glorfy. Hmm, i'll think about that tonight. Why won't you tell me what you're afraid of, i know you're scared of spiders but the other stuff i can't remember. I'll update as soon as i can - Li
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Title: Chapter 15 - Arrivals and Requests Reviewer: arulia34 Signed
Hey, I said Elf-Boy!! Good job, mellon nin, I'm happy that you've gotten passed the, 'kiss on the cheek'. . . . hmm . . . Glaeron's been annoying lately, he's very, very 'obsessive'. Won't leave Elrohir around. Or Rowan, however you know him. I'm coming to your house on Monday. Whoohoo!! Also, can your Xbox handle double-sided dvds? Watched Enchanted, quite a good movie. Glaeron, stop playing with my CD player!! *Tackles Elf, hears screaming in the backround.* Sorry about him . . . Oscurien, shut up, for the love of the Valar!! Thalielen, stop hissing and Ryndolien, will you please stop crying!! Just because Oscurien loves Glaeron doesn't mean he doesn't love you!! Honestly Li, I'm babysitting a bunch of kids.

Author's Response: Oh yeah, YOU'RE looking after a bunch of kids. I have to looks after eight vampires, three mortals surrounded by elves and Legolas' little brothers, not to mention Theodred, Eowyn and Eomer. Not to mention a certain skank living in my house. Tell Ro that i'm sorry bout Glaeron but i don't forgive him for what he did when the Vampires were still there . . . damn elf. I'll try and talk to Gem tomorrow but no promises, i'll tell her you said hi. What time will you be over on Monday? Email me the answer saes mellon nin - Li
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Title: Chapter 1 - A Group of Vampires in Imladris Reviewer: arulia34 Signed

Author's Response: *applauds* Wonderful musical number there Mike. I just updated but you probably already know that. It would've been up sooner but you kept emailing me, and i wanted to read and i spilt water on myself and i had some chocolate mousse. Very eventful afternoon so far. Talk to ya soon - Li
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Title: Chapter 13 - Lies and Relationships Reviewer: arulia34 Signed
God, Lira loves pashing with Jasper doesn't she? Edward you almost-rapist!! Why can't you see she's very young? I don't like him any more. Stupid pointy-toothed freak . . . Thalielen is WAY better than he'll ever be!! *Crosses arms and growls as Edward walks by. At first he's not preturbed but I send Thalielen and Bashdul after him and he soils his pants and runs.* :)

Author's Response: Edward doesn't have pointy teeth, his teeth are covered in the venom that now courses through my otherwise empty veins. I don't know why i've made Edward so evil but i like converting everyone to Lira and Jazzy's side, it's fun ^L^ I think i'm gonna call ^L^ Gary, i've been thinking Larry but that's boring LOL. Did you get my email? Please right back soon, i'm bored - Li
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Title: Chapter 9 - To Help Theodred, To Be Ambushed Reviewer: Ria Signed
You can have some of our rainy weather. We've had almost too much in the last couple of weeks. You write a very entertaining author's note :)

Author's Response: Yeah, i get bored sometimes and i find that i never as much freedom in my fics as i do in the author's note so i throw my insane sense of humour away there. Thanks for reviewing, not a lot to say, busy writing more of this, i never realized how much fun i could have with a vampire and an OC *evil grins* - Li
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Title: Chapter 9 - To Help Theodred, To Be Ambushed Reviewer: arulia34 Signed
Update, please!! But what about Andune, is she just like, 'I'm going to live in Lothlorien, which is led by the angry grandmother of the dude I dumped." ??

Author's Response: Maybe, Lira has some other stuff to do first before she goes to Lothlorien, such as, go and find her COUSINS!!!!!!!!! I'm debating whether i'll make them vampires as well, it'd definitely make it interesting. I MISS ARDORON AND RUSC!!!!!!!!!!! I never got to say goodbye to them before i left. I'll update asap but i'm having a little trouble with the tenth chapter, not to mention i'm trying to make every chapter more than one thousand words each, tis my goal for the holdiays, until i finish it, then i'll have to find something else to do. Talk to ya soon - Li
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Title: Chapter 3 - Friends Fight Reviewer: arulia34 Signed
Oi!! I wouldn't do that if you were a vampire, I'd just be like, "Cool. Can I be a werewolf?" They're awesome. Way better than any vampire by my reckoning. I've got a werewolf, his name's Frederik. He was a sailour until he morphed and killed everyone on ship. Hehe . . . );)

Author's Response: That'd be about right, always with the werewolves. I wrote back, i miss you, hurry up and read it and write back. The only reason Andune was being prejudiced was because i wanted to finally make her dramatic. She gets better. Been thinking about school a lot too. Can't get together tomorrow, getting my stationary and shoes in the morning. Talk to ya soon - Li
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